so a welcome warm late-Winter day temperature toppling 13 degrees Celsius, that I finally have the heart and solace to write about an extra-ordinary TV series (Season ONE) about Sir John Franklin’s lost expedition in search of the North-West Passage over the now-arctic Canada, plus a man-eating human-polar bear creature . South Korea has had over body-temperature heat-wave last Summer, insued by below -10 degrees Celsius freezing weathers in a land whose young-trend for the second year is long fur-padding coats . so although still quite chilly this above ten-degrees Celsius felt like forgotten Summer day..

with no more wars to be fought : British Admiralty sends its Naval might searching for the fabled North-West Passage to shorten sail to Asia . they send ships to chart maps from the West around Alaska and from the East below Greenland, until only around King William Land was left bare uncharted on the known-map . this last thrust was believed to be the topping and those who sailed destined to make a name for themselves..

” it is my belief that God and Winter will find us in safe waters by the end of the year.. we become the greatest argonauts of our age !”

* * * SPOILER AHEAD * * *

  1. Royal Explorers in their dazzling uniforms – on the most technologically-advanced expedition vessel of its time with canned food, heated chambers and propelled power, gloriously head West in search of the final link through the North-West Passage..
  2. the two ships spend their first Winter (in arctic Season includes parts of Spring and Autumn) stuck in ice-pack, from hopeful misjudgment(this decision from the meeting on the last Episode will doom them to death now). now sailors have to pull boats on top of frozen ice in search of shore, where their friend and foe appear : the first inuit eskimos and the monster .
  3. leader of this expedition Sir John Franklin is killed by the monster//
  4. while search parties are being considered back in England, somber phrase from the meeting in the first Episode ” You know what men are like when they are desperate..” begins to come true as few sailors begin up-rising
  5. the monster now attacks one of the ships and as more casualties ensue, second in command Captain Francis Crozier reverts to alcohol again..
  6. two ships are still stuck in ice for its second Winter and ships’ surgeons devise food cans may be spoiled, beginning to compromise every one .(here it is hinted : selected inuit Eskimos can communicate-or-control the monster, by cutting-off their tongue and offering it to the monster)
  7. all abandon ship to again pull boats South to far-away trading post, while run-away sailors kill a group of inuit Eskimos .
  8. crew riot becomes full-swing while the monster comes again resulting in many more casualties
  9. crew begin the slow-death with injuries, as some resort to eating dead comrades..
  10. with deadly-cunning thinking from the crew : like tying forks around your body before being devowed by the monster and smudging poison throughout your body before eaten by the monster, they are finally able to kill the monster . but only Captain Crozier is left alive now, and hides when a search-party arrives four-years later, choosing to live with inuit Eskimos .


” This place wants us dead.”



– North by North-West or was it “Go-West, Young Man”? Korea Tech BLog