fm_franck-muller_crazy-hours_totallycrazy_lady_7880ttchcoldrmd_detSome phone numbers are sought for certain business as they are easily memorized or pronounce similar name of its business category in Korean . here TheNumber and GoldNum have been two active On-Line sites to buy and sell such numbers for cell phones . prices vary from W100,000 to even W10,000,000 but now the government is stepping-in to regulate . in essence, buying, selling or changine cellular phone number will be forbidden . if a number is found to be traded, sold or bought : the government will order the carrier to nullify it and fine up to W30,000,000.

Exceptions are :

  • number changes necessary from changing jobs and inter-company relations .

Even so, they will NOT be allowed if :

  • no calls are recorded for three Months continuously .


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