although a fun original series, its movie counter-part is plagued with story sequence  incomprehensible to the child and obnoxious to the adult – a perfect example of inferior script and acting – so-much-so that you bursting-out laughing, if continuing to listen to its dumb dialogue .

still a wide palette of CGV viewing options make it a challenge to spend the time selecting and experience pure sound, vision and motion, for the special-effects are acceptable – matter-of-fact : quite good for a B-movie . and good for Wise Korean viewers, as ample seatings available even from Official release date of March 28th Sunday ~

Vision-Enhanced :

  • Normal
  • Digital
  • 3D
  • iMAX 3D

Sound-Enhanced only at Yoido, SEOUL :

  • SoundX
  • 3D SoundX

Mixed-Platter towards technology’s end :

  • 3D Dolby Atmos only at YeongDeungPo, SEOUL
  • 3D 4DX
  • 3D iMAX 4DX only at ChungDam Cine City, SEOUL


OK I tried, but if you still won’t opt.for the theatres, download again enough fuzzy CAM versions proliferating on the World-Wide-Web 0o0 -_-

( end-verdict ) still worth seeing :

  1. Adrianne Palicki
  2. cliff-hanging battle scene making Tom Cruise wet

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