mirror, mirror on the wall : Which is the most successful tablet of them all ? tried to ask Apple as they compared the innovative iPad with rag-tag Android-based tablets, with much competition-conscious tone .. after a series of lucrative announcements on the MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina Display, the whole of iMac on a thin monitor-platter and the now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t Mac mini

full list of Official release-by-country :

Specification and Price of iPad line available in South Korea :

iPad mini Wi-Fi . . . 16GB W420,000 . . 32GB W540,000 . . 64GB W660,000
iPad mini Cellular. . 16GB W570,000 . . 32GB W690,000 . . 64GB W810,000

iPad 2 Wi-Fi. . . . . . 16GB W500,000
iPad 2 3G . . . . . . . 16GB W650,000

iPad 4 Retina Wi-Fi 16GB W620,000 . . 32GB W740,000 . . 64GB W860,000
iPad 4 Retina Cell . 16GB W770,000 . . 32GB W890,000 . . 64GB W999,000

( local prices updated later at bottom of this page, with NEW iPad 3 )


iPad 2 continues its legacy (with its shrunken-down version reborne as iPad mini) while the NEW iPad 3 will be discontinued ..

while on the Korean Peninsula :
iPad mini and iPad 4 Retina Display Wi-Fi
early reservation from October 26th Friday
and available from the next Friday November 2nd

with Cellular models to be released end of November .


what hit the most hard onto Apple-ppa’s (unconditional Apple followers – a name-calling continued straight from earlier Sony-days) were from those who had recently bought the NEW iPad 3, as resale price tumbled-down over-night -_-



prelude to a Morning Calm,
– Korea Tech BLog, October 24th 2012 –


( October 26th Friday afternoon update ) at least SOME good news, this time double-fold :

  1. perhaps to evade an anguished fury from recent buyers of the now-dis-continuing NEW iPad 3 : Apple Korea On-Line Store – which is the ONLY true Official Apple outlet on the Korean Peninsula – will be offering a buy-back-and-sell again term for those who had bought the now ill-fated NEW iPad 3 a Month prior to the dis-continuing announcement two days ago .
  2. also this Apple Korea On-Line Store started taking early purchase on Wi-Fi versions of iPad Mini and iPad 4 Retina Dispay from 4pm today – Pay NOW – with a clause stating the device is currently going through mandatory electro-magnetic signal testing, and expected to ship in two Weeks . cellular versions of both models were noticed to come end of November .



( November 2nd Friday update ) iPad Mini and iPad 4 Retina Display started selling today .

[ iPad Mini WHERE & PRICE ]
  • Official Korean Apple On-Line Store has been reserving from a Week ago October 26th Friday, and will ship in 2 dragging Weeks 0o0 some who rushed to order the first batch back then, are showing ship-out records this morning from inCheon Free Tax Zone via DHL or TNT courrier .
  • all sorts of Apple-contracted stores, be it Premium Retail, Apple Shops or what-ever they themselves deem to promote, have very few in quantity from today – these are NOT On-Line but brick-and-motor store-fronts in the Real World – and prices are the same as Official Korean Apple On-Line Store listed way~ above .
  • with ShinSeGae Department Store leading the way, independent On-Line Stores are reserving all models at W20,000 lesser then above Official price list, to be shipped in a Week at the fastest and some in two – NOT worth it unless you are in a self-perceived-hurry, for the Official Korea On-Line Store offers unconditional returns for 2 Weeks, now increased to 30 Days .


[ iPad 4 Retina Display WHERE & PRICE ]

  • has been on reserve at the Official Korean Apple On-Line Store also since October 26th and now showing ship-out in a Week .
  • mind-you, independent On-Line outlets are still selling NEW iPad 3,
  • interestingly, independent On-Line outlets are selling iPad 4 Retina Display at W20,000 ~ W30,000 higher premium than its Official price .

*I have noted this earlier but the cheapest place to buy Apple Wi-Fi products is still at ShinSeGae Department Store, in the new UiJeongBu Branch where they are giving out Branch-Open coupons, with which you can add a screen protector film or casing on-the-spot 😉

and next-runner-up may be GMarket On-Line Shopping Portal, offering 20-Month payment installment with no surcharge nor interest .



[ Price List of ALL iPads on sale in South Korea ] as of November 6th Tuesday 2012 – Korea Tech BLog does it again :

iPad mini Wi-Fi . . . 16GB W420,000 . . 32GB W540,000 . . 64GB W660,000
. . Korean stores . . 16GB W387,000 . . 32GB W524,000 . . 64GB W640,000
iPad mini Cellular. . 16GB W570,000 . . 32GB W690,000 . . 64GB W810,000
iPad mini KT LTE . . 16GB W567,000 . . 32GB W687,000 . . 64GB W806,000
. . Korean stores . . expected end of November

iPad 1 Wi-Fi stores 16GB W530,000 . . 32GB W370,000 . . 64GB W450,000
iPad 1 Wi-Fi USED 16GB W100,000 . . 32GB W180,000 . . 64GB W200,000
iPad 1 3G stores . . 16GB . . . . . . . . . 32GB W370,000 . . 64GB W485,000
iPad 1 3G USED . . 16GB (180,000) . . 32GB W230,000 . . 64GB (270,000)

iPad 2 Wi-Fi . . . . . 16GB W500,000
. . Korean stores . . 16GB W446,000 . . 32GB W710,000 . . 64GB W869,000
iPad 2 Wi-Fi USED 16GB W270,000 . . 32GB W310,000 . . 64GB (400,000)
iPad 2 3G . . . . . . . 16GB W650,000
. . Korean stores . . 16GB W569,000 . . 32GB W526,000 . . 64GB W612,000
iPad 2 3G USED . . 16GB (350,000) . . 32GB W420,000 . . 64GB W480,000

iPad 3 Wi-Fi stores 16GB W491,000 . . 32GB W594,000 . . 64GB W696,000
iPad 3 Wi-Fi USED 16GB W400,000 . . 32GB W500,000 . . 64GB W570,000
iPad 3 3G SKT. . . . 16GB W627,000 . . 32GB W742,000 . . 64GB W846,000
iPad 3 3G KT. . . . . 16GB W596,000 . . 32GB W715,000 . . 64GB W823,000
iPad 3 3G USED . . 16GB W450,000 . . 32GB W590,000 . . 64GB W600,000

iPad 4 Retina Wi-Fi 16GB W620,000 . . 32GB W740,000 . . 64GB W860,000
Korean stores . . . . 16GB W589,000 . . 32GB W703,000 . . 64GB W817,000
iPad 4 Retina Cell . 16GB W770,000 . . 32GB W890,000 . . 64GB W999,000
iPad 4 Ret.KT LTE . 16GB W743,000 . . 32GB W862,000 . . 64GB W970,000
Korean stores . . . . expected end of November

*first row of each model except iPad 1 & 3, in green are Official prices of Korean On-Line Apple Store
( which is the ONLY real Apple Store in South Korea )
*3G/LTE/cellular models are prices WITHOUT subscription
*most 3G devices are sold unlocked from the end of last year 2011 but check ahead just-in-case, where a phone call to the carrier will unlock within a few hours .
*iPad 4 Retina Display cellular models are reservation prices, noticed to ship end of November 2012,
*’stores’ are independent stores where On-Line is the cheapest,

*USED are actual sold prices over the Weekend of November 2nd 2012
( where USED iPad 3 are mid-way going down, meaning : was a bit higher a Week ago and still expected to go down a bit )
of near-mint almost-new condition without any scratches nor dents,
coming with front LCD screen film and rear protection case intact,
and in some instances un-opened devices but without these accessories .
+USED prices in parantheses are recently uploaded ads and still unsold, but that I deem of rightful ball-park value .

(Holy Mackerel : ten days after this post, NEW iPad 3 Wi-Fi 32GB is selling lower at W450,000)



[ Which iPad to Choose for Christmas 2012 ] iPad Mini or Retina Display

forget the NEW iPad 3 third generation due to falling, falling and falling reSale value, for it is a vital retaining aspect when purchasing electronics . other-wise the device are simply too expensive just to use and keep for ever . even if you are considering due to its attractive second-hand price, for it will have to sell cheaper, if you can .

like-wise iPad 2, but if you get to this range the latest SamSung Galaxy Tab or Android-based tablets will fall well within this price range a mere Season after domestic release .


which leaves you between Mini and Retina Display, if you are going with Apple than SamSung Galaxy Tab or Asus Nexus 7 . but something happened on the way to the forum, oh I mean while the latest Apple mobile products were introduced Fall 2012 . die-hard Korean Apple-followers’ psyche is shifting due to several factors happening in succession of another :

  1. legal battle between SamSung and Apple leaves less room for American brand-adoration in a land long-ushered by pure nationalism, like Sony before from neighboring Japan .
  2. as Apple starts diversifying its products like SamSung, supposedly to adhere to each consumer’s taste and needs, it also can be they are loosing the knack to pin-point what Apple and its certain product is – perhaps much easily defined by an inovative leader .
  3. when the iPhone came out and then the iPad : you can hear the whispery “Oh’s” and “Wow’s” in the subway, and a MacBook Air in a Starbucks chain was ultimately the coolest you can get in KangNam, and thus “Style”. but now when you recognize a smaller pad in the subway, you wonder which make it is . and with so many Starbucks wanna-be’s adorned on every corner of Korean metropolis, the magic awe is gone .
    (two Weeks later : OK, a female with the latest iPad Mini with a thick casing in a subway train, will be taken as holding an older Galaxy Tab – sorry)
  4. news black-out on release of popular products into South Korea, is virtually turning many local Apple-ppa (synonym for ultimate fan-base borne from Sony-days) to the dark side out of frustrated ennui, because this is a concentrating-dwelling culture thriving on small talk and rumours .


OK back to the band-width oh I mean wagon, before this becomes an eventual CIA report . and I won’t get into individual specs, for many news, sites and blogs cover them, and here will give you clear conclusions fitting your tingling needs, as this is a soft-core tech blog ahem . perhaps with one note though : SamSung often promotes their hardcore specifications against pitable Apple products but don’t get caught-up in this, for Apple’s vast and continuously updated content is simply uncomparable .

  • Mini is a shrunken iPad 2 !
  • Mini and Retina’s front camera is 4 times crisper ! than iPad 2 and 3
  • Mini weighs half less than iPad 2/3/Retina !


thus my advice :

  • if you still want the jealous envy – which is gradually dissipating as models spread and release delayed on the latest Apple mobile products – from your colleagues/classmates : iPad Retina Display,
  • if you used it either at home or office : again iPad Retina Display,
  • if you are mobile in transport system or will use it out-doors : iPad Mini,
  • if you move constantly and is for yourself than requiring to show contents to others (such as sales) : the latest iPhone will do the job for short spasms,


for your reference, in my case :

I had TWO NEW iPad 3’s one for home and work each in Seoul, bought from the States and Canada on the first month of release (my first impression of the NEW iPad 3 from iPad 2 was 1.it was slightly weighty, 2.uncomparably crispier camera photos and 3.not actually FAST but without random delays on operation)

the latter had a dust speck (NOT bad or dead pixel) beneath the screen so kindly exchanged it at the new Apple Store at the wonderous iFC Mall in Hong Kong, for I rather NOT deal with Apple nor Sony support in South Korea (improvised on my Support Page on top menu), thus waited a Month for my travel itinerary .

I do NOT work in sales so usually end up selling the work iPad soon-after, and since I made a very small 1/16 dent at the corner of one, I sold it -W40,000 off the going rate . where the buyer was content as it was practically unused, coming with screen film and protector case .

then feeling the realm of the Force, I sold the other NEW iPad 3 two days before States-side introduction of iPad Mini and Retina Display, for -W20,000 below the going rate because um, I felt my conscience .

bought a single iPad Mini on ealier days of South Korean release, and it is a joy to toggle around every-where for it is so much lighter (actually half) than earlier iPads – so much so that I doubt it may fly away with strong wind . also bought two – to bare the double-toggling for this one’s a carry-around – Apple smart-covers to show-off it is a Mini, for most old-timers buy a Galaxy and enbalm it with a black leather-book casing, where young doodlings stuff it around a red one .


but then the ultimate question hits :
“Should I Buy an iPhone and Mini or Retina, both or ALL Three ?”

coming-up on my extensive information Pages on top menu :
WHICH TO CHOOSE : iPhone & iPad vs Galaxy & Android tablets !



( November 21st Wednesday update ) local orders for iPad Mini onto the Official Korean Apple webstore, is now gradually speeding from 2 Weeks+ on-set to 10 Days and now 5 business Days .

( November 23rd Friday update ) LTE versions of iPad Mini and Retina Display begin shipping ~

Cellular version prices have been on the Official Korean Apple On-Line Store – which is the ONLY Official Apple Store on the Korean Peninsula – and they starting to ship-out LTE versions from today beginning with Retina Display 16GB models .

also prices for LTE versions of iPad Mini and Retina Display disclosed today from South Korea’s foremost Apple carrier KT telecommunications, and added to my extensive iPad price list above (Nov.6)


[ iPad 4 Retina Display and Mini Cellular prices just out ]
on 24 Month subscription contract including VAT (value added tax)
SKT has revealed price plans only, while KT is now selling Friday evening November 25th.

iPad 4 Retina Display :
SKT consumer price . . . . . . 16GB W720,000 . . 32GB W840,000 . . 64GB W949,000
New LTE Tablet 35 discount 16GB W330,000 . . 32GB W330,000 . . 64GB W330,00
New LTE Tablet 49 discount 16GB W501,600 . . 32GB W501,600 . . 64GB W501,600
New LTE Tablet 35 you pay 16GB W390,000 . . 32GB W510,000 . . 64GB W619,000
New LTE Tablet 49 you pay 16GB W218,400 . . 32GB W338,400 . . 64GB W447,400

Mini SKT consumer price . . 16GB W520,000 . . 32GB W640,000 . . 64GB W760,000
New LTE Tablet 35 discount 16GB W330,000 . . 32GB W330,000 . . 64GB W330,00
New LTE Tablet 49 discount 16GB W501,600 . . 32GB W501,600 . . 64GB W501,600
New LTE Tablet 35 you pay 16GB W190,000 . . 32GB W310,000 . . 64GB W430,000
New LTE Tablet 49 you pay 16GB W 18,400 . . 32GB W138,400 . . 64GB W258,400

iPad 4 Retina Display KT :
your iPad price* 16GB W643,000 . . 32GB W762,000 . . 64GB W870,000
( above payable in 24 Month instalments, PLUS Monthly LTE traffic usage below )
+LTE Warp Data Life 1.8G W19,800/Mo.
+LTE Warp Data Life 3.6G W24,750/Mo.
+LTE Warp Data Life 7.2G W33,000/Mo.

KT includes FREE Wi-Fi, 50GB uCloud, 20GB Olleh.com

yes, above price chart is complicated, and more if you opt for Data Sharing and even Tethering, so don’t ask me – instead : yonder over their Official Site, while independent On-Line shops listed within may have easier-comprehensible price charts ..



so the iPad which has brought true-portable-tablet sense into our daily Lives, split ways into smaller and then crisper Wonders . what’s NEXT onto the Future ? here is Hal-shi’s prophecy from the earlier Crown Hotel on iTaewon slopes,