the difference, the difference .

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so the following is NOT my own personal view but those stacked upon through (a very short) history of (rather young) user opinions now taken granted among general population in concentrated metropolitan areas of South Korea, post-Millennium :

for starters, company names and brand names .

  • SamSung Electronics produces AnyCall brand
  • LG Electronics produces Cyon brand
  • Pantec owned by another conglomorate SK, produces SKY brand
  • Motorola “
  • KTF Tech is owned by your local phone company Korea Telecom
  • (Pantec &) Curitel

from which you can tell local manufacturers dominate domestic market . actually Motorola was the cool one at the start when they had the first still-bulky flip phones . and even cute Nokia had a try at play once – then the few early adopters were eagerly waiting for key-pad phone used in the movie  The Saint (1997), which never realized .


but it’s been a while SamSung took over with hit ads and convenient handling . but would you believe SamSung’s designs became acceptable recently with the influx of full-LCD bar phones of the iPhone age ? ’til then it was neighboring Japanese phones such as Dokomo which were the real envy . then it was the then-underdog Sky which was design-conscious thus its popularity among female users counting down to the end of the past Century .


it would be nice if the World was harmonious with popular technology being the same where-ever you are, like the evolution of PC’s . but a funny thing happened on the way . the turning point was when everyone was using small back-and-white LCD’s States-side while Japan and South Korea flashed their colorful, larger LCD’s with stereo-sound . add to this the surprising look on students’ faces when they learn the U.S. is still hooked on telephone modems while they zap game speed through broadband at home – we’re talking Internet connection speed here .

soon after the Millennium saw a split between how youngsters were going to use cell phones in South Korea and Japan . with text-messaging the basic pad for both, the former was gearing up towards video conferencing while the latter was busy participating on mobile on-line post boards .


since the turn of the Millennium SamSung has been the popular one on many counts . foremost South Korea is living in the age of pop-stars who move style more than forecast trend used to . thus the ads play a major role in influencing wanna-be’s . then one very important factor come into effect in the age of text-messaging : the Korean alphabet input system is all different among manufacturers due to Patent Rights . SamSung’s is known to be the easiest but in the end it really is a matter of personal taste and habit – all this putting into fact that real talking power in technology don’t make a huge difference nowadays with a mix-match with respective Telecommunications Carriers .


LG is considered a follow-up of SamSung and more masculine with robust looks and sort-of bulky handling . as Sky continue to loose its “cute” image by time, while no one knows who buys Motorola . rather new players like Curitel tend to cost less so bought by parents for extremely young users – don’t ask .

 for those not much tech-oriented or handle phones like a key chain, product support is decisive factor . where SamSung and LG’s convenient (always a show-room or support center in concentrated neighborhoods) speedy (consumer is King & Queen) process is uncontested, you really have to go out of your way to find other manufacturer’s much-smaller support points in the city .

then there is resale value, of utmost importance in an age where trend-sensitive consumers (not really considered early-adopters) hop onto a newer phone say, every 6 month or a year . thus those bargain prices coming with two-year contracts really is a commitment .

finally there is such a thing as an extremely popular model at a certain point in time, of which I will keep you updated for sure . so enjoy .


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