The Computer Era is going to do just fine long~ after the historic introduction of Apple ii at the very first West Coast Computer Faire (the extra “e” is for the flair) in San Francisco during gaie 1977. even after the up-coming iPad Pro, until it at last integrates completely with the human body, as noted up on my ‘About’ Page . until then : Post-Modern humans would be content to assemble a make-believe cockpit, imagining Tom Cruise’s first block-buster Hollywood movie // and for that you need R2D2 Oh, I mean a nice computer case .

while here, alike the amazingly growing (size) and shrinking (price) LED monitor : a computer case lasts longer than any other peripheral thus should consider seriously on purchase, as it will be the divider of your hardware history . Not so easy to choose though, as beaucoup mucho makers AND models out there, and different distribution among continent and region more-over because they are relatively cheap but large and heavy to ship afar . gets easier when you learn to set priorities like how many HDD hard disk drives you intend to put into . and here concentrating on those you can slide hard disks in-and-out from the side compartment .
1510 Micronics Frontier ARC-3000 White DB_1110c01Arii766x800 1510 Micronics Frontier ARC-3000 White DB_1110c05c809x800  
all local Korean manufacturers, where HanMi Micronics has been making medium-to-high level cases from the beginning of the computer age . ABKO and BravoTec are new-comers now with quite a following . the first of the former rolled-out 2009 and the latter recently from 2013 . Yes there are dirt-cheap cases below W20,000 mark and all-stainless soaring above W100,000 but a good rule-of-thumb is to find a nice sturdy (no shuttering noise) one between W40,000 ~ 50,000 for medium level called middle-tower (but more for serious enthusiasts) – all in memory of, and ever-lasting appreciation to the owner ajumma who sold me my first computer case in YongSan Electronics Market – it was a small one and I looked over on it for a while, quietly before letting it go years later – and quote “no expensive case is ever worth its price”. so prices below are lowest at larger On-Line malls and the first two offered in black colour also :

  1. Micronics Frontier ARC-3000 White for W48,000 just introduced this October
    L450 x h505 x w210mm
  2. ABKO NCore iCarus USB3.0 White at W50,000 released last August 2014
    L495 x h492 x w202mm
  3. BravoTec Stealth TX Black Panorama Window – July 2015 @ W56,000
    L495 x h495 x w210mm


although the above is just a few choices on my own needs and likes, you see the trend : black is for-ever, while nature-borne humans tend to get sick of shining silver (mostly on the more expensive aluminum ones) soon, and all other colors matter of personality so white is safest of all alternative colors, coming as an option . plus once you had the heavy power source on the bottom to hold the whole case down solidly : you can never go back to the classic power-on-top models //

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