prior to Official release of another Windows OS operating system, one can play around with a developing series of Beta or RC release candidate version, but on a business computer you wouldn’t want any other than a finalized RTM release-to-market completion . and one BIG reason one cannot use a Mac extensively is because On-Line internet banking is processed through ActiveX in South Korea . that is the basic platform .

after-which each bank and credit card company’s website use a maze of protection software, usually three – perhaps each for password, virus and keyboard encryption . these frantic security measure each bank and/or credit card company website chose to implement works both ways : they can be a treasure-saver to protect yourself BUT an agony at times when dear for fluid On-Line transactions . the core of the problem lies in the very fact that each institution chose different software, eventually almost wrecking havoc on your computer system because they just install (which you must to access their web-banking) and linger-on, some-times NOT updating nor deleting clean .


compatibility on these institutions’ websites usually came Months after a new Windows version was Officially released, and 64 bit versions usually left out, but with advanced correspondence it is getting but easier to work on a single computer for work, banking, graphic/video production AND games (meaning, in an ideal set-up : you should have different computers for each). as the Korean culture is preparing for the most tradition holiday rite on Lunar New Years, here are the financial institution sites working with Windows 8 64 bit version :

( note : most banks has their credit card access build-in, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express, while BC Card is an exception sometimes contained and duplicated on the BC Card site)

  • CitiBank.co.kr works in Windows 8 64 bit Compatibility Mode,
  • HanaBank.com works on Google Chrome,
  • HyunDaiCard.com works fine on Windows 8 64 bit,
  • KBStar.com KeukMin Bank barely works Windows 8 64 bit,
  • LotteCard.co.kr works Windows 8 64 bit but NOT Google Chrome,
  • SamSungCard.co.kr works in Windows 8 64 bit Compatibility Mode,
  • ShinHan.com  (Bank) works with Windows 8 64 bit,
  • WooRiBank.com works on Windows 8 64 bit Compatibility Mode,
  • ShinHanCard.com works Windows 8 ONLY on 32 bit,

it still is best to access these sites to verify in detail your current status as well as transactions . while simple checking and/or transfer payment better done now with smart-phones because banks were Korean banks were quick to move onto its compatibility as the whole populace moved onto iPhone and Galaxy (and more the latter in Korean reality).



BUT the above is for On-Line banking to transfer money or check credit card statements . there is a much larger hill to over-come to purchase On-Line, for individual websites use a handful of differing payment sites . more-over, they constantly change payment procedure modes for their intended security . and on this aspect, unsolved head-aches and frustration lingers, for the payment sites do NOT adhere directly to user inquiry or  complaint, but instead to take reference for their next update . thus, best yet to hang onto Windows 7 or even XP -_-

as you can tell from the compatibility list above : it is far from a perfect World, but Windows 8 is the best to-date OS when trying to juggle all in 64bit . more-over because it offers compatibility mode and then Google Chrome . and for those who still ask how you can do all in one machine : you don’t . for a Little Prince who emerged on the early days of Korean Virtuality told me ideally, you should have THREE machines :

  1. most common set-up main-frame for business and banking,
  2. state-of-the-art assembly for graphics and games 😉
  3. then a portable to control your life from anywhere around the Globe


– Korea Tech BLog pondering on Lunar New Years gift spending, late January 2013 –



( March 4th Update ) ShinHan Bank AND Credit Card is the most picky so far, on its website as well as paying On-Line on affiliated shopping malls – none accepting Windows 8 64bit IE10 but only in 32bit -_-

( March 17th Update ) even for its speed, I deem it best to use Windows 7 still in South Korea, especially for an interface most-adapted for tablet PC than fully set-up computer or even laptop or notebook -_-