this is pure fiction from the author of this BLog, based on re-curring dreams ..

[ PreFace ] it is told that when Steve Jobs returned to Apple, his implication on its current products were that “it simply is NOT sexy” . ofcourse it would be kind-a erroneous to compare computers with sex, but although begun with necessity .. probably the fore-most reason I intrude deeply as “me luv-U long~ time” into computers is that I instinctively perceive them as so . and as you know : humans constantly think of reproduction and are able to mate every-day . wouf wouf .


[ Gratitude ] I would like to Thank the old French manager, who flew into GimHae Airport serving the Port City of Busan or formerly Pusan . I arrived from the Capital of SEOUL and we were waiting in line for the limousine bus that would take us to HaeUnDae Beach – the beach of Korean beaches where Summer vacation migration is measured to compare with all other resort destinations, also where the most deluxe (although much feeble compared with Worldly resorts such as Miami or Gold Coast) hotels await on the beach-front . he was amazingly trying to talk to a little girl also in line with her grand-mother, and we started talking as it was his first time into supposedly-South Korea’s second city . he pointed it was unexpected to meet someone who speaks French out here, and I was content at least able to talk in still the most romantic of all languages over the fourty-minutes free-way drive . as I am glad I left Paris, for I was much dreaming back then – as so many have, it gave me peace-of-mind when I was in the midst of a very confusing project, again caught between East and West .


Cognitive Essay on
the Battle that will last over THREE Decades
of the Third Millennium on Planet Earth


The Ultimate Self-improvement Make-Believe : Know ThySelf :

[O]n unraveling the six-million dollar question – Millenium version, the simple truth : that the reverable iPhone and iPad is amongst a joy stylishly packaged in glittering Apple Stores at the center of sacred metropolis around the Planet Earth, while a Galaxy is over-all a phone tuned to look and act smart . like-wise, having the luck to own and using one of the relatively few Apple product line : is searching, physically seeking-out and eargerly putting yourself into the Apple Experience, much like The Star Trek Experience – the in-door amusement hall held in Las Vegas Hilton Hotel for a fascinating decade from 1998 and over the Millennium .

however an experience hall where you want to linger for-ever and not go to school, work or even home – is quite different from simple show-rooms where they have current products lined-up .. much like how different electronics whole-sale districts are different between South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China plus Hong Kong, even though they are enclosed in similar area Far-East in Asia or The Orient .

ofcourse such a conglomerate in SamSung Electronics also have several show-rooms through0ut the Peninsula, alike LG Electronics but they really are show-rooms with repair centers one-floor up . perhaps the best reason to visit one of these spacious (NOT crowded like Apple Stores abroad though) nowadays would be to try-out the large LCD TV-screens becoming affordable and affordable . plus they sell many electronics product in categories they do not produce . similar quiet places where a sales-person won’t come to disturb you, are at the few main customer centers of major telecommunication branches and also KTX membership lounges at major train stations .


The Land of the Morning Calm :

[A]s incredible as neighboring Japan’s rise onto consumer technology after the Tokyo Olympics, beginning with Toyota, through Sony Walkman, Game Boy and Trinitron TV’s, its fabulous island culture (much voluntarily) keeps out-siders out-side . meaning, they rather let Japanese mix-blooded and immigrants care for their international chores, as much of i.T. programmers are Chinese from Vancouver . as much as North Korea sees the States as their enemy, Southerners have always thought of reverable Americans who saved them in the gruesome War as their compadres . then the belief eventually slided as they let too long a consecutive line of military dictators run havoc of the country, as it was developing into a Worldly i.T. (information technology) power .


Obstacles :

[O]ne big catalyst stands as the major obstacle in Apple domination – Oh, You Wish – onto the Korean Peninsula : iTunes .

Korean personal computing is borne from software copied for FREE, as part of continued support service from neighborhood computer stores, where earlier machines were bought from, prior to atuned-assembly-to-order at YongSan Electronics Market or in case of the Port City of Busan or Pusan : Gaya Computer Market . with initial try without alternatives at the time : the age of “synchronizing” ended on the first generation of PDA personal digital assistants . Koreans prefer the ease AND are much comfortable transfering data manually – thus the most convenient part of iPhone and iPad, as perceived by locals is the ease to use it as a much-portable USB storage dongle . and if it has to be done (sync) constantly : rather one from a handful of local On-Line storage which are ample in space and FAST deserving the internet nation Post-Millennium .

thus it will never realize .



[ EPILOG ] in the end, this whole BLog tells of two very different stories . which version you eventually decide to believe will largely depend on whether you accept the existence of God . Hint : watch the 2013 Academy Awards Oscar-winning movie ‘Life of Pi’.


– Naturally, Korea Tech BLog between New Years and Lunar 2013 –


( August 21st 2013 Supplement ) again, to the tune of Star Wars opening crawl ..

it is a time, the World again is anticipating the iPhone, this time in 5S . while ever the locally-called “Apple-pa’s” (unconditional Apple fans) swarm to snatch-up the latest iPhone, its contracted Premium, Shop or what-ever ReSeller branches are barren, in stark contrast to the two Months of the Year when new products are released . for the first-half of this year : foreign products consisted of less than 5% among the South Korean cell phone market, including Apple .

how could this be true ??? re-collecting the Oh’s and Wow’s exclaimed when the first iPhone was introduced States-side . but this is like any other old country in Asia, just like the old continents in Europe, whose core-culture don’t change much due to its natural-borne instinctive tradition, even in the high-tech age of massive apartment complexes with the FASTEST domestic internet connection on Earth . especially in home-ground of Apple’s largest competition, local manufacturers /know/ how to make Korean-friendly products, spiced with familiar-luring marketing AND supported widely with national-empathized repair service .

to understand this better : note the comparisons explained under ‘Brand’ Page group on top menu of this BLog, where I list foreign companies with such alien aura on their support sites, including Sony and Apple – the former by its local-formed company and latter through out-sourced contractor who already care for other electronic products or notebooks/laptops .