what is an Apple-ppa (Korean acronym for the obsessive, non-conditional fan) to do while waiting for the elusive iPhone 5, but download a Korean war-action movie originally released in August 14th . for like the coming of the iPhone 5 and so many iPhones and iPads before it, the local populace is sick of investment-luring propaganda with utmost nationalism front for self-acclaimed Korean movie block-buster productions -_-

Yes this IS the correct photo, for the movie is Top Gun : KangNam, Oh I mean Korean-Style 😉 for the star pilot even rides on a similar bike image, and you know its a copy when he pays respectful salut in the form of maveric fly-by barely missing the Control Tower .

although some of the graphic sequences are impressive, you cannot help bursting-out in laughter when a modern dog-fight ensues over the Capital City of Seoul . and to up the vain ante, they even try to pitch-in a Black Hawk Down sequence North ACROSS the de-Militarized Zone to rescue a downed pilot, yeah Right . but to be fair, it is almost as fun as the Pilot Episode of the new ‘The Last Resort’ this Season States-side .

it gets more unrealistic as they throw-in a female pilot Hana Lee above, and mechanic SaeKyung Shin with drunken love in the hangar – a double strategic no-no .


just-in-time for the Otaku-in-me, 1/6 scale action figure loose accessories maker ZC Toys has come up with plain-clothes version of Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun :
ZCWO Tom Cruise 12 inch Figure Tee + Jeans + Bag @@ Hot Toys Top Gun Carson Shirt MCs

and if you wanna look like one : Official Avirex Japan On-Line Shopping Mall has independent designs different from the revered Avirex USA, more-so for ladies :
【AVIREX】 CONVERTIBLE PFD SYSTEM JKT フライト・ジャケット  6192067_l_1

actually more adept to a ballistic submarine than fighter plane,
– Korea Tech BLog, October 2012 –