Medical Care comes to every citizen in the now-developed South Korea only a handful of decades after the Korean War, where it pushed to ashes with the bulk of its people retreated to a tiny river-struck land on the South-East corner of the Peninsula . thus in the current Age of Corona Pandemic since Chinese Lunar NEW Years of 2020 : testing was only a neighborhood-away and treatment was guaranteed . and although there were a few out-breaks due to sub-merged nature of church sects and homosexuals : it was seemingly about to be contained at the on-set of Summer 2020 when rain prolonged its annual Monsoon Season . so (as in the fabled Story of Noah) when the rain stopped : every0ne was poised to go-out on their long-awaited vacation – at least domestic as flights over-seas were still a dangerous manifest . and what do you know : over the Golden Weekend of August 14 Friday when the National President declared workers’ holiday massive package delivery brought its own problems of over-work from ever-increasing On-Line Shopping, then the next-day August 15 Saturday a revered Liberation Day from long-Japanese conquest and Official Holiday lasting until August 17 Monday from a NEW Law designating following work-day a holiday too if the Original holiday falls on a Weekend . people went to church, shopping and to huge play-grounds .

This all came just after the government in co-ordinance with KCDC Korea Center for Disease Control upping the ante for National Social Distancing Alert to 2 as a couple of Church gatherings spread Corona Virus even over the extent of initial religious sect gatherings in South Korea’s Official third city DaeGu . much attention is centered upon teachers who had been to these gatherings to return to school infecting many more faculty and students by-the-hour . in the course of this Pandemic mass-infections were gradually spreading around geographical regions around the Peninsula (iTaewon Club out-break was dead center in SEOUL but the spread was in Western Port City of inCheon) but now it is appearing around Metropolitan SEOUL including all of its satellite cities which have grown to a handful now .

thus now daily infection numbers are higher than ever, with infection found and buildings closed in SEOUL City Hall, schools on North-Eastern areas of SEOUL around JoongRang and NoWon, COEX sea-life Aquarium located under-neath SEOUL’s main exhibition complex, GwaCheon SEOUL-Land – a zoo, lake-park and art museum on South-Western outskirts of SEOUL and South Korea’s largest water-splash amusement-park run by SamSung Conglomerate South-East of SEOUL : Yong-in Caribbean Bay . of which the former two are in huge enclosed buildings while the latter two are large out-doors space .

so how did the virus spread ? KCDC has an idea . and by studying these we can be aware of which area to be care-ful, short of gathering for religion and fun alike . this arrives at the same conculsion : air conditioning spreads the virus in enclosed space alike Guro virus Call-Center on the Western border of the Capitol of SEOUL .


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– God-fully Still A-Live, Korea Tech BLog