mighty dinosaurs have roamed this land and there’s even a Dinosaur Museum way~ down South :

and if you cannot make it even in time for the upcoming YeoSu Expo near-by :

a Virtual Tour of its grounds where I planted my own foot-steps while they grounded the first shovel to build it :


and so, as History will have it
post-Modern humans in this crowded land-mass in a small Peninsula
dwelling in high-tech intelligent high-rise apartments connected to the fastest internet connection on the Planet
are going their separate ways come End of April :

  1. those that have frantically got the NEW iPad 3 from abroad,
    and in this sense the Bravest being the Argonauts who boarded the hovercraft over disputed Korea/Japan Straits onto the Official Apple Store in Fukuoka,
    with the Luckiest being those whose Mom sent it from back home 0o0
  2. those that will search this concentrated metropolis as soon as it lands on belated shores,
  3. those that will hold onto the preceding iPad 2 for it really is crazy to sell off a 3G version for half its original price -_-
    and here the Coolest being those still with the Wonder that started it all : the Original Apple iPad “V”
  4. then ofcourse, because this is an old traditional culture : those that will stay on the /other/ “Galaxy”
    and no comment on this because we don’t discuss such matters on Korea Tech BLog (cough)actually there is another, but so unique as it is the sole entitiy in this Universe
    contemplating such task no matter how the World in this Dimension evolves ..
    trying to apply hacked DD-WRT firmware onto ipTime routers -_0