whether you’ve been using precision tools, cycling, biking, skiing, boarding and even for survival games or in the military you’ve seen Mechanix Gloves in action, mostly noticeable with its brand name logo lettering on upper side . its wide array of gloves fit for each purpose is a joy to wear and feel safe it WILL protect you AND do the job . and even if you don’t need work gloves, now for the cold since South Korea has distinct four seasons .


ofcourse it can be ordered through a variety of on-line stores including eBay .

but although its official site has clear size-chart measurements, each model varies in a size and sometimes TWO depending on its intended job . and you really have to try it on for fit . I really recommend you do, for they come in different texture AND feel //

as South Korea is an 0n-line shopping nation, there are lots of independent (rather than larger conglomerate) bicycle, motorcycle, Winter sports AND survival internet shopping malls selling them but here are some that carry more models AND will exchange within a few days for extra postage :



better yet, although most on-line stores are located on outer boundaries of the Capital of Seoul or even in another city, here is one downtown Seoul in the motorcycle store concentrated TwaeGaeRo area :

Seoul Subway Line 4 OR 5 DongDaeMoon History Culture Park Station Exit 5, and walk 100m and it is on a small humble building to your Right . Tel.02-3292-4222

these stores carry most latest models and cost more-or-less W30,000 each .
while you are in this area shop around for this is the motorcycle store AND pet shop area of Seoul 😉


no money left for heating in cold Korean Winter ?
.. did I tell you they have bulky Wind-Resistant, but thin models allow you to type ?
now you have to get warm, safe AND cool-looking Burton SnowBoard wear AND gear
at /my/ designated “snowboard” alley or rather “road” in NonHyunDong amid posh KangNam, South of the Han River
but that is another story .. to be continued ~

– Korea Tech BLog, November 2010