DSC00630collev800-Star-Wars-StormTrooper-Helmet-Pouch DSC00632collev800-Star-Wars-StormTroopers-Pouch

look at my latest buy while at a quick spree in Tokyo . could be selling in Korea or even the States, but when you’re traveling a different mobile-specific priority circulates your brain . I carry two mouse-pad-sized pouches one each : on carry-on roller in the plane, and to check-in baggage . the former has all wireless connecting devices like iPhone adaptors, and the latter with all wired connection for the hotel room like multi-plugs . this is to carry independent devices like a mouse or mobile Wi-Fi Egg . I say this because I’m NOT a Galaxy-person .. something very funny about talking into a device the size of an open hand .

  • sized perfect for most mobile devices,
  • white, to prevent color-smudging onto any clothing in the same luggage,
  • micro-fiber to block smallest dust while on the road,


size is noted on the reverse-side photo above,
price about Korean 8000 Won or US 7.Dollars at discount outlets .

– Korea Tech BLog, shopping around the World come Spring 2013 –