the original 1978 version is more heroic in an epic scale, while the current version which started in 2004 is more dramatic with more sexy cast AND machines 😉 if you are new to the story-line watch the 3 movies that ran in-between the 2 versions . now BattleStar Galactica Season 4 Episode 20 has aired in the States Friday March 20th 2009 . with the ultimate goal of the whole story accomplished but, in a defying twist for long-time BSG fans . like me -_- like, what now ?

so we always thought the episodes were like Star Trek and spaceships from Star Wars . but Lord hehold – you might laugh up the last scene as a pot of joke running up 5 years – but think maybe the end more in tune with questions up there on ‘X-Files’ dimension and time-lapse of ‘Lost’ ?

but again, we are nearing 2010 : The Year we make Contact .