just like the movie ‘Crimson Tide’ (1995) a powerful nuclear submarine routine turns heywire into doomsday, forcing its renegade crew to seek sanctuary in a tropical island as in the TV series ‘Lost’ (2004), but once in-land : having to constantly defend themselves as in the recent TV series ‘Terra Nova’ (2011)

two vital difference from the movie :

  1. great-acting macho females on board,
  2. and they actually fire the missile/s this time,

compared to the earlier TV series LOST :

  1. armed with modern assault weapons, they invade the island reminiscent of the WWii Pacific Theatre movie ‘Thin Red Line’ (1998) instead of being washed ashore ..
  2. and let’s hope in the last episode : we DON’T find out they were hit on the first missile attack, and ALL this was a hallucinating dream as disgusted as all viewers were after the ever-ensuing TV series -_-

then compared with the sort-of innovative, but short-lived TV series Terra Nova :

  1. as mind-blowing the whole time-traveling concept was on the Pilot episode
  2. let us hope the writers don’t run out of ideas how to linger-on tedious colonial life in-land, for the series to eventually fade-away in memory



‘Crimson Tide’ 1995
great modern submarine warfare movie with back-to-back tension throughout, whose grand under-water sequence were used in several B-movies, but in the end it was all about horses ..

‘LOST’ 2004
TV series that caught attention of the whole World with incredible Pilot, and successfully conned viewers for years, with time-traveling maze of puzzles, only to reveal in the end it was all wishfull dream of the dead -_-

‘Terra Nova’ 2011
spun-off directly from graphical Sci-Fi magic ‘Avatar’ 2009 intact, with the far-out colony settlement story-line, as well as Stephen Lang brought over to play the magistrate Colonel Miles Quaritch, but this time in the past instead of a universe beyond .


( Pilots and Dragging Episodes )

[ Last Resort : The Pilot ]


[ Turn-of-Events ]

States-side : DC is falling apart . four generals have resigned and the United States President’s impeachment vote approaches .


[ U.S.S. Colorado ]

is a 4-Billion Dollar Ohio-class nuclear submarine with 150 souls on board . dubbed “the most powerful nuclear submarine” it makes its own air, power, has 4 Mark 48 torpedo tubes, armed with 28 TomaHawk missiles AND 18 Trident nuclear missiles . is out to test a new prototype equipment that can hide a submarine’s unique magnetic signature (a-Ha !)

on the way, off the indian Ocean at a rendez-vous point : they pick-up six US Navy SEALs on an inflated boat after an insertion mission (where intel. was wrong and they killed the wrong people) .. a Pakistani frigate seem to pursue them .

soon-after : the sub receives orders via the less secure secondary channel from Antarctica Command – which would be used only if the main DC Command was wiped-out on a first strike – to fire four iCBMs onto Pakistan . just to make sure, they check TV channels aired over DC : broadcasting normal weather and even Hannah Montana .

so the sub captain breaks radio silence – in direct contraction to procedure – to call National Command, insisting the order come through proper channels . he gets a call back from Deputy Secretary of Defense relieving him of duty and instead, putting his XO in charge, when he too in turn requires order to be received through regular EAM (Emergency Action Message) Channel .

soon after, a US attack submarine illinois unleash a cruise missile onto the Colorado, does not hit directly but inflicts some flood damage with 12 casualties . then they monitor two nuclear iCBM blast into Pakistan (from another submarine)

mean-while local States-side media broadcast this Colorado sunk by Pakistanis .


[ The island – No, this is NOT LOST ]

on a near-by tropical paradise island of St.Marina : the NATO listening and early warning station has been monitoring these two missile activities . USS Colorado surface to commandeer this lightly protected facility with their assault team, and take refuge in this island . when they learn of two bombers in-bound, they fire a nuke to detonate off the East Coast, whose blast is visible from Washington DC as well as Manhattan .

the captain now openly broadcasts to declare a 200 Mile no-man’s land around the island, with its remaining 17 missile heads as leverage .



– Download –

Episode 1 available FREE on iTunes in SD and crisper HD version, WITH a short “making” video, where the submarine com interior was shot in a black tent-covered simulation tank .

they should have made this too-fast-paced for a single TV series, into a full-fledged movie, as it is obvious this series also, will eventually linger-on into normal life on the island .


( Women on Submarines )

with clever placement of female roles enhancing this revolutionary story-line, including Nepal-borne Dichen Lachman as exotic bar owner and Lancome model Camille de Pazzis as NATO scientist stationed on this paradise island, this TV series is much reference-bearer on female officers who are actually beginning to be appointed to submarines since last December 2011 .


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( my favourite scene )

  1. when the whole crew dances to Lou Diamond Phillips’ ‘La Bamba’, as the sub cross the Equator .. because, this BLogger is KangNam Style ~
  2. bikini underwear-clad Kylie Sinclair played by Autumn Reeser, back in her posh apartment in DC, reciting top-secret specifications of USS Colorado to her beau !
  3. the Pilot ends with lucky SEAL team member James King played by Australian new-comer Daniel Lissing (great acting !) – who confess this is ALL his fault, gulp – embraced-and-consoled by the island’s lean bar hostess Tani Tumrenjak played by Dichen Lachman .


( October 5th Update ) Episode two and the series already in confused ennui :

  1. confused, because they are suddenly bringing-in more-complex  outer factors like confinement of crew’s family back home, fore-going legalities reminiscent of the Nazi Party,
  2. AND Russian Spetsnaz special force infiltrating via HALO jump from a seemingly-passenger plane, to take advantage of the situation – um like take-over a top US submarine with a hidden-card technology,
  3. soon-after, boredom fogging-in due to a TV series inable to deal with such complexity in a day-time soap-opera-manner yawn,

still the interesting twist of SEAL team members already ON the sub before the fiasco should keep the crew-members AND its series aLive .. ofcourse fast-forward until the last Episode of Season 6 when viewers find out the crew initially vanished on that first sub attack from the illinois, and all this was wish-ful hallucination .


( October 28th Sunday ) at Episode FIVE, and impressed at the series’ tenacity to keep (NOT a couch potatoe but) movie afficionato AND computer techie in-bay, with surprisingly shifting story-line . very-different support from each major female character equally impressive . which derives me to believe : there may be HOPE for the iPhone 5 when it does land on Korean shores, for even Apple-ppa’s (local acronym for unconditional Apple-fans – a term originally borne from the now-barely holding-on Sony)

( November 11th Sunday ) Episode SIX where the hours lapse back-and-forth to the viewer, understandably for the island inhabitants including the nationally-marooned submarine crew is drugged with an experimental miliary hallucinogen, where in an unexpected scenario-twist you witness the French kiss . et Voila, the things they do to keep viewers, and hopefully so, short of becoming another (but most probably) X-Files, LOST, Heroes and The Event -_-

( November 18th Sunday ) Episode SEVEN, and yes we are at the strategic nulear part where every country inserts an intelligent agent inside a ballistic submarine, like the movie Hunt for Red October before . but never in my techno-manic mind did I imagine this would turn out Love Boat – coupling every other female with male sailors .


* * * SPOILER ALERT * * *

( January 25th Friday ) just like ‘LOST’ before, whose tropical island back-ground resembles this story-line, the ending comes lame . although ‘LOST’ managed to keep viewers on toes due to its ‘X-Files’-like maze of continuous puzzles, giving more questions than answers as Seasons proceed, ‘Last Resort’ was cancelled simply because of dwindling ratings, um as in “the sky keeps falling”. but an unprecedented revolutionary story good enough to last at least THREE Seasons, rushed to close curtain on the last 13th episode, short-circuited every-thing, including some of its impressive actors and actresses -_- thus the dreadful last episode is a dead-brainer : predictably every character going haywire tumbling-down military rank, perhaps except the ever-Francaise Sophie <3 Oh you could see in the last FIVE minutes, how shamefully the art of the movie script is greedily glued into a crash ending .


  1. so in the tradition of brave captains : Marcus goes down with the ship,
  2. the President of the United States is shot at gun-point for making up this whole mess //


and me, a mere soft-core tech blogger : will dream of the USS Colorado crew eternally dancing to the tune of “La Bamba”, as James and Tani start a whole-new civilization on Sainte Marina island .. until they uncover it to be the very island shown on preceding LOST 0o0

– a sucker for a revolutionary story-line, floating on the latest state-of-the-art technology,
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