it is amazing how people will let others do some of the most joyful procedure in computer purchase : selecting its peripherals and accessories . and in the input case of the hand-held mouse, is one device you will know when you grab your hand around it, and surely on the first few minutes of actual use on a monitor .

one big rule still stands though, through the short history of what-ever mouse companies that came and have gone : only Microsoft and Logitech offers :

  1. ergonomically design to naturally snug around your hands,
  2. surface durable enough to with-stand years of continuous use, without pealing off . but still, the rubber-grip portions will erode away .
  3. support centers exchanging erroneous device on-the-spot .


but Do you need a gaming mouse for gaming ? how about for general use ?
definitely NOT . unless you’re a professional gamer or wanna-be, the advantages are :

  • with half-a-dozen pre-settable buttons
  • AND adjustable sensitivity
  • capability to change physical weight by adding or taking out metal bullion
  • mildly solving sweat problems arising from holding onto the mouse constantly and on tense situations yike !
  • one mighty psychological effect from current LED models where colorful lights extrude from the device : makes you want to believe this battle you are about to head for, is REAL – this is an ego-booster especially in game rooms where lights are dim .

but ever-lingering disadvantages :

  • looks great, with the more expensive models poised to transform into a robot any time, but even if it holds firm, the surface will peal away eventually, say six Months ?
  • the more popular brands (at the moment) will invest in prompt reply to inquiries and product support, but when the money dries-out they can vanish any time for most gaming mouse manufacturers are not Global companies .

on the other-side of the rainbow : you can use gaming mouse for generous use, if you have had enough of the same plain variety .

while there have been countless self-designated gaming mouse, they have all fallen short of the Microsoft and Logitech tenure above . but one company from Hong Kong first imported barely two years ago in February 2011, rose onto THE best seller over the two house-hold companies, with its logo making you instinctively rush straight for the START button :

so how did they do it ?

  1. they put up their catch-phrase : made by gamers, for gamers,
  2. kept their price relatively cheap, however more expensive models coming by late 2012
  3. has a support center at YongSan Electronics Market and actively replying to comments left by to-be customers .

Team Scorpion X-LUCA gg
Team Scorpion X-LUCA
X-Luca introduced February 2012 W21,000
Optical wired USB 2400 dpi / 5-button plus dpi button / adjustable dpi / dimension 128 x 72 x 38mm weight 140gram / scan ratio 4000

introduced a glossy red-covered model in September, and may not have been necessary to induce collor-variations on latter models, because the LED slots on top became larger so that they will take place of actual color variety ..

by July 2012 they introduced a PC-Bang (meaning room) model intended for game rooms where you rent a computer by the hour, usually W1000. it cost W3000 less than the initial full model with a few difference :

  • packaged in bare brown card-board box, without the glitzy StarCraft-ish illustration,
  • surface if all-rubber (while the original model came in glossy plastic) perhaps to facilitate cleaning after so many different users for rented computers .
  • USB connection cord is red-plaid textile covered, while original model was in normal black . again is easier to trace on dark surroundings like the intended PC rental rooms .

Team Scorpion Frost Wyam  499494237
Frost Wyam introduced April 2012 W39,500
Optical wired USB 2000 dpi / 5 button plus dpi button / adjustable weight and dpi /dimension 127 x 73 x 38mm weight 108g / scan ratio 6600 fps / 6-color LED


Team Scorpion ZEALOT 1394291_00_2 31412050_df125f09_Zealot-Event(CoolnJoy) 
Zealot introduced September 2012 W74,000
Laser wired USB / 5000 dpi 3-button plus dpi-button / adjustable dpi 400~5000 / scan ration 12000 fps polling rate 1000Hz / dedicated software with maco / 1.8m fabric cable / gold-plated USB plug / weight 65 gram 6-color LED


all price at larger discount outlets in January 2013 
Team Scorpion mouselh



then the usual story : no-matter how popular a gaming-mouse model OR brand gets, I try out from curiosity, only to return to trusted Logitech or Microsoft after days of trying adjust . No, for the mouse has to adjust to YOUR style of playing or more important : working . so instead, I added more neon lights inside my computer main-frame case 😉

– Raging Korea Tech BLog, between New Years and Lunar 2013 –