Kouhaku Utagatsen is the short translation of Red-White Song Battle between female and male singers and groups, broadcast LIVE on neighboring Japan’s national TV-station NHK on the final day and hours of the year since 1951 . it usually begins around 9pm on NEW Years Eve and is divided into two parts . similar annual events are Japan Record Awards first aired on 1959 and FNS Song Festival which began on 1974 . it began as, was supposed to be, AND was a wrap-up epidome of the Japanese entertainment industry . but as the Japanese bubble collapsed, it slowly became a bore of old traditional enka vocalists, barely able to stand .

Sailor Moon is a Japanese comic or anime series which began on 1991 . it is based on junior-high-school girls with magic powers to transform themselves into heroines saving Earth . this phenomenon has spread onto TV-series as well as scale model toy figures, and has considerable fan-base .

AKB48 was sort-of a minor girls-group formed in 2005 where they were accessible in that anyone can go see their performance in the Akihabara Electronics district . the geographical location is meaningful because computers, electronics, girls idols and toy figurines all come together in Japan-distinct culture called otaku, of which this BLog is an avid follower of // they have grown to such popularity and following, that they themselves are divided into sub-groups to appear in different songs and TV programs AND half-a-dozen so-called sister groups have since ripened .

all of the three above came together on December 31 2015, to a historic 2-minutes performance which will live over-and-over in our media player AND my dreams ~
vlcsnap-4011-01-01-16h35m48s552lev600x720CaliR   2015-12-31NHK-Kouhaku-Utagatsen-akb48-Sailor-Moon-cosplay800x160CaliR
despite the four-dozen-strong members are divided into seniority AND popularity : Japanese national broadcast system NHK had had the insight to pick appropriate members from levels . and while manic fans of AKB Group complain from Day-1 : how each idol’s personality don’t match chose of their played-character, AND Sailor Moon anime and figurine manias argue on how the uniforms are wrong here and there, as this is a soft-core BLog, will only indicate the basics of who’s who .

  1. GREEN Sailor Jupiter – 18 years old Sakura Miyawaki Nick : Sakuratan ♨
  2. RED Sailor Mars – 19 years old Anna iriyama Nick : AnNin ◈
  3. BLUE Sailor Moon – 22 years old Mayu Watanabe Nick : Mayuyu ♥
  4. SKY Sailor Mercury – 20 years old Haruka Kodama Nick : Haruppi ⊙
  5. ORANGE Sailor Venus – 22 years old Haruka Shimazaki Nick : Paruru ☆

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