14.2.4 return of Vladimir Putin to political power (Persian Leopard Tuesday rehabilitation park near Sochi)_306x423 consider the World-Wide ritual every couple of years : (1) a whole nation manically lobbies to attract the historical Olympic Games, (2) and when God has chosen them : pluck all living things including animals and humans out of the barren land to turn into miraculous science fiction circuit (3) then gush lumpuous building and broadcasting contracts to the highest bidder .

in the Post-Millennium internet Age : On-Line regulation and cyber-police is on full-alert on such mammoth business, but still many dive past the grey waters alike DVD-copy vendor booths lining the street in front of Seon-in SangGa computer parts market building in the center of YongSan Electronics Market . Sinners who sell at quite a price on what they got for free, and try to add-up download and ODD-burning time as their handling fee .

there has been about four-dozen local download sites . mostly considered pay-sites because they do their own variety of the Kansas City Shuffle : (A) either accept per-download-data or Monthly subscription, (B) where your upload amount can be credited towards future download and (C) set up a whole-wide On-Line community disk where members exchange files one-on-one, or any mixed combination of similar palette . ofcourse copy-righted material are off-limits in fine print, but they all sort out those that have no copy-right in the Korean Peninsula, or appear in the wee~ hours of the night to disappear by sun-rise .

so it is hard now-a-days to find a live Olympic moment on eDonkey or Torrent, but some slip through . and local download sites randomly allowing broadcast from other countries and in network bandwidth-gulping high-resolution .tp and .ts files than the more general .mpg or .avi so that users will spend more time and money downloading .

afp-Police officers check visitors in Red Square Jeux Olympiques. Sotchi, la station balnéaire totalement transformée

( March 14 Friday Update ) and on the other side of the rainbow, where the grass is always greener : Sochi Olympics free-style skiing silver medalist Gus KenWorthy adopted to bring home not-one-but-five stray puppies ≫read it here