The sexiest motion picture still-shot ever, on this Universe at a given time – probably eternal followed by the most serene space-ballad, missed since 2001 A Space Odyssey :


the ultimate decision to rescue one, or a few brave astronauts in daring space, so much afar – previously heralded in Apollo 13 (1995), Gravity (2013) and interStellar (2014). out of these : won’t mention Gravity for it was a bore no matter how slow-motion can be a piece of pure art . while this movie is much like Apollo 13 in many ways including a powerful lead actor . then its concept (too  s-l-o-w) of the passage of time is opposite interStellar (zaps past you – when you realize its already gone light-years away from you duh). all-in-all it is quite impressive a movie about a lone survivor on Mars like a space Robinson Crusoe, is not boring at all – more fast-paced than Apollo 13 and its fast-pace copeable, while we are lost in the sudden passage of time in interStellar .

* * * * * SPOILER WARNING ! * * * * *

OK I am going to be careful on this Post, as by the time you finish reading you’re gonna realize I’m no isaac Asimov nor Stephen Hawking . for starters, when the greatest movie critic Roger Ebert is no more : it is funny how many critics now left, centers-in on how much of this in fact can be REAL – the possibilities and all . are you sh**ting me ? do a double Rich Purnell maneuver 200-days apart, then rocket-woman catches iron Man out in space ?! haven’t heard anyone questioning it on the latest sequel to Star Trek or Wars .

* * * * * SPOILER ALERT ! * * * * *

for starters : the author of its originating book is borne to a physicist-and-engineer family and grown-up to be a software engineer, thus know what is and not physically possible on Mars PLUS did substantial research onto the book, and already have early-on twisted some portions for dramatic effects . then onto the movie-making : they hired NASA advisors and tried to keep all to the most-possible equations . still cannot help but wondering what-if, they had kept the three major reality counts :

  1. that there couldn’t be such harsh storms on Mars – but added for dramatic effects on a motion picture
  2. gravity is much less but by-passed making it all look like it – for it won’t be worth the trouble
  3. one needs to put-on full-fledged bubble space-suits even on the surface of Mars !

for they play vital parts in this movie : first the whole fiasco began on the storm, and every-other scene on Mars you see Matt Damon strolling around as if on an Arizona desert, in what barely looks like a thick motor-cycle suit //


* * * * * DANGER ! DANGER ! WILL ROBINSON ! * * * * *

not-to-mention the climaxing theory of swinging around planets’ gravity to rocket your space-ship, then one-man trying to goal onto the target, which is another woman (Hallelujah) – which has been used many times in preceding space-rescue movies .

but can two lone astronauts shoot-out from their space-craft to catch each-other in the vast space – “The Final Frontier” as  William Shatner narrates on every episode of the classic Sci-Fiction Television series, or the relative one Albert Einstein master-minded ? but we direly hope-for and are impressed by its successful ending, as we are suckers for dramatic musicals like Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Cats’. and alike during and after the master-piece compared : we cannot help but get over-whelmed at mighty literal actresses and actors at their best hours .



( Two-Months There-After ) as an avid movie-fan : I tend to watch several selected motion pictures over-and-over again, instead of going to every other new release . and now this happens to be one of them . So God created human in his image because we dare challenge the almost-impossible (title of another classic thriller-turned-action TV-series-turned movie), like direly trying to make a foot-step in a world where we are NOT supposed to exist at-all // still we identify with its inner-makings as things go wrong at every-other turn, much like how it is on Planet Earth .

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