whether you are a professional working on large graphic or video files, or purely a movie-fan as hobby : there will come a time when you need external HDD hard disk drives . and in the age of USB here via 2.0 . among the first generation of its genre, it was a time when steady connection was still in question, so Fujitsu was the one from a known brand aside from a handful of manufacturers including Korean, who already had a name from their video capture cards and external hard disk cases .

  • hard disk maker SeaGate,
  • cooling fan fame Zalman,
  • external hard disk drive maker Sarotech
  • and TV/video capture board maker Sky Digital

one culprit was that these accepted only the newer SATA hard disk drives, with different plugs than the first generation of hard disk drive connection in PATA E-iDE . there is a socket inside the sliding lapel, with SATA disk cables as well as power source, with a thoughtful option to plug in either smaller 2.5″ HDD for laptops or notebooks AND the normal 3.5″ HDD for desktop PC personal computers .

also a time-saver when you are upgrading your whole system, to copy a considerable amount of valuable data ..
*but be fore-warned : for quite many advanced users experience almost-mental break-down, as external disk-drive connection depends on many factors including your main-board or mother-board, and further as speed increases with USB 3.0

Fujitsu Calmee Space Combo USB 2.0 released May 2008 W47,000
although now discontinued production, this earliest model boasts an eSATA connection slot and cable, much faster AND stable than USB if you have an external connection from your main-board or mother-board 😉


and yes, if you are a Hard Disk afficionato like me : you would have bought TWO of the above, to copy in-between .. so Voila ~ the next generation came with TWO HDD slots so you can copy, at the push of a button 😉

also the second improvement is the speedier USB 3.0 compared to the older USB 2.0 above .. which is a drastic improvement . however, would NOT make as much difference if you will be using slower AND cheaper HDD hard disks intented for storage than running the OS operating system like Windows 7 .

EZ-Net NEXT-852DCU3 USB 3.0 released July 2012 W36,000


which is enough for general usage, while SaroTech below ups the ante with more simple one-touch button operation, WITH a Korean brand name now much known for exterior HDD case connections .

SaroTech DP-2U3 USB 3.0 released October 2011 W56,000


– Korea Tech BLog, Halloween 2012 –