once again, Korea Tech BLog’s new Apple device introduction Page is posted days counting-down to Launch Date, then Updated extensively ~


[ Preview ] a.k.a. also known as Where is the Home Button ?

again it is that time of the year when your incredible mobile life Thanks to Apple iPad not-to-mention what-ever wanna-be pad and tab tablet-computing devices . ample information on-Line on anticipated specifications so here on the most extensive consumer electronics technology BLog in Korean cyber-space will keep you up-to-date on the latest where, what and how on the upcoming Apple iPad 3 within the Korean Penninsula including where Koreans’ most popular points of purchase including neighboring Japan, Hong Kong and U.S. West Coast .

and to get yourself ready for that eBay final moment-ish thrill on release day : which iPad 3 model to choose .



[ Wi-Fi or 3G ] the 6 Million Dollar Question

when you first get into that taxi from your first hotel in South Korea, you will realize Koreans drive madly although not as extremely as larger cities in China . why and where are they all heading so fast ? if you ask the driver actually, they will be struck numb . for there is no reason but that Korea with its somber history of internal squables and turn-over conquests by bordering powers, add to this competition among a massive race of similar people, are by modern-nature : always heading to rush where-ever . and one of the seemingly easy-way-out to achieve this was in technology as Korea’s own dot-com start-ups popped up everywhere to knip a share from the success of Korea’s conglomerate in SamSung Electronics and to make all of Korea’s siblings learn the most Global of all languages : English .

and for small and large companies alike to try to monetize from Korea’s i.T. information technology hype, so many ways to connect on-Line it can be rightfully dizzy . add to this the time-table-like well laid chart of price list . simply daunting to the first-time subscriber .


I advise expatriates in a strange land to enable 3G in their smart-phones and here iPhone for fore-most the maps are instantly atune geographically with built-in GPS Global Positioning System . yes, Wi-Fi can almost get your location too via internet-access positioning but is no way near exact as GPS and has time AND location delay, meaning : your dotted position would not change unless you move somewhat distant from your last position .

and although unbearably slow especially in the World’s fastest internet-connected nation in South Korea or the Republic there-of which is not literally nor politically apt, it is life-or-business-saver as you can at least access your eMail, log-on to the internet or your virtual files stored on-Line .

but in the case with iPad or what-ever other tabs and more-so with notebook laptops : better opt for Wi-Fi where you will need more speed for longer . this is mostly considering the price difference but armed with a 3G iPad and with Global roaming to constantly locate your position in the World : you will feel right-fully as the Master of this Universe 😉


[ FACT ] on wire-less connection access in South Korea aside from numbers

  • it is futile to compare exact speed difference between 3G and Wi-Fi because no locale situation nor moving speed  is alike another,
  • 3G is uncomparably more accessible Korea-wide than Wi-Fi but the speed is back to modem-days with regular cut-offs,
  • free public Wi-Fi spots are increasing in cafes as well as subways Korea-wide but there are limits on how many people can log on simultaneously,


so to round it up :

  1. this is data-land South Korea, so subscribe to unlimited 3G data usage on your iPhone which will let you log-on automatically to carrier-specific locked Wi-Fi zones throughout the Pennininsula and enable 3G,
  2. save your money and choose Wi-Fi on your iPad,



[ 16GB, 32GB or 64GB ] in Search for the Holy Grail

when there is many alternatives (no, don’t mind the grammar : this is techno-land, folks : think of all in silicon terms ..) it is best to divide and decide .


software-wise, as in Apps, keep in mind that Games take up most hardware space, then business applications .

and content-wise as in the files you want to put in to open-up on those software applications : video take up most space, then music and then business files such as Adobe Acrobat *.pdf files and Microsoft Word word-processing & Excel spread-sheet documents .


although 8GB will be ample for iPhone unless you start to install Games expecially with the virtual web-space, iPad will require more than 16GB as it is more business-subjected . thus 32GB will be most useful while 64GB for those who opt to take the whole business into Starbucks seat .



[ The Notion of iPhone 4S and iPad 2S ]

although as not as disappointing as enthusiasts expecting iPhone5 handed iPhone 4S with Siri, imminent iPad 3 may not be as thin and light as sheet of A4 or Letter-Size paper to down-right play Call of Duty Modern WarFare 3 or even Alan Wake 0o0

then perhaps the iPad 3 exterior design not distinguishable from preceding iPad 2 on a subway carriage
but with delicately enhanced screen pixels enpowered with upgraded CPU central processing unit speaking Siri wonder ..
and the Universal Apple World may not be ready for a 4G device when only the most advanced sector of the Globe is dotted with LTE long-term evolution -_-


to be Updated on our third try on the paddy Wonder device as if to wanting to believe this will solve ALL of our personal problems ..

– Korea Tech BLog, March 3rd 2012 –



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Used iPad 3 Going Price as NEW iPad 3 introduction Release imminent



( March 8th Thursday 3:30am Update ) NEW iPad 3 is here !

so the third Apple iPad is neither iPad 2S nor 3 BUT the NEW iPad ..
with almost the same size and weight as preceding iPad 2 BUT packed with doubled superior hardware !

you can view the original presentation introducing the NEW iPad 3 here as Apple QuickTime video :

Today March 8th Thursday : NEW iPad 3 Pre-Order Starts for
March 16th Friday : NEW iPad 3 Starts Selling in US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan
One Week later 25 more countries start selling .

as from previous Apple iPhone and iPad announcements South Korea is not included in initial selling countries nor there-after, only to be introduced with Korean cell phones carriers in KT and SKT .

and soon following the annoucement of the NEW iPad 3 Apple On-Line Store lowered its 16GB iPad 2 models by $100 ! and said these TWO models in Wi-Fi and 3G will be the only iPad 2 continued from now on :
– Wi-Fi 16GB model from $499 to $399 and
-3G 16GB model from $629 to $529

simultaneously Apple Korea On-Line Store slashed its preceding iPad 2 price by almost 20%, further-lowering the already-bargain used iPad 2 market in South Korea, BUT still selling all 6 variations of Wi-Fi and 3G :


North Amercan NEW iPad 3 will be the Same Price as iPad 2 when released
iPad Wi-Fi . . . 16GB $499 . . 32GB $599 . . 64GB $699 . .
iPad 4G . . . . . 16GB $629 . . 32GB $729 . . 64GB $829 . .

  • available in Black and White
  • slight increase from iPad 2 in 0.37″/9.4mm thin size and weighing 652g/1.44lbs on Wi-Fi
  • same battery life as iPad 2 with 10 Hour Battery Life on Wi-Fi and 9 on 4G
  • CPU is a new self-designed A5X 1.5GHz Dual-Core Processor Chip with Quad-Core Graphics GPU
  • 9.7 inch screen with 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution Retina Display
    ( twice the resolution from iPad 2’s 1920 x 1080 )
  • 5MP megapixel iSight Camera with AutoFocus and White Balance, Face Detection
  • Full HD 5 million pixel 1080p Video Recording
  • Voice Dictation un US/UK/Australian English, French, German and Japanese
  • WireLess in 4G LTE and 3G with up to 73Mbps download speed



( Thursday Morning Update ) international iPad compatibility

as before, a lot of users will buy the NEW iPad 3 abroad when they are introduced earlier and bring them into Korea, but know that :

  • Wi-Fi versions have had full international warranty,
  • but be fore-warned that initial LTE versions atuned to North American cell phone carriers in AT&T and Verizon, would NOT work in South Korea due to different frequencies,
    ( AT&T 700MHz & 2.1GHz, Verizon 700GHz, LGUplus 800MHz, KT 1.8GHz )
    still there is a possibility the eventual Korean release will come with a compatible LTE model ..

nearest country with March 16th release would be Japan and Hong Kong both with approximately the same price as the States .

  • Japan has 5 Official Apple Stores spread along each of larger cities,
  • Hong Kong only has a single glossy Apple Store in the posh iFC Mall, then sporatic electronic stores across island and land some with dubious pricing practices so better opt for those in larger chic shopping malls where you can be ready to literally fight in English,

at least legally, coming back into South Korea you are exempt tax for purchases up to US $400. after which 10% VAT value added tax levied but 10% import tax freed for electronics bought for personal use .

if you must buy a 4G model in the States : AT&T has worked for previous iPad 2 but not Verizon, with now differing LTE frequencies up in the air ..



( D-Day+3 March 19th Update ) with the UnOfficial NEW iPad Music Video for South Korea :

some Koreans have taken the hovercraft ferry South across the disputed Korea-or-Japan Strait to Japan’s Southern-most Apple Store in Fukuoka to snatch the Holy Grail oh I mean the latest iPad
while the annual exodus of Korean-American students are sending them back to their brothrens for a premium

( mostly Wi-Fi models and a 16GB going for W710,000 and 32GB W840,000 with Korean international Courrier Shipping included
which is almost the going rate on eBay with Priority intl’ Shipping of US $50 or Express $60 )

remember to take into account that electronics for personal use are exempt from 10% import Tax BUT will still be levied 10% VAT value added tax -_-

while some have already flown-in LTE models and even applied personally the mandatory Korean Electromagnetic Authorization
BUT in South Korea only usable as 3G .. read on,


all-the-while : the introduction of the NEW iPad Third Generation onto South Korea may be belated due to dissagreement between Apple and Korean Telecommunication Carriers .

as the reservation for the NEW iPad Third Generation began early this Month Apple supposedly sent a “let’s talk about this later as we get the show rolling” gesture on the inconsistency of LTE frequencies between North America and South Korea .

and now it seems Apple has shown intent to insert South Korean-compatible LTE chips as long as their Korean counterparts guarantee certain amount of sales . this is a burden to Korean Cell Phone Signal Carriers as LTE, although unquestionably fast, is not yet a widely accepted data plan in South Korea because :

  1. it is mostly limited to the most metropolitan areas,
  2. with the late-boomer LG Telecom leading the way,
  3. and the carriers offering NO unlimited plan like preceding 3G,

add to this, crisper Retina Display on the NEW models mean larger files, thus more bandwidth to bear for Telecommunation Companies //



( D-Day+4 March 20th Tuesday Afternoon Update ) Japan Wi-Fi Out-of-Stock and LTE Going ..

here is link to the NEW iPad third generation stock situation in ALL larger chain branches of Yodobashi Camera, Japan’s largest (disputable for there are those who prefer Big Camera – but me, I am Mr.Yodobashi) electronics super-store :



( D-Day+4 Evening Update ) Sorry, NO LTE for South Korea

  1. NEW iPad third generation will be available in South Korea in internet-connection modes of either Wi-Fi or 3G,
    WITHOUT LTE intended for North America for only .
  2. conjugating from various sources and deriving in a Korea-Tech-BLog Fuzzy-Logic : NEW iPad third generation should land on the Korean Penninsula in a Month around mid-April 2012 – no, no bets yet please //


( D-Day+5 March 21st Wednesday Update ) Check Out the NEW iPad Third Generation for YourSeLF

Willy’s, no NOT the classic war-time jeep but one of the increasing-by-the-year Apple Premium ReSellers in South Korea, invite you to try out the NEW iPad third generation on display
– supposedly, but actually hidden sometimes not to hinder sale of preceding iPad 2 now on Sale (mentioned on my previous Post on Used iPad 2’s) including accessories like cases .

but know they only have 5 branch locations although in major areas again limited to Metropolitan Capital, including one in the latest Lotte Shopping Mall at KimPo AirPort on the Western outskirts of Seoul .


( D-Day+7 March 23rd Friday Update ) HDMi Adaptor Cable for the NEW iPad third generation has passed South Korea’s mandatory electromagnetic wave certification on the 20th from National Radio Research Agency .

last March 2011 the HDMi Adaptor Cable for iPad 2 model number A1388 had passed this test a Week ahead of the actual smart pad .
this new A1422 for the NEW iPad third generation nearly identical in design, is still backward-compatible with iPad 2 .


( March 26th Monday Update ) Apple’s NEW iPad third generation Wi-Fi portion passed South Korea’s Electromagnetic Wave Certification today . thus official announcement of its release should come any time now -_-

I am over-whelmed by some Japanese bloggers updating stock availability of the NEW ipad third generation every other day (some simply taking a snap-shot photos of bulletins in front of electronics stores)
please let me know if you come across any State-side who are doing this indulging gracious act 😉


( March 29th Update ) iPad 2 vs NEW iPad 3 initial physical difference
a casual user without technical knowledge won’t be able to tell the difference even put side-by-side . a book reader would first notice the neteable increase in weight of 50g.

iPad 2 screen protectors will fit snuggly on the NEW model and so will sliding pockets
but egg-shell-type cases that attach onto the back should be dedicated to specific models because of the miniscule 0.6mm increase in thickness .


( April 2nd 2012 Update ) April 27th Friday may be the Official Release Date for the NEW iPad 3 into South Korea – to be confirmed

later than expected mid-April due to shortage of supply .
again will be roughly the same price as the previous iPad and telecommunication 3G instead of LTE (as was in our wet dream)

and continuing on anticipated rumours ..
iPhone 5 expected this June would be larger and thinner
.. too bad Apple has to be conscious of an inferior concepticide SamSung Electronics as with the up-coming Mini-iPad duh-uh


( April 5th Dawn Update ) KT Telecommunications seem to be preparing for Early Reservation of the NEW iPad 3 from this Saturday April 7th . these are for 3G models and ofcourse the devices have yet to land on Korean soil .

.. and at noon, even this is going over to the Week after due to expected import shortages, yawn

then late afternoon, 3G/LTE version Apple NEW iPad 3 has today passed Korean mandatory Electromagnetic Wave Certification, but ofcourse could only be used in current 3G instead of anticipated LTE .

– thus I now proclaim a NEW Time has begun on the Korean Penninsula –
um actually because I got a new ipTime wireless router yippee



( April 14 Saturday Update ) for our NEW iPad 3 Subscriber : ian
it’s been a long~ wait folks, and Apple’s NEW iPad 3 is finally about to be released in South Kor oops, I had to duct to evade a North Korean rocket umph
now how did THEY know I was on the original Waikiki of Korea : HaeUnDae Beach ?!

according to some branches of Apple “Premium ReSellers” OR Apple “Shops” psychologically eluding the “F”-word : “Store” yawn, and I don’t care /how/ they’re juggling the wording this Week
NEW iPad 3 is going to be stocked next Thursday 19th and start selling Friday 20th April (geez can’t even put an exclaimation point for the local patience has long worne-off)

wait : why NO advanced Official announcement NOR early reservation this time around ???
my friends : perhaps it’s their last effort to ditch the remaining iPad 2’s ..

thus currently, each of these Korean “Premium ReSellers” or “Shops” are trying their own cunningly-perceive manner to subtly leak the coming of the NEW iPad 3 because they don’t expect as much buyers as iPad 2, AND at the same time trying to sell-off remaining iPad 2’s .

it is interesting that the iPad 2 Sale is going on at the fore-front while the NEW iPad 3 promotion which they unofficially began is limited to each branch – probably to protect themselves in the form of deniability .

  • A# : 20% discount on Apple Care for April,
  • Frisbee :  has begun selling dedicated accessories such as LCD screen protectors and covers/cases for the NEW iPad 3, or at least marked those originally for iPad 2 that are compatible with,
  • Concierge : a couple of Seoul downtown branch has revealed the NEW iPad 3 release date as above AND is taking reservations,
  • Willy’s : openly ditching iPad 2 with further discount for the device AND accessories,
    also a couple of branches have the NEW iPad 3 tucked away, to let you try-out when asked for,

all these inconsistency between branches as well as Premium ReSellers and Shops is BECAUSE they are NOT Official Apple Stores duh

so make sure you go shopping Sunday for even department stores and super-marts may put up more signs, as a few did for the preceding iPad 2 😉



( April 15 Sunday Afternoon Update ) MISSION : IMPOSSIBLE NEW iPAD 3
absolutely-unofficial reservations began on Friday 13th gulp, on a few branches of Korea’s Apple-contracted sellers and now are full and some already closed due to already-expected short-supply, as in : well-below 100 for a major branch, slug .

and because this is a simple sign-up process where they left their name, ID and phone number, the reservists will be allowed to enter the stores an hour early next Friday 20th to snatch-up their prize . these are Wi-Fi models, so LTE versions usable in South Korea as 3G : expected to be sold by SK and KT carriers on this date or within a Week from .

on this note : simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g how all the telecommunication branches are keeping their mouth shut firmly – for in case of iPad 2 it was they who slipped information than the Apple “Premium ReSellers” and “Shops” perhaps they know sale would be not as high due to Koreans now having to use 3G-on-LTE ready devices .


it is important to note that the above dates are those calculated by individual branches, and may advance or be delayed depending upon the situation and/or strategy of their respective head office .

it is futile to ask me exactly which branch these are, for the information coming-in is confusing AND there is no guarantee they will still be taking reseration when you arrive . but because I have noted the wait is “killing” some of our subscribers such as ian, here’s a hint :

the larger Apple “Premium ReSellers” or Apple “Shops” would have to abide by larger rules so it would be the late-comers and their branches – well listed and explained on my Apple Store Page above – who would contemplate sneaky tactics like these, perhaps even acting outside of company mandate //


( Sunday Evening Update ) OK this must be it for “digital” newspapers covering electronics dated for tomorrow’s edition are starting to mention release
( for last Week has been a doldrum of merely looking at each other without /saying/ anything )
as well as increasing movement from NEW iPad 3 case manufacturers and vendors in South Korea
is a “sign” that I-See-You um, I mean it will be this Week .

Hope You have a Fine one and
See You at the Other Side of the Rainbow, Folks 😉

until then, if you /must/ sign-up today ..
how about BLizzard’s Diablo III coming tomorrow~




( April 16th Monday Morning Update ) USED, Like-New NEW  iPad 3 Already Coming-Out

there are 2 reasoning to this :

  1. earliest adaptors who had the might to fly to the nearest Apple Store in Fukuoka, buy two and fly-back .. most probably had highter expectations,
  2. those lucky beings who got it as present sent from parents or colleagues abroad and still found doesn’t need it,

most Wi-Fi but 3G too, the selling price is almost the presumed selling price for South Korea which a bit more than the States usually . but this can be an opportunity if you want to check the LCD and get a perfect model, although Korean Apple On-Line Store accepts Refunds within 2 Weeks, but may have to wait until start selling with ample in-stock .

this is a mighty query Week in South Korea for both seller and buyers of iPad 2 and the NEW alike, thus I proclaim this the Psychological WarPad WEEK ~o0



( Monday Evening Update ) Six Red-Nosed Reindeers Just Told Me Santa is Oh, I Mean The First Batch of Apple NEW iPad 3 Amounting to a Flimsy 7000 Units is Coming Through inCheon Airport Customs This Thursday 19th .

Jesus, someone please tell’em how large the Korean population is crushingly concentrated in the Seoul metropolitan area with its Satellite Cities lined with endless rows of apartment buildings ..

so it is time again for Marshal Law, long~ after the military regime //
OK, the second batch coming soon-after on Monday 23rd ..


+ KT Carrier seems to be releasing LTE/3G models coming Friday on the 20th too, and SK following after Week on the 30th Monday . no surprise here, for KT has been at the helm since the influx of iPhone into the Korean Peninsula .

and~ Ladies & Gents I present you Santa himself :

and the Won price slightly cheaper than iPad 2 when introduced, but still more than the States -_-

. . . . . . . . . NEW iPad . . iPad 2 . . . . NEW iPad . .

Wi-Fi 16GB. . $499 . . . W640,000 . . . W620,000 . .
Wi-Fi 32GB. . $599 . . . W770,000 . . . W740,000 . .
Wi-Fi 64GB. . $699 . . . W890,000 . . . W860,000 . .

3G 16GB . . . $629 . . . W790,000 . . . W770,000 . .
3G 32GB . . . $729 . . . W920,000 . . . W920,000 . .
3G 64GB . . . $829 . .W1,039,000 . . W1,010,000 . .



( April 17 Tuesday Morning Update )

  • both cell phone carriers SK and KT telecommunications will be releasing (actually LTE but since its signals don’t work in South Korea) 3G versions this Friday 20th .
  • while some branches of Apple Premium ReSeller : Concierge are taking reservations in-person on Wi-Fi models, to be picked-up also Friday .


( Tuesday Afternoon Update ) stores expected to have largest amount of NEW iPad 3’s this Friday 20th are :

  • Frisbee MyungDong Branch (Seoul Central),
  • A# COEX Exhibition Complex Branch 2 (Southern Seoul),
  • Concierge KonDae Branch (Eastern-Seoul),
  • Willy’s JamSil Branch (Seoul South-East),


who will most likely be opening at 7~7:30am on release day while others from 10:30~11am .
also 120 units expected at Frisbee SeoMyun Branch in the center of the Port City of Busan or Pusan .
– these will be Wi-Fi only –

at the same time, a pre-laid penalty system seems to be implemented on those branches that leaked release information as well as taking reservations before yesterday .



( April 18th Wednesday Update ) LTE version in 3G for South Korea

3G will be only sold through cell phone carriers from day-after-tomorrow Friday
as both SK and KT are taking reservations from yesterday
and later at the Official Korean Apple On-Line Store .

stock-wise most KT branches will get a mere 3 while larger 30 and those in prime areas almost 900 .

the ideal place to buy would be the Korean Apple On-Line Store for it has the sure-est Refund policy within 2 Weeks
for Korean enthusiasts are now overly sensitive about everything concerning the well-being of LCD panel including : dead-pixel, dust and leaking light ..

then to sign up with KT for they have uncomparably more Wi-Fi zones throught South Korea than the former biggie SK .

also note : you can simple slide in your existing micro (if it’s not micro : cut it) USIM chip into the new device and start using, but most KT models come carrier-locked, so have to ask them to unlock it before use -_-


the fastest way to get a hold of Wi-Fi model day-after-tomorrow would be at 7am at one of the 4 major stores mentioned above yesterday,
or later in the morning at an Apple-contracted store located inside a large department store, for you can enter through the staff entrance and race-track your way up to the awaiting floor – almost like a modern indiana Jones 😉

and then there are those branches that are large but in a weird traffic connection area that less-than-expected crowd, if at all, gather ..



( D-Day-1 Thursday Afternoon Update ) for those planning to sign-up for SK in 3G

KangNam Station Branch will open at 8am tomorrow morning selling all 6 models :
Seoul Subway Line 2 KangNam Station Exit 11 and is on the next block to your Right Tel.02-6677-0800

other major branches might be opening early :
( from the Capital of Seoul to South in the Korean Peninsula )

  • DownTown Seoul : JongRo Branch Tel. 02-723-9001
  • DaeJeon SungShin Branch Tel. 070-7457-8920
  • KwangJu inCheon Market Branch Tel. 062-227-4447
  • Dong-DaeGu Branch Tel. 053-526-6801
  • Busan University Branch Tel. 051-805-7011

for other branch info check their Official Website :


and Jesus, where did they all come from ?
did my round today and the Korean Premium ReSellers and “Shops” are stocked with dedicated accessories for the NEW iPad 3 such as LCD screen protector film and cases 0o0



[ NEW iPad 3 at Korean Department Stores ]

for Wi-Fi : most Korean department stores open at 10:30am and 400 units expected at ShinSeGae Main or KangNam Branch .

it is common knowledge department stores and super-marts as well as On-Line shopping malls offer 5% discount on-billing but add to this
the cheapest department store to buy a Wi-Fi model will be

ShinSeGae Department Store EuiJungBu Branch which happens to open on the very day of NEW iPad 3 South Korean launch !

and as an Opening Special from April 20th~29th they will give you W100,000 Gift Coupon if you purchase more than W1,000,000 with either Citi or SamSung Credit Card or any other form of payment : W50,000 !!!


[ NEW iPad 3 at Korean Super-Marts ]

Wi-Fi also available from tomorrow at super-marts including HomePlus – some at tourist locations are open 24 Hours .. they say, but actually portions close in the wee hours of the night .

I always recommend expatriates to buy at the nearest super-mart and there are many reasons to this, but although NOT the cheapest compared to some throat-slashing On-Line shopping malls,
you can buy extra self-damage insurance for one-time Membership Fee of W29,000 plus multi-insurance W9,900 valid for a year !

a similar user-fault insurance can be had on 3G models with SK or KT for W3~4,000 Monthly – originally intended for new cell phones .

one of the places to expect sufficient stock without a crowd is HomePlus SuperMart BokSooWon Branch : out-of-way branch, under-rated .



( D-Day-1 Evening ) 3G models have been stocked at telecommunication branches in the Western Port City of inCheon .. perhaps because it is close to the airport ?
– subscribeable tomorrow from 10am 😉


( April 20 Friday Status ) from 0:20am at the Official Korean On-Line Site the NEW iPad 3 started coming and going
to come in view 0:30am all 6 models each in Black and White, only to change to “Getting Ready” after five minutes for White, aughhh while Black is still  available

but soon all is OK, probably not-so-early adopters rushing in 😉

soon after you order, your status will be “Processing ..”
and when it changes to “Ready to Ship” it probably will ship the same day ~


( D-Day 5am ) short lines uncomparable to the long queue in the States on release eve, at the 4 major Apple-contracted stores opening at 7am :

  1. the most of over 80 at Frisbee MyeongDong – the very store reported at on-set as a Korea Tech BLog Land-Mark “V”
  2. about 20 lined-up at A# Store 2 COEX Exhibition Complex
  3. less than 20 at Concierge KwonDae ..
  4. and less than 20 at Willy’s JamSil
  5. none-yet at KT Olleh headquarters next to the American Embassy downtown Seoul, opening at 8am to sell all both Wi-Fi and 3G models

lines doubled there-after 30 minutes, and more expected with the roll of bus and subway ..
and some staff working IN the store reportedly gone to sauna 😉


( D-Day Morning ) 9:30~10am LIVE Waiting Status throughout South Korea
and as always from North-West to clock-wise :

  • ShinSeGae Department Store UiJungBu absolutely crowded due to the opening of the whole department store !
  • HyunDai Department Store MokDong about 30 in line and 200 units expected,
  • Lotte Department Store YungDeungPo less than 30 in line,
  • NepTune ChungRyangRi not many people and readily available,
  • Willy’s JongRo not many in line but 64GB gone,
  • Frisbee HongDae over 20 in line and staff giving out canned coffee and biscuits,
  • Frisbee ShinCheon also about 20 in line, receiving coffee and bread,
  • Frisbee MyeongDong quite a line but it seems Apple is concentrating stock-ups into this branch even sending in units as lines form 😉
    – seems they have 64GB most in-stock and 32GB selling quickly –
  • Concierge iTaewon not many in line and still 10~15 units available by model,
  • ALife SonReung (in KangNam) less than 10 and available,
  • KT Olleh Square next to the American Embassy and YeokSam Branch is giving out SGP LCD screen protector film W20,000 worth AND putting it on for you 😉
  • SK Telecom KangNam direct-run Branch only 7 lined at 7am,
  • Concierge ShinCheun (NOT ShinCheon above – don’t recognize the region ? so under-rated and may be the place to buy) no line and available “V”
  • K-Mug AnYang not many in line and available, though not many
  • AK Plaza SuWon about 30 in line, 10~40 units available 64GB running out
  • Frisbee DaeJeon about 55 lined-up,
  • A# at HyunDai Department Store UlSan quiet with a few in line,
  • HyunDai Department Store DaeGu a handful roaming,
    Frisbee DaeGu about 20 in line,

that’s it . most vendor’s line increased abruptly soon after this post ..
and nearing noon :

  • most telecommunications branches are running out of 64GB models
  • Concierge in Lotte Department Store YongDeungPo out of 64GB White,
  • Concierge in NoWon also out of 64, still 100 units left
  • Anointing JongRo, a recent addition thus no line and still available,
  • Frisbee DaeJeon also out of 64,
  • in the South-Eastern Port City of Busan :
    Lotte Department Store and Frisbee both in SeoMyun out-of-stock on 64GB


[ Apple Korea On-Line Store Refund Policy increased ]
a welcome news and consolation for those who cannot stand in line this morning :

all product could be returned within 14 Days of purchase, whatever the reason
and from April 2012 on-wards this has been increased to 30 Days “V”

on this note : know that those “Premium ReSellers” and “Shops” as well as telecommunication carriers each have their own refund/exchange policy much stricker than this -_-


( D-Day Sun-Down ) impressive Apple Korea
2 points to hail on the release of the NEW iPad 3 onto the Korean Peninsula :

  1. as the larger ReSellers and Shops opened, witness accounts of foreigners over-seeing extra ship-ins of depleting units, on-the-spot
  2. Apple Korea’s courrier DHL is said to operate tomorrow Saturday to fullfill iPad orders . normally when you purchase from Apple Korea On-Line Store it is sent from China, but this time around the early orders were shipped-out within hours from within Korea . thus, incredible to believe only in the Apple-way : some enthusiasts who ordered around 1am this morning has just received it late afternoon 0o0just in case those of you wanting to pick it up yourself at UPS regional offices : they say it might not be possible due to sheer number of iPads coming-in and going-out -_-

also those who ordered 3G models early this morning from telecommuncation company’s On-Line sites have received them by sun-down via Korea Post courrier !


so the abrubtly-developed nation with next-day delivery now taken for granted since the influx of Cable-TV Shopping amounting to the Millennium is now ready for same-day delivery Thanks to the NEW iPad 3 😉

these courrier delivery systems called “TaekBae” mostly run by larger Korean conglomerates whose basic shipment cost W2500~ W5000 where the former are for corporate discounts,
( so when returning for exchanges or defect it is always cheaper to ask the vendor to accept post-paid and slip in the cash amount with the parcel )

Korea Post Office also offers next-day registered parcel service like this which adds surprising options such as :

  • next-day morning delivery to applicable locations and
  • KTX delivery where you have further option to pick it up at your nearest KTX bullet train station,
    or have it delivered via personal courrier (prices differ)

the only exception offering same-day delivery for the same price was YesBook24.com a rather expensive book-order site with much international design-related magazine subscriptions .

while personal courriers called “Quick Service” cost more than twice with a motorcyclist rushing throughout town to deliver in an hour or two .



( D-Day+1 WeekEnd April 21 Saturday ) TNT comes to the aid of iPad shipment 😉
some of the orders from the Official Apple Korean On-Line Store yesterday were shipped-out via Netherland TNT Express – whose Korea Office is on iPad ALERT Level – aside from the usual UPS . and it seems UPS orders from yesterday might not be delivered within South Korea today Saturday due to iPad shipment over-load, while TNT can handle today’s delivery if you specifically request them with a phone call to 1588-0588

and the delivery person sends advanced SMS messaging saying “.. this is your Apple delivery ..”


( D-Day+2 Sunday ) What Should I Check As Soon As I Receive My NEW iPad 3 ?
first let me explain where you should buy, for it dictates whether you will be compensated and if, if you happen to end up with a defect :

so I repeat for the 36th time : South Korea does NOT have an Official Apple Store except one On-Line,
meaning : this is the ONLY place where you can expect the good ol’tried All-American Product AND Customer Service
– all else is a battle-ground reminiscent of WWI trench warfare with random gas attacks !@#$% .. the “grey” area where you nor the vendor cannot see the outcome
i.e., much depends on Luck for none is carved in marble with responsibilities left to the Gods

( the only exception currently would be the n0-fault insurance offered by Lotte Mart for a mininscule fee – introduced above on my D-Day-1 Update )

after that your best bet will be with major department stores, super-marts and On-Line Stores run by conglomerate “groups” for they were the earliest to match product and customer support well-practiced in developed countries such as the States and neighboring Japan ( hey, Europe is no cake neither .. try returning one at FNAC )

you’ll have a hard battle if you buy 3G from one of the telecommunications carriers except when you opt for their self-fault insurance of either W3,500~4,500 Monthly .

other On-Line stores which usually sell 5% under Apple On-Line Store price would simply deny any involvement .


there are a couple of points to check as soon as you open the package including the outer physical standing as well as when you put the power switch ON, yet still before you allow the device to register for the legal beginning of use .

some consumers perhaps due to laziness or wishfull-thinking, keep the device even though it has beginning minor defects, but no matter whether if it will effect your future usage : your concern should be concentrated on one thing – whether it will effect your re-sale value

although older business users would neglect it, a large portion of electronics enthusiast, are much sensitive of LCD screen defects borne from the early digital camera phase when random dead pixels were a daily thing AND leaking or inconsistent light verifiable on a totally-dark surrounding, again plagued from the earliest LCD monitor panels .

add to this, dust particle is a common nuissance on a new iPad and can form if you keep and carry without covers .


proceed in the following order to check for factory-defects, and if you find one : halt and put it all back in the original package :

  1. the Official Korean On-Line Store will accept hardware returns within 30 Days except those personalized with engravings,
  2. cut the plastic covering from under with a cutter, following the opening of the cover,
  3. open the package and check any outer physical markings on the accessories and the device,
  4. start-up your device inside a window-less bathroom with lights-off or under a blanket to check for leaking light from corners . the whole, over-all screen should be even . any tiny flash-light extruding from the side effect is a no-no ( some even have several Ouch )
  5. change the background image to a solid color in-turn : white, black, red, yellow, blue and green – to look out for any dust particle or dead pixels,
  6. verify all external buttons and touch-and-swipe screens are working with adequate pressure,



( April 28 Sunday Update ) Korean Monolith – as in the immense-block buildings they are putting up for their post-Millennium branches – ShinSeGae Joins the Apple Craze

ShinSeGae I&C, the IT information technology company of South Korea’s oldest Department Store Conglomerate ShinSeGae – which also runs a wild amount of eMart super-marts – has already opened an Apple Premium ReSeller Store last year April 23 named like a Sims simulation game : AFarm, at their inCheon Branch

and as noted on my D-Day-1 Update above, opened their UiJungBu – a town formed around military bases as it is mere one-hour North to the DeMilitarized Zone – Branch to coincide with the NEW iPad 3 launch date .
and in it : another AFarm store .

thus now the Korean biggies seem in-poise to take a bite off a share of the “Apple” into the Korean Peninsula .. still, sensitive for there are already Apple-contracted stores inside other ShinSeGae Department Store branches, not-to-mention other “Premium ReSellers” and “Shops” instead of the American-accustomed almighty “Store” .

confused ? yes, although each of’em should be down-right serious, it is getting to be a joke with every-each-one trying to look-and-wear like a full-fledged Apple Store -_0


( May 4th Friday Update ) 2 Weeks after the release of NEW iPad 3 into South Korea : fluid flow of sales over-all, with the ONLY Official Apple Store in the Korean Peninsula : On-Line delivering the next business day via DHL .



it has been a pleasure sharing another Apple moment in the Korean Peninsula while ducking supposedly-long-range rockets ..
see you again come iPhone 5 (ip)Time early Summer ~

but wait ..  it may be delayed into Fall, siting delivery timing from Qualcomm . perhaps because some of its people are exhausted from trying to apply hacked DD-WRT firmware into solid ipTime routers ?

Korea Tech BLog, in Ode to the Stuff Post-Modern Dreams are Made of ..


( November 5th Monday 2012 update ) 2 Weeks after Apple’s announcement to dump the NEW iPad 3 and disperse into iPad Mini and iPad 4 Retina Display, USED NEW iPad 3 resale price is continuing its down-fall, as going rate for Wi-Fi 32GB White in passing W500,000 – a good W100,000 below days BEFORE the announcement .

so vain are thee, or rather us who have followed Apple toward the (bungee-jumping) cliff with mesmerizing sunset view – especially when all Apple-ppas (synonym for “die-hard fans” since the heydays of Sony imports) are trying their best to act as if iPhone 5 doesn’t exist, as the they are tired of cry-wolf jokes on its final release into the Korean Peninsula)