You know how spread bidet usage is in a country as you go in the toilet at the airport, then in your hotel ofcourse the more extravagant it is, then eventually in a department store in the midst of shopping or if you are lucky enough to rent a nice apartment downtown . while France and the rest of old Europe leads in classic bidets in the modern era, Japan let automatic electric bidets with the on-slaught of its electronic conquest of the World beginning with its Nikon, Canon and Minolta cameras, Toyota Camry and Sony Walkman, soon to be over-taken by South Korea just about the time their Panasonic wide-screen TV’s led to high-definition LED screens from SamSung and LG Electronics . while early popular South Korean manufacturers made OEM made-to-order electric bidets form Japan, you could say South Korean usage became more wide-spread than Japan just about the time self-soft closing bidets became the norm on electronic bidets .

The first generation of Korean bidets rose over the Millennium on higher and more cosmopolitan residence, and the second a decade later as new capability was immediate, constant warm water (I don’t say hot as it rarely is) and self soft-closing top-covers from air-buffers in springs connecting the bidet and its top-cover flap . ofcourse you don’t need this unless you become aware of its better hygiene however it really is a trend as the country become more affluent from the ashes of the Korean War half-a-Century ago . so this Post has more to do with when to discard your old electronic bidet and consider choosing a second one onto the year 2020.

first, an eletronic bidet is a wonder along with hard drive disks in a computer with constant moving parts in addition to influx of water AND the need to heat water within . thus the time will come eventually when at least of its amazing feat will come to a halt . the time to change your bidet will come in two differing instances depending on your current make . incredibly the automated sequence and moving parts seldom fail, but instead the whole power will fail on mass-produced inferior models, while the physical contact between the top cover flap and bottom main seat will begin to crack thus closing-down quite strong, eventually to come-apart .


– Oh, please excuse me Korea Tech BLog