P1070951lev640x639hu-5VerdR Apple Pencil has passed radio frequency testing and certified by RRA the Nation Radio Research Agency yesterday . preceding iPhone 6S AND PLUS’s certification had not been revealed, so accompanying iPad Pro may be the same case, where BOTH are expected for release on the first Week of November which is coming to a close . another new line of Apple accessory dedicated to iPad Pro : the Smart KeyBoard was certified earlier on October 26 . so the trio may be set to begin selling over the Korean Peninsula among the first tier of countries – rare but tried before, as telecommunication device began selling about two Weeks after receiving RRA certification before . iPhone 6S was first released on earlier countries September 25, and into South Korea a good Month later on October 23 both Friday 2015 .

the first Apple Pencil does not seem to be compatible with any former iPad model, as Apple repeatedly announce Apple Pencil for iPad Pro . and as its release is imminent, further information on release date will be updated on iPad Pro Post from today on this BLog .



( November 27 Friday ) vain is thou human greed .. for although both the latest and largest iPad in Pro AND its revolutionary must-have Pencil begun selling today at the only Official Apple Store in South Korea which is On-Line : expected shipping time for Apple Pencil is a dull 4~5 Weeks away . this is currently the same situation for neighboring Japan as well as States-side // private resellers are letting it go for a whopping W300,000 and selling well .


( November 2 Tuesday ) Good News and Bad News : Apple Pencil is some-what available (meaning : in small quantities as each branch seem to get three at most in one shipment) among smaller Korean Re-Sellers (noteably Willis) if you purchase iPad Pro along with it .. seems like the Korean way to go AND one reason the bad ol’corrupt Korean culture will never ever have a true fair Apple Store // but there are reports among even smaller Re-Sellers (like Neptune) at remote areas : selling one or two even if you don’t buy an iPad Pro together, mostly because they haven’t got it ! so venture-out if you feel the Force upon you today .. so the art of configuring your strategy this Week would be to think of a series of Apple ReSellers in South Korea located further from central areas to not have enough iPad Pro, yet popular enough to have at least a couple of Apple Pencil // individual resale has dropped to W200,000 on last check .



( November 8 Tuesday Update ) Apple Pencil is now readily available at many ReSellers as well as electronics stores . the only thing is that they receive stock every few days AND only a very few for each store . so it is best to call in advance and ask them to reserve one for you . they have nothing to lose if they set a time until you can pick-up . this is for purchasing Apple Pencil alone, without mandatory iPad Pro . and while some only allow you to buy one Pencil, others are more lenient so inquire by-store // those too busy to check are picking’em up at used forum for W180,000 (NEW).

( D-3 to Star Wars – The Force Awakens and TEN Days to Christmas 2015 ) Apple Pencil is being released s-l-o-w-l-y few every three days-or-so . Your best bet currently is to check you near-by eMart .


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