Agent Phil Coulson (supposedly) rise from the dead scene in last year’s movie The Avengers – sure they narrate the justification with a hint of a hide-out rehabilitation in Tahiti : but we know this one is actually a cyborg clone – to gather another team against a build-up of artificially-enhanced super-soldiers still at experimental stage . and although I get the concept of Kung-Fu-mighty super-women, with all this pretty-looking people including the sleek men : they should have formed a model agency instead, for the story-line is so~ boring and fragile you could put even the thinnest pizza on top of it, to break it . agents-of-shield-set-photo-cobie-smulders-clark-gregg2 Ming+Na+Wen+Entertainment+Weekly+Annual+Comic+agnZLl1MJQsl agents-of-shield 410175_10151544668043204_10151544667103204_6056_2508_b vlcsnap-2013-09-26-00h12m29s26 vlcsnap-2013-09-26-01h16m26s253
although the glamorous (transportation) machines could save this TV series, you crumble at the pilot episode’s last scene marking its low-point : where the wheels of Agent Phil Coulson’s 1962 C1 Series Corvette Convertible, fold to turn into a flying machine .. to warp Back to the Future aughhh