before all : it is NOT the purpose of this BLog to entice inter-national discrimination, or induce panic euphoria . it is now FIVE Years since nature has struck-back at living beings, for artificial greed .

what was a go-go nation (to the tune of Japan’s-own sixties go-go dancers : Poppies ポピーズ), industrializing after 1964 Tokyo Olympics and 1970 Osaka Exposition, went on to rolling-out Toyota Corollas from 1966 then spread Sony Walkmans onto the music World from 1979 . the intriguing industry from the island nation barely recovering from WWii, seemed about to topple valued and affordable American products . But something happened on the way to the Forum, I mean Millennium . You began noticing the homeless dwelling in carton-boxes at subway stations in the beginning of 1990’s. The Bubble economy had burst, and has been going-down ever since, when this happened on a pleasant Spring day .

the initial earth-quake off-shore East, and its after-shock were felt over the Capital of Tokyo . then the tsunami came to topple four of six reactors at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant . its habitants were relocated and fields barren . anyone who has friends or contractors has felt their hopelessness . the story gets even dark beyond the broad-cast scary . it is still leaking, and its exact impact and updates quite vague – intentionally for national morale but also as we are living in a Global age, where any person and product can transverse its borders well within a day . airports around Japan are beaconing ration measurements to signal travelers : it is all-right . but there are fanatic demonstrators who measure on their own, around populated areas which show other-wise to the authorities . more-over fishery and vegetables are consumed and exported just like before . these are all from the obvious danger-zones around the contaminated nuclear plant site, thus it is safe to say : all other than that – the most critical, are passing-though as before .

while the World goes on with business and pleasure like before, reports and websites form to remind the plague is slowing spreading . and this Peninsula is just across the straits . so instead of listing all that is happening : will updates links to those well lay-out for better comprehension . but will list updated actual measurements and maps from organizations, rather than individual editorial news, as some border on schizophrenia //


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(updated as the effects although negligable spreads further around the World)

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Due to longer livelihood of Plutonium than Uranium AND the period for reactors’ residue remaining on its contaminated materials in the area, this Post will continue to be Updated – though sparsely for the next 500,000 Years .

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