OK You may be straight, but you may NOT be able to look NOR think so after this coming computer shows-of-shows : CES, where curved display screen is the talk-of-the-town in Las Vegas .. perhaps COMDEX would have linked the node ends to form a /perfect/ circle if they were still here . I know, I know : everything from your key-board right in front of you, to the micro-wave range in the kitchen is beginning to curve ..
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from LG Electronics :
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from SamSung Electronics :
samsung_Curved_OLED_TV 130627 Samsung Electronics has announced the availability of its Curved OLED TV at an exclusive event held in Seocho, Seoul 

for smart-phones : 
갤럭시 라운드 출시, 세계 최초 곡면
 131009_갤럭시 라운드·아이폰5s·5c 10월 스640