tips on how to save expensive electricity on domestic dwelling AND endure heat out-blown from computer main-frame case . below, two popular independent CPU coolers : ThermoLab’s Trinity and Bada, compared to the Official one that comes with intel .
as the annual 3-Week rainy Monsoon Season ends, nation-wide Summer vacation Season kicks-off end of July for another 3-Week frenzy, where the Capital of SEOUL seems quite void of automobiles (although it is NO contest compared to the TWO most extensive national holidays : ThanksGiving and Lunar New Year, when the most populated metropolis turns into a modern ghost-town over-night). understandably so,  for temperatures reach-up close to those of the human body and most unbearably while working . air-conditioning ? aside from the established and most modern-minded business, independent stores including smaller restaurants and modest homes, shun electric cooling to a minimum or NOT at all, in tune with elders’ tale of how it is harmful to the body AND a simple way to save on electricity bills . also, quite a number of vast apartment complexes the NEW Orient is known for, has central control – meaning : depending upon the mind-set of its operators, they may choose to allow it certain times of the day only (older complexes with more elders tend to save quite more).

although South Korea has some of the most modern Nuclear Reactors, multiple steps are taken to conserve electricity during the hot Summer in a Peninsula with distinct FOUR Seasons : the government regulates office temperatures of large conglomerates, while local “Gu”-regional administration office manually checks consumer store temperatures are above 26 Degrees Celsius . more-over operating air conditioning while keeping doors and/or windows open is a heavy penalty .

and for those who have several computers especially at home : this can have mighty effect on your whole establishment . so here several ways to plan-ahead for the Annual heat wave :



[ REAL ESTATE ] plan-ahead from the time you are seeking to lease or purchase property for your office or home ..

  • older buildings say, more than 20 years old are more at the mercy of out-side temperature . so if you have to move-in into one, there are temperature-resistant wall-papers WITH adhesive, so you can take a day to apply yourself if the quarters are small .
  • independent houses and apartments legally designated as living quarters pay premium electricity bills, while office buildings and multi-purpose complexes pay a surprisingly low portion .


[ COMPUTERS ] basic or moderate systems work well with default fans built into the computer case, with official cooler supplied WITH the CPU, but powerful systems tuned from graphics and/or gaming require mucho more, as over-clocked CPU and graphic card emit so much more heat . more-so if you’ve installed several hard disk drives for large files . here : you can cool-down a good 10+ degrees Celsius using independent CPU cooler, cooling-enhanced power-source AND aluminum main-frame casing !


[ ALTERNATIVE COMPUTING ] the real problem sets-in when you have had to move into an old building at the mercy of outside weather (even hard rain soaks-in) AND have to work long hours on your computer main-frame, during unbearable Summer in the city . here you have not much option but compromise .

  • turn-OFF all other computers NOT immediately needed,
  • do only the necessary tasks on your main PC, then work-out the rest on your laptop or notebook . this is easily done if you already have a full set of PC, laptop or notebook/s, iPad and iPhone/s, and if NOT : buying a popular laptop or notebook just for the Summer and re-selling when NOT needed through-out the rest of milder Seasons – this is a better option as long as you choose a might popular model, than temporarily purchasing a used one for keeps or for re-sale .



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