model-lic K-Pop singer Son, Dam Bi introduces her brand new music video “Saturday Night”- title song from her “Type-B” album to be released March 26th, all ~ clad in PiNK !!!

[ Oh ~ No ! ]

no, it is NOT right for SamSung Electronics to lure teenagers with their artsy back case inter-changable cell phone : AnyCall SCH-W750 a.k.a. “Haptic POP” when their parents are saving um .. bits of rice .

and NOT the time for the humongous ShinSeGae Department Store to open big-time in the futuristic Centum City in Busan, although this has been planned in the lavish years of (what ?!!! is so dynamic about) “Dynamic” Busan,

and is obviously NOT the time for Dell to unlavel their latest Adamo series of ultra-thin, very expensive NetBooks (mobile sub-laptops).


[ Yesss come’on .. ]

but when a gruesome economy is hindered with usual political scandals with big company bribery into high level administrators testified through Park, Yeon Cha LIST,

and you cannot leisure childishly cheasy but unbelieveably dramatic Korean TV .. only to face deadly humiliating sex briberies uncovering on Jang, Ja Yeon LIST,

then question their fore-fathers in dis-belief when the incredible Korean BaseBall Team wins out to compete in the finals of WBC World BaseBall Classic at Dodger Stadium TODAY,


now this is when we need an ultra, super, dooper model-lishl Korean Pop singer to purn herself in Pink and invite us out into the “Saturday Night” club p-a-r-t-y scene 😉

so~ here she is, Ladies & Gents. and oh if U R new to Seoul clubbing scene : hover over to HongDae, the art school district West-side, after dusk ’til the wee~ hours of the night .. mucho less flashy money-mongering than KangNam and less LGBT/seedy than iTaewon 0o0 still more artsy & creative, thus sado-macho-whatever and surely very under-ground (some still jazzy though)

– to B continued –


oh I know : we don’t want this to end but even in the Land-of-the-Morning-Calm-turned-video-chatting-on-Haptic-cell-phones Penninsula of the Koreas, no good thing are meant to last.for ever um, POP ???


[supplemental May, 2009]
and due to overwhelming request here’s another LIVE version :


then my favourite as femme fatale in November :

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