slim to carry around for extra battery pack, and reversible at Apple device end . the design is a joy and connects well . let’s see the lowest discount prices WITH next-day shipping throughout South Korea, with Southern JeJu island taking another day .

  • Official Korean Apple On-Line Store W26,000
  • conglomerate and independent On-Line stores W23,000
  • fake copy grade A W14,000 at YongSan Electronics Market
  • fake copy grade B W10,000 ditto above,
  • cheapest fake copy at On-Line stores W5,000


by fakes and copies, here we are NOT talking about those from independent Global brands like Californian Belkin . although quite a number of local Korean brands, some made OEM in China come in boxes, we are mostly dubious of those coming in a simple transparent plastic sheet . ofcourse different copy grades are sold at different parts of the World at different prices, like Louis Vuitton bags, but here about NOT-Apple fake Lightning-USB cable copies sold within the Korean Peninsula . and because they are so many and sold every-where, it might NOT be fair to call them fake or even copies, but imitations or even Lightning-compatible cables . so What really is the difference ? and is it worth the few thousand Won saving ? early answer : NOT at all . read-on ..


( The Korea Tech BLog Experience )

as NOT the richest of tech bloggers, I skim any-which where I can and have my share of DD-WRT (no-no it’s NOT about cables) and independent cables . I tried to use independent makers early-on the first iPhones to land on the Korean Peninsula, to be dismayed by fitting, some with clicks, although data transfer and battery charge was fine . then on this Lightning-USB connector cable : I have tried the two higher grades mentioned above and have followed-through other user reviews on cheaper models . and am noting on this fact now a good THREE Months after its initial release, to have let enough independent makers challenge Apple’s latest connection technology AND holy design .


( The Price of Cheapest Fake Lightning Cables )

the lowest-tier dirt-cheap fakes are literally fakes, as it tries to be what it isn’t . witness abound of surface peeling, not to mention foul connection : as in physically NOT fitting, to incompatible data connection .


( The State of Higher Grade Lightning Cable Copies )

and worth mentioning are those that cost half of original Apple Lightning Cables . here, some are visibly indistinguishable to the human eye unless examined closely AND reflecting in various angles . thus you will eventually notice :

  • the white plastic surrounding where you hold to insert iPhone or iPad is usually slightly larger in diameter, thus will need an extra push on some bumper or casings .
  • the silver shine on the Lightning tip (NOT USB-end) is differs variably from shining metallic to pearly texture .

then comes the crucial issue of data connection compatibility, for you will be under the mercy of the Gods on un-official models . ample quality grade copies will have no problem connecting to USB slots on the most popular brand computer main-board or mother-board, but only the most delicate will be realized on hi-fi audio systems and set-top boxes, more-so from unknown brands .

in the end, it comes down to whether you will use this for any kind of serious work . for the critical incompatibility issue will strike-up just at the moment of crucial transaction . after-which you will ask around for a convenience store (yes they do sell, not fake but mostly independent brand) OR Apple what-ever shop in the vicinity, where you will pay full-price .


if some-how, you HAVE to buy a fake or copy : I suggest to NOT buy On-Line nor at a general store, but a branded electronics store OR electronics district in your area . this is because Koreans are sucker on personal issues – exactly why foreign business take time to infiltrate into the Peninsula . meaning : make the buy personal, as in : where you can actually talk to the person selling AND ask if it does work . because the vendor knows you will be back when lied upon, his/her eyes and fluency of explaination will reveal how well it works on computers and audio devices .



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