with the opening of Korail Airport RailRoad Express linking the old downtown in the Capital of Seoul and inCheon international Airport in mere 43 minutes ! now comparable to Narita Express linking the Japanese Capital of Tokyo and Narita international Airport afar almost 2 hours by limousine bus .

normal train intervals every 10 minutes while direct Airport Express every 30 minutes
operating from 5:30am until midnight daily

>> Seoul Subway Route English Map <<

you will be arriving below the massive UFO form parking lot and make your way across onto the main terminal, Right to Left on the map below :


upstairs where in the middle section of all the departure gates you will find various shopping store booths before you enter the Duty Free zone . but behold, once inside the immigration check-point await larger shopping areas .. for inCheon Airport is huge !

however before you pass that gate, I recommend eating further upstairs where you will be able to enjoy panoramic view of the Airfield runway, for once inside immigration the choice vary but pricey and stuffed in-doors .


when portable electronics run out of stock at onset of a new model Korean consumers head onto the airport for travel is much frequent than the limited totalitarian State following the Korean War especially when South-East Asia is cheaper than the Korean resort island of JeJu .

first-off South Korea has several Duty Free Shops within larger cities such as Seoul and Busan with the same tax-free benefits, only that you will have to pick up your merchandise at the Airport when departing the country .

buying at Duty Free Shop relieves you of 10% VAT Value Added Tax mandatory within the Republic of Korea . plus many local credit cards more-over the high-end Platinum Cards offer 10% discounts .

but you get that much benefit ONLY compared to Official Retail Prices . for in neighboring Japan and also at discount outlets in the States, prices usually fall well below Duty Free . and so is the case with South Korea, especially when so many on-Line Store compete for cut-throat discounts .

for example the price of Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi 16GB :

  • at the Official Korean On-Line Store apple.co.kr W640,000
  • at Lotte Department Store Duty Free Shop W580,000 (-W10,000 for VIP card holders)
  • at lowest discount on-Line Shopping Mall W598,000 (with various credit cards regularly offering 5% ~ 10% discounts more AND 3~12 month installment payment options)


aside from independent boutique who house large space at Airport Duty-Free shopping zone, major department stores have large block within also and it is inside Lotte Department Store Branch you will find an Apple-contracted store .




12.5 inCheon AirPort Electronics Duty Free Shop MAP

12.4 AirPort Apple Store

12.2 inCheon AirPort Express Train

10.10 KTX Bullet Train

12.2 Korea MAPS


– Korea Tech BLog, mid-May 2011 –


( January 2012 Update ) and should you get lost in this city-size airport

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