Apple has announced early-on the unexpected (in terms of Steve Jobs psyche) iPad Pro and Apple Pencil will be released early this November 2015 . plus a Japan-based fellow Apple-fan blog has hinted last Week : from their Chinese contact that the brand-new concept duo may be released November 11 Wednesday .

then by this late-afternoon : Apple Stores around Japan began stating business hour changes mounting to the three preceding days on their Official Web-Site on each location pages .

Apple has a total of mere eight (plus one out-sourced for Apple Watch in the Capital of Tokyo) Official Stores in all of Japan, where iPhone is quite popular, so the telecommunications branches are responsible for the bulk of their business on the Oriental island nation . and looking into their hour-change : the stores in relatively remote areas plan to close early on November 8 Sunday and 9 Monday, while those taking-up space in prime real-estate property are closing early on November 10 Tuesday . their normal hours are 9am to 9pm in central locations with one or two hours reduced on smaller cities, where closing time on these three dates would be 6pm .

meaning, they may be preparing for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 😉 and spreading-out the dates for fog-of-war . Japan has been including among the first group countries where Apple’s latest mobile products began selling, so this would be a good hope for die-hard Apple fans in major cities around the World yearning for the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil <3


( November 8 Sunday Update ) to the tune of their Japanese counter-parts : a few Apple Stores on both U.S.coasts in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Manhattan are closing early on Sunday, as shown on each branch web pages . so deducting scattered information from various sources so far : impressive iPad Pro and Apple Pencil may be on exhibit for try-out for a Week at selected Apple Stores, to finally begin selling coming WeekEnd on November 13 .

MeanWhile iPad Pro has been up for early reservation at membership ware-house store Sam’s Club run by WalMart, from last Friday 6 November, but has sold-out by end of this WeekEnd . still it is still available for reservation at Apple ReSeller MacMall operated by PCMall, stating ship-out date as mid-November .



( November 10 Tuesday 1am ) Apple has finally announce release schedule for the anticipated iPad Pro along with Apple Pencil : they will begin selling On-Line tomorrow 11 Wednesday, and available at brick-and-mortar stores by this WeekEnd ! This will be happening in 48 countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Russia and Thailand around Asia of which again Korea is left-out //


( November 11 Wednesday evening ) iPad Pro has passed Korean Electronics Frequency Certification from National Radio Research Agency today, while its main accessories : Apple Pencil and Smart KeyBoard already has . more-over it is unusual for the Official Korean Apple WebSite to announce so, along with price of each model, in your choice between Silver, Gold and Silver-Grey(black)! so this is a /good/ sign that artistically-revolutionary iPad Pro, with its dear Apple Pencil will be released among the usual first-round of very lucky countries (Korean price includes tax while Hong Kong doesn’t have any to begin with, and Japan and U.S.price below doesn’t include tax):

. Official Apple Site . . Apple.co.kr . . Apple.jp . Apple.com/hk Apple.com

iPad Pro 32GB Wi-Fi . . W990,000 . . Y94,800 . . HKD6088 . . USD $799
iPad Pro 128G Wi-Fi . . 1,200,000 . . Y112,800 . . HKD7288 . . USD $949
iPad Pro 128 Cellular. . 1,350,000 . . Y128,800 . . HKD8288 . . USD 1079

iPad Pro 32GB Wi-Fi . . W990,000 . W891,000 . . W908,000 . . W923,000
iPad Pro 128G Wi-Fi . . 1,200,000 . . 1,060,000 . . 1,086,000 . . 1,096,000
iPad Pro 128 Cellular. . 1,350,000 . . 1,210,000 . . 1,235,000 . . 1,247,000

*the last three rows converted into South Korean currency, shows it would be slightly cheaper to purchase abroad without tax //



( D-Day minus-x November 18 Wednesday ) the “awaiting Electronics Frequency Certification” notice had disappeared today, from the ONLY Official Korean Apple Store which is On-Line thus opening-up the possibility of “SomeThing Wonderful is Going to Happen” dialog from the classic science-fiction movie “2001 and 2010 A Space Odyssey”.

( November 20 Friday Update ) some sellers are taking reservations for sale next Week .


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