Disney does quite a bit of advertisements, marketing and promotions onto its movie release and the newly acquired titles from LucasFilms is no exception . noteably local shopping conglomerate ShinSeGae has been putting-up humongous bill-boards on their mammoth department store exteriors, and here in the latest shopping mall complex built on top of a former sleazy district common to post-war train stations around the Korean Peninsula . Star Wars at their main entrance, on their joyous Christmas paper shopping bags and even a whole corner selling Star Wars apparel in their super-mart chain deeper in two levels under-ground //
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and it is at the grand hall connecting ShinSeGae Department Store – YeongDeungPo Branch and Times Square Mall there are having a super Star Wars show-case, as it was when The Avengers was released ! vertical banners on its five-stories-high ceiling is comparable to a scene on Star Wars Episode Vii – The Force Awakens on a Nazi Third Reich-like ritual just before arming their more powerful star-annihilator weapon, which in essence is a planet-sized lazer gun aimed to destroy a whole planet-system in one dispersed blow .
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they mostly consist of either life-size replica or 1/6 SCALE 12-inch-tall action figures of earlier Star Wars character both from the imperial, Republic and the rebel forces – of which the smaller size I too personally am an avid collector of . it is quite a sight to see all these laden right in front of haute-chic European brand-name boutique chains which local department store trios and their duty-free subsidiaries ultimately stand for .


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