IMG_1198DragonCity280x210sa40MyrPnormally the Monsoon Season with about three-full Weeks of rain ends at the end of July(although weather-change in the last two years has rained only few hours total during these dates with over-30 degrees Celsius heat following), when around July 25 a mass exodus occurs as the whole of South Korea leaves for Summer vacation en-masse  to return around August 10 – this is the whole vacation calendar when most people go, but each person or family mostly go for vacation about 3 or 4 full days, a stark contrast to Western Europe’s two~three Months . and it is this work-hard attitude that has brought this nation up-front into much developed country now .

all-the-while, after the Capital’s electronics district has moved from CheongGaeCheon SangGa to YongSan : it has been sort-of a history to begin vacation from August 1st no-matter the day of the Week for three-or-four days maximum . and this year again most will close July 31 Wednesday until August 4 Sunday – much alike SEOUL’s apparel district of DongDaeMun (the only difference there is that Western blocks are for general consumers, while East is for whole-sale) on the the other-side of town (East) business have to go on vacation in synchronization as stores has to order from manufacturers, which ARE suppliers here .


but again, to pin-point some of major buildings in YongSan Electronics District, as always in the order of geography North-West clock-wise onto South-East :

JeonJa Land (Electronics Land)

Najin SangGa closed from August 1 Thursday until 4 Sunday, while some may be open on the last day .

Seon-in SangGa


– initial update August 1 2019, Korea Tech BLog