Apple Stores in South Korean Cities of Seoul, BunDang, Suwon, CheonAn, DaeJeon, JinJu, DaeGu or TaeGu, ULSan, Busan or Pusan
– open & closed hours & days including holidays, telephone number, subway location and interesting neighborhood landmarks nearby .

although the correct name for South Korea is Apple Premium ReSellers
here  in Korea Tech BLog we will call them all Apple Stores – Yeah, you wish – for convenience


Apple Store Open Hours in South Korea :

  • most open even on Weekends to close only on Lunar New Years and Korean ThanksGiving Day

Apple Product and Customer Support Centers for Repairs in South Korea :

  • some larger stores have Support Centers and marked here as such BUT close earlier around 3pm on Saturdays then close Sundays and Korean Holidays .
  • however Apple do have other independent Support Contractors without Store-Front facilities and are partly listed on my Apple Korea Support Page on the top menu .



( all geographical order on Korea Tech BLog starts from West
and moves clock-wise to North, East and then South )

SEOUL WEST :  Kimpo Airport, MokDong, YongDeungPo, HongDae, ShinCheon(3), Ehwa University,
SEOUL CENTRAL : JongRo(2), MyungDong(2), City Hall, iTaewon,
SEOUL EAST : (DaeHankRo) GwonDae(2),
SEOUL SOUTH : BanPo, ShinSa, KangNam, YeokSam, SeonReung, ApGuJeong, COEX(2), (ShinCheun), JamSiL

CENTRAL KOREA : (GuRi) (AnYang) BunDang (Suwon) CheonAn DaeJeon(2)

BUSAN or PUSAN : (North at Busan University) Central at SeoMyun(2), East at KyungSung, Centum City (and HaeUnDae), and South at NamPoDong





*all holds true as of December 12th 2011 – 2 months after iPhone 4S was introduced
in company order of largest branches although some are whole buildings
– a#shop – Frisbee – CONCIERGE – willy’s – Alife -

[ a#shop ] 11am ~ 9pm and Weekends ~9:30pm

operated by the earliest Apple distributor in South Korea, long before the influx of iPhone : MacGate . spell-bound a#shop’s relatively smaller Apple stores mostly set-up their sleek & glossy barricades inside major shopping complexes or department stores


Times Square 2nd Floor 02-2638-2730~3
the latest Mammoth Shopping Complex in the rather modest neighborhood West of Seoul
Seoul Subway Line 1 YongDeungPo Station Exit 6 turn Right and cross the Road to behind ShinSeGae Department Store

DaeHakRo (Campus Road) 02-741-0497,8
Seoul Subway Line 4 HweHwa Station is in the block between Exit 1 (T.G.I.Fridays) and 2 (StarBucks Coffee and Kentucky Fried Chicken “KFC”) or perhaps the street behind

COEX Mall N23 02-6002-1620
and another COEX 2 store at T21 02-6002-1640
Seoul Subway Line 2 SamSung Station linked to Exit 4 underground


SeoMyun (Busan) 051-802-9201
Busan Subway Line 1 or 2 Exit 6 turn around and head East then Right after the next block, across Milliore discount fashion apparel outlet and Lotte Cinema Movie Theatre

KyungSung University 051-625-2940
this station has two names being the second campus area in Busan (East) housing KyungSung and BuKyung Universities
Busan Subway Line 2 KyungSungDae or BuKyungDae Station Exit 4 and you’re there


ShinSaeGae Department Store Central City Branch New Wing 5F 02-3479-6187
Central City Shopping Complex is comprised of JW Marriott Hotel
also a bookstore with English and Japanese section although not large
major old hub where 3 subway lines cross – connected to Banpo Express Bus Terminal
Seoul Subway Line 9 Exit 8
Seoul Subway Line 3 Exit 7 or 8
Seoul Subway Line 7 Exit 3
all named “GoSok Terminal” (out-of-city) Express Bus Terminal Station

ShinSaeGae Department Store Centum City Branch in Busan City 4F 051-745-2661
Busan Subway Line 2 Centum City Station Exit 12 links you to this massive Centum City Complex

comprised of two major department stores, CGV Movie Theatre and even a spa AND skating rink at West-end but smaller than Korea’s Disney wanna-be Lotte World -_-
its aspiring city planning still on the Go : surrounded by Exhibition Hall to the South East, high-rise apartments to the North-East, Hotels & Recreation to the South and business complexes to the North 0o0

HyunDai Department Store MokDong Branch underground Floor 02-2163-2635
Seoul Subway Line 5 OmokGyo Station Exit 2 and across the road

HyunDai Department Store ShinCheon Branch 9th Floor 02-3145-2943
a crowded campus area West of old downtown Seoul
Seoul Subway Line 2 ShinCheon (NOT ShinCheun in South-East JamSil) Exit 1 and comprising the next block
HyunDai Department Store UPlex Branch 9th Floor 02-3145-2944
near-by a block North behind ShinCheon Branch or take Subway Exit 2 and at the end of the large block after another Frisbees’ Apple Store ;)

HyunDai Department Store Mia Branch 7th Floor 02-2117-1863
this one’s way~ up North in a rather poor residence
Seoul Subway Line 4 mid-way between GilEum and Mia SamGeoRi Stations Exit

HyunDai Department Store COEX Branch 7th Floor 02-3467-8373
again in the massive first modern COEX Shopping Complex housing Exhibition Hall, AirPort City Terminal, TWO intercontinental Hotels, posh OakWood Apartments and HyunDai Department Store
Seoul Subway Line 2 SamSung Station Exit 5 and past “Grand” intercontinental Hotel (the one on the Northern end is simply “intercontinental”)

HyunDai Department Store UlSan City Branch 12th Floor 052-228-0756
ulsan has survived iMF thanks to its automotive industry
and this one large block North-West of Ulsan (out-of-city) Express Bus Terminal and Lotte Department Store and Hotel

HyunDai Department Store DaeGu City Branch undergroun 2nd Floor 053-245-3413
DaeGu is the textile capital of South Korea South-East on the Penninsula
DaeGu Subway Line 1 or 2 Exit 18 and you’re there


Galleria Department Store ApGuJeong Branch Brand Name (West) Wing 5th Floor 02-548-6177
ApGuJeong is Korea’s Beverly Hills and even has a Rodeo Drive or rather Road
so no subway station close-by as you are suppose to drive your Maserati
might take the bus towards or instruct the taxi driver “ApGuJeong Galleria”

Galleria Department Store Suwon City Branch 7th Floor 031-898-8761
Suwon is considered a far Satellite City of the Capital although development is not as glitzy as the ones close to Seoul and this is one large block West of Suwon City Hall

Galleria Department Store Time World Branch in DaeJeon City 8th Floor 042-485-6177
again DaeJeon is the technical center of South Korea with this one large block West of DaeJeon City Hall

Galleria Department Store Center City Branch in CheonAn City 7th Floor 041-412-9729
CheonAn is an in-land residence from Western Beaches and this two large blocks North of CheonAn-Assan KTX Bullet Train Station

Galleria Department Store JinJu City Branch 6th Floor 055-791-1793
JinJu is a lovely sea-faring town at the Southern end of the Korean Penninsula
I suggest you rent a car and drive along thesea-side freeways – now well developed – circulating the Korean Penninsula while here


[ Frisbee ] 11am ~ 9pm and Sundays ~8:30pm

the earliest of Apple Premium Resellers to open a real Apple Store-looking layout
run by Gala international, owned by the old Korean shoe-maker KeumKang, mostly has a whole building in prime locations :

HongDae is Western limits of the old downtown where the renouned Art and Design University of Hongik Campus lies atop the hill, and back-alleys on the way bustling with the most hip clubs and live bands Seoul Subway Line 2 HongDae Station Exit 9 and Left on the next large block then up past Starbucks and in your Right before Lotteria Hamburger in front of the University Gates 02-323-1765 with Support Center

ShinCheon Seoul Subway Line 2 ShinCheon Station Exit 2 turn Left towards YonSei University and is on the next block to your Left *announced end of November 2011 : closed for renewal (across is another Apple Store Concierge) 02-335-0471

MyungDong Branch is smack in the middle of old downtown where “Fashion” literally started in the Capital of South Korea
Seoul Subway Line 4 Exit 6 turn Left and on the fourth Block North to your Right
or Line 2 EulJiRoibGu Station Exit 5 take the second alley Right then South until the sixth block to your Left 02-318-7120 with Support Center

GwonDae is the East-ward GwonKuk University campus-front crossing recently developed with a large Star City Shopping Complex where Apple Store awaits
Seoul Subway Line 2 GwonDae Station Exit 5 linked to Lotte Department Store complex 02-2218-3195

KangNam Branch sits at the very location where Real Estate Boom started South of the Han River
Seoul Subway Line 9 ShinNonHyun Station Exit 6 lies one of the largest English and Japanese BookStore Kyobo Mungo in Kyobo Tower, and your Apple Store is on the next large building
also can take a nice stroll through the most popular meeting place for the young – North from Subway Line 2 KangNam Station Exit 6 almost ’til the next large intersection onto your Left 02-536-1050 with Support Center

BunDang is Seoul’s first (ilsan added later and other minor towns transformed) major artificial – that is made from scratch or grasslands – Satellite City accessible in 30 minutes via freeway South and express buses – you gotta see it believe it : blocks after blocks of apartment complexes with interval Shopping Complexes
BunDang Subway Line SeoHyun Station Exit 3 or 4 and you’re there in another Shopping Hub 031-709-1745

DaeJeon is sort-of South Korea’s Silicon Valley but less start-up companies and more government-led research centered even geographically
DaeJeon Subway Line 1 JoongAngRo Station Exit 1 and is on the third block to your Right after Mr.Pizza and before Lotteria Hamburger 042-221-7041


then three Frisbee Apple Stores in the South-Eastern Port City of Busan or Pusan, again in the most shopping areas for the young :

Busan Main Store is located smack in the middle of Busan’s old fashion mecca NanPoDong overlapping GwangBokDong thus it is in the midst of alleys and severl ways to get there but here the easiest to explain
Busan or Pusan Subway Line 1 NanPo Station 7 Exit 7 take a sharp Left and stroll along Busan’s Camera Row past the Post Office and further past Holly’s Coffee Shop then take Right after Kentucky Fried Chicken shortened to ‘KFC’ in South Korea, and is soon on your Left 051-245-1035

the whole blocks West is the old KkangTtong ShiJang translated “Can” Market for mostly food rations were smuggled out of US Bases after the Korean War and still carries American and Japanese cans and small electronics .

the whole blocks South-East is Busan’s own Photo-alley lined up with Camera stores as electronics are huddled across the ferry from Japan – but more have opened up North in Busan’s newer fashion district SeoMyon (explained below)

remember across from the road you exited the subway is Korea’s infamous fisherman’s warf selling today’s catch but beware it has become a tourist trap with bullies trying to lure you -_-

SeoMyon Busan Subway Line 1 or 2 (this is where the two major subway intersect so imagine a real hub) SeoMyun Exit 1 and stroll South along Busan’s newer (more newer is Centum City Complex though) fashion district (across the street you will see MacDonalds Hamburger then Kentucky Fried Chicken – this whole road across has the larger – but not so compared to Seoul – bookstores in Busan carrying English and Japanese) then take a Right at the next large alley and is on the next block to your Right 051-808-0947

and because across the street I mention above is THE place they have a smaller branch named “Mini SeoMyon” across the street before you take that Right
straight into the alley and is on your Right on top of another MacDonalds Hamburger .



[ CONCIERGE ] 11am ~ 10pm and Sundays noon ~ 9pm

owned by SK Networks and operated by LCNC, this is the case of the sneak-attack, as they humbly started last December 2010 up at Seoul’s Northern satellite city of NoYon, to swiftly disperse into crowded campus intersections of DaeHakRo, ShinCheon, KonDae and Korea’s Rodeo Drive at ApGuJeong . in addition they will take over digital camera store-space run by LG’s PixDix throughout the nation, which is closing down through December 2011 .

[Apple] is Apple Premium ReSeller while
[Mobile] is their own store which may still carry Apple products :

[Mobile] Seoul Subway Line 2 HongDae (Hong-ik University) Station Exit 8 and soon on your Right Y’z Park Shopping Mall underground level 2
or Airport Express Train Exit 4 turn Left and on the next block in Lotte Cinema Movie Theatre Complex 070-4218-3499

[Mobile] Seoul Subway Line 2 ShinCheon (BEWARE this is toward Hongik University West of downtown Seoul and NOT ShinCheun in KangNam towards JamSil) Station Exit 3 turn Right and is among the next block onto your Right, jeez across Frisbee – another Apple wanna-be Store 02-363-3599

[Mobile] Seoul Subway Line 2 EulJiRo Station Exit 6 and on the third block to your Left in iBis Ambassador Hotel complex 02-6361-8399

[Mobile] Seoul Subway Line 1 JeongGak Station Exit 4 turn Right after second block across YMCA and is on the next block to your Left 02-737-3599
this whole area is called JongRo cramped with college entrance institutes for High School graduates who failed their initial exam . it is not uncommon for a student to try a second or even third year to enter the college they or their parents yearn for .

[Mobile] Seoul Subway Line 4 HweHwa Station Exit 4 turn Left and past Starbucks Coffee Shop and further CGV Movie Theatre almost at the end of the alley to your Left 02-747-3599


[Apple] Seoul Subway Line 4 Nowon Station Exit 2 turn Left and on your third alley to your Left
or Line 7 Exit 4 turn Left and behind the second block on your Left 02-938-2773

[Apple] Seoul Subway Line 2 or 7 GwonDae (GwonKuk University) Station Exit 2 and look Left 02-497-3599

[Apple] Seoul Subway Line 6 iTaewon Station Exit 1 and end of the next block 02-796-3599

[Apple] Seoul Subway Line 2 KangNam Station Exit 12 and on the second Left alley across Dunkin Donuts 02-3453-3599

[Mobile] Seoul Subway Line 2 SeonReung Station Exit 5 turn Right and on your Right 02-562-3599

[Apple] ApGuJeong Branch is in your Korean Beverly Hills so no subway station nearby for you’re suppose to drive your Ferrari : taxi to DoSan Park area and into the alley beside CGV Movie Theatre then past Kraze Burger and just after Coffee Bean onto your Left 02-543-3599

[Mobile] Seoul Subway Line 2 ShinCheun (BEWARE this is South of the Han River in KangNam towards JamSil and NOT ShinCheon towards HongiK University) Station Exit 4 and on your next Left alley before MacDonalds 02-422-3599


[Mobile] Central Railroad GuRi Station Exit 3 and turn Left then Right on the next block and before Lotte Cinema Movie Theatre 031-554-3599

[Apple] AnYang Subway Line 4 BeomGae Station Exit 2 and on the next Right alley
or Exit 3 and turn Left then is on your Left on the next block 031-383-3799

[Apple] AnSan Subway Line 4 Central Station (Seoul Art College) Exit 1 and across the street 031-405-3599

[Mobile] Suwon Railroad & Subway Station Building underground floor connected to AK Plaza 031-240-1002

[Mobile] DaeJeon Subway Line 1 JoongAngRo Station Exit 1 turn Right on the next block after Milano 21 Shopping Mall then on your Left on the next block 042-223-3599


[Mobile] Busan Subway Line 2 HaeUnDae Station Exit 1 and turn Right into Market Alley before Sfunz Shopping Mall and on the third alley to the Left, midway onto the Beach 051-731-3350

[Mobile] Busan Subway Line 1 SeoMyon Station Exit 2 take the second alley Left then Right and is after Bennigan’s Restaurant, but before CGV DaeHan Movie Theatre 051-819-3599

[Mobile] Busan Subway Line 1 Busan University Station Exit 3 turn Left and is on your Left way-past CGV Movie Theatre, just before Starbucks Coffee Shop 051-515-8599


[ willy’s ] 11am ~ 9pm unless mentioned otherwise

run by PeachValley, who has been selling HP Printers, SeaGate hard disk drives and Transcend memory cards throughout South Korea .


Seoul Subway Line 5 Kimpo Airport Station Exit 2 inside Lotte Mall underground floor Lotte Mart Digital Park 02-6116-1700~2 10am ~ midnight open year-round

Seoul Subway Line 2 Ewha University Station Exit 3 070-7732-8862~4 (with Support Center)

Seoul Subway Line 1 JeongGak Station Exit 3 past Pizza Hut smack in YMCA Building 070-7732-7361~2  (with Support Center)

Seoul Subway Line 3 ShinSa Station Exit 1 past ShinHan Bank 070-7732-7001~2
this is at the entrance of “GaRoSuGil” a North-South alley full of the most-trendy imports -than European Brand Names – and fusion restaurants .

Seoul Subway Line 2 JamSil Station Exit 2 connected to Lotte World within Lotte Mart Digital Park ground floor 02-2143-1500~1501 10am ~ midnight open year-round (with Support Center)


[ Alife ] 9:30am ~ 9pm and Weekends ~8pm (DEFUNCT BY MAY 2012)

Seoul Subway Line 1 City Hall Station Exit 7 past OutBack Steak House before Hollys Coffee Shop 02-754-2015
if you keep going and across the road is Korea’s Camera wholesale district in NamDaeMoon (South Gate) Market with several black markets selling American goods .

Seoul Subway Line 2 SeonReung Station Exit 4 and on your Left 02-2051-2015




as Apple is tightening its “Premium ReSeller” status from mid-2011, to ample-budgeted vendors with ability to increase branch locations, expect the bigger stores to increase dramatically as smaller closing soon ..

and I say again : although the above are nice places to try out your gadget yearnings and for a clean date but still the price will be cheaper on on-Line internet shopping malls .

also a bulk of accessories over-lap among the mentioned Premium ReSellers and some – especially of rare color varieties – still NOT imported so you will have to order from abroad for example :


so Merry Christmas !!! and let’s ponder how sexy techno-life can be from the New Year without Steve Jobs .. a hint may be in the new Television series “Revenge”

– Korea Tech BLog, December 2011 –



( April 1st 2012 Update ) in the short 3 Months since this original Post Apple Korea had made and shuffled between

  1. “Apple Premium ReSeller”,
  2. “Apple Shop” (instead of the eager “Store”) and
  3. “Apple-Approved Seller

where Premium ReSeller deem to be those with whole building or a floor or even a larger corner, and Shop apt for electronics corners in supermarts, then Approved Seller a counter in a much expensive space in major department stores .

thus Apple seem to be inviting more local electronics store chains into the already confusing myriad of not-really, but die-hard Apple Store wanna-be’s yawn



12.10 Apple Stores in KangNam, Southern SEOUL :

11.2 Apple-Contracted Support Centers in South Korea :

12.4 Apple Stores near inCheon and GimPo AirPorts :