OCZ Technology’s Korean distributor Ask Tech has recently put their Octaine S2 on sale for a record 2000 sales in a Week

and this time around the new Petrol for a limited time starting this morning :

  • SALE MODEL : OCZ Petrol SSD Drive 128MB
  • SALE PERIOD : 10am March 6th Tuesday 2012 Korea time
  • SALE PRICE : W159,800
  • CURRENT RETAIL : W185,190 lowest at larger discount outlets
  • SALE OUTLET : eBay Korea Auction – LINK



mind-you, this is a poor-man’s SSD and informing this SALE for its price merit .

  • although and advanced SATA3, actual speed should be similar as earlier Octane S2 for it uses the same controller,
  • and actual speed drags behind major SATA’s in SamSung and OCZ Vertex3,

 still, once having experience the flying speed of SSD, one cannot easily go back to HDD ..


★★★★★ Jesus, I thought Apple iPad 3 had come out, for the SALE was over in 15 minutes ★★★★★

– Korea Tech BLog, March 6th 2012 –