know that Apple is overtly common in the English-speaking World in the States, Canada, UK and Australia BUT Asia is far from that in proximity and culture which work directly for/against in the process of sales and repair . so do NOT expect the kind of service, no matter the bill-board dream of Global Enterprise .

[ NOTICE ] please place inquiries concerning Apple Store location and Support Centers for repair
directly onto Apple Korea website and their phone listed there .
they are NOT fluent in English but I cannot take place of their service line .

I can tell you that is the ONLY place you can get dependable Official answers
because all other branches AND phone numbers are of local contracted companies’ stores AND repairers
no matter now large OR Apple-glitzy they might seem in interior design and uniform ..

( I say this because as competition rises for massive profit on a continuously popular product
independent employees may be lured to distract from the truth .. for example that foreign versions of iPad 1 OR 2
3G CANNOT be used in South Korea – go on and read my Post ) ≫LiNK



The only direct-run Apple Store in Korea is On-Line
then only contracted stores AND support centers (with the bulk in the Capital of Seoul, over-lapping in major shopping districts but rarely in remote areas for the contractors signed-in for profit than true Apple support)
lacking English guidance here it is :

South Korea is NOT an “Apple” country . far from it . actually the government (only to concede long~ after consumers demand for it) AND business (um, like the local conglomerates who are trying die-hard to sell theirs) is set much against it,
and is loosening only recently due to Global popularity of iPhone, iPad AND MacBook Air and its’ citizens’ yearning for them .

so although an iPhone and iPad IS THE device to have in 2011, it is more from hyper-trend than of die-hard fans of Apple as we see line-up blocks on the eve of a new product .

in modern Korea, Macs were used foremost by professionals in Graphic and Video Production
but with the influx of iPhone, iPad AND MacBook Air times are changing .

note these facts about Apple-contracted support centers in South Korea :

  1. its support centers are mostly specialized companies caring for fixing and repairs of electronic product and computers,
    some a single company in itself while others a small chain .
    but be careful for while more places care for smaller products, only a handful even in all of Korea care for MacBooks as well as full-fledged Macs .
    in outer regions where none is available, support is delegated to Korea’s fallen electronics conglomerate DaeWoo’s own Support Centers .
  2. mostly because a large populace is stuffed into a miniscule Penninsula AND being people of traditional culture i.e., of similar likes AND dislikes : they live in concentration . like as if the whole nation is obsessed to clog up the Capital of Seoul, satellite cities have formed around it . thus, a mass of Apple-contracted stores as well as support centers are within Metropolitan Seoul boundaries and it gets scaringly scarce as you yonder beyond into the countryside . even Korea’s official second AND third cities of Busan or Pusan and Daegu list ONLY one or two places to fix your Mac, duh -_-


the smaller the device, the more places to care for, as Apple Support Center Korea designates as :
iPod – iPhone – iPad – Portable – DeskTop
and as you might imagine support centers caring for iPhones and iPad have increased much over the decade past Millennium due popularity while not much has changed for MacBooks and Macs .
so here I will list only those who can fix ALL, including your computer .

as for finding the place geographically : Daum and Naver maps in Korean offer more precise localization although lacking saving capabilities
while Google has now come to cover sufficiently addressing Korean AND the same put into English but still with random glitches such as disappearing blocks – thus why I am not using maps on locations yet .


the very reason you are here is because the whole nation is obsessed with learning English so
language won’t be an obstructing problem uncomparable to neighboring Japan or China
but still would be a good idea to call the Official call center first to explain your problems and have it relayed to the support center you are about to visit :
land line is 1588-0010 and FREE from any iPhone at 114 (weekdays 9am ~ 7pm)

open hours for individual support centers vary but keep in mind Korea has only joined in-part 5-day business World
from its hard-working days like neighboring Japan where you worked half on Saturdays too .
meaning, SOME will be open until lunch time on Saturdays, and closed Sundays and official holidays .


as always ALL my listing will go geographically from West to East clockwise in the Capital of Seoul
then from North downward South onto further cities .
most larger cities would be able to fix your iPod or iPhone but for Macs
if you are providing good deeds in smaller towns it might be better to send it in onto Apple’s directly-run support center .

be fore-warned that I am going on map alone in cities other than Seoul AND Busan



no way I’m going to keep-on updating this for contracted-stores are increasing at a rapid rate in 2011 only second to Apple App Store updates .

it is common knowledge due to the influx of iPhones and iPads into the Korean Penninsula you usually have to wait in queu after picking up your waiting number . here one place worth mentioning where you won’t have to wait in line manned by only 2 technicians .. would be an unusual location not close to any subway but still surrounded by department stores and supermarts :

UBASE Bucheon 032-666-3582 10am~7pm Sat.~2pm
midway from the Capital of Seoul to the Port and Airport hub of inCheon,
input this into Google Maps :
Jung-Dong Plaza 6th Floor, 1058-2 Jung-Dong, WonMi-ku, Bucheon
also houses a Sony Support Center 😉




UBASE DaeJeon 042-535-9230 10am~7pm Sat.~1pm
#207, 80-1 DoonSan Electronic Town, TanBang-dong, Seo-ku, Daejeon
– YongMoon Subway Station Exit 6 then turn Left at the 2nd block
and is on the next block to your Left into Electronics Land Building (JeonJa Landu) –

( 2012.9 Update : a new Page on DaeJeon Electronics-specific buildings and stores at the top menu of this BLog )




Central KwangJu behind KwangJu Bus Terminal, ShinSaeGae Department Store AND eMart Supermart :
iCenter Tel.062-350-8710 10am~7pm Sat.~5pm with 2nd & 4th Mondays off and register ONLY on Saturdays
#437,  4F  Kumho World, HwaJung-dong, Seo-ku, KwangJu
– NongSung Subway Station Exit 4 and turn Right at the next road
and a long walk North until the next block with large building before eMart –



[ AUTOMOBILE CITY OF DAEGU OR TAEGU ] on separate Page on Top Menu


[ MOTOR CITY OF ULSAN ] added November 17th 2012

none in Ulsan so you have 2 choices each in either Busan or DaeGu, mapped on the bottom of this Page .

geographically TUVA Centum City is the closest over an hour drive South along the beaches
– and this is the romantic version if you see Love along the Peninsula –
and I recommend you stop by the cafe owned by a former singer couple
(once a high-tenor singer, opted to live here with her singer-lover
with a motorboat parked in front and sometimes sings for their guests
so ask a local over thirty-ish for the name Jung, Hoon Hee)

more-over if you come from a small town : take this chance to spurge in
one of the latest goliath shopping complex in Asia, in which the support center as well as Apple Premium ReSeller is located,
staying over-night at either deluxe hotels on HaeUnDae Beach or cheaper motels in-land .

the other UBase in the Port City of Busan is near the KTX train station
– one subway station North, and this would be the fastest route if you are in a rush .

JongRo Mac System in DaeGu is also close to KTX train station
– one subway station South .

support centers in S.Korea have different names because they are out-sourced umph -_0
so Good Luck in the motor-city by the shores !




North-Eastern tip of Busan boundaries :
DES Gupo Tel.1577-5448 8:30am~6:30pm Sat.~12:30pm
368-18 Deokpo-dong, Sasang-gu, Busan
– midway between MoDeok Subway Station Exit 2 AND DeokPo Subway Station Exit 4
few buildings South of small Post Office you will find DaeWoo Electronics Service Center –

North-Central Busan : behind City Hall
DES Busan Tel.1577-5448 8:30am~6:30pm Sat.~12:30pm
721-3 GeoJae-dong, YeonJae-gu, Busan
– bit of a walk : YangJeong Subway Station Exit 5 then straight the next 2~3 large blocks,
follow the large road to the Right meeting at 45 degree angle,
and a few buildings after the Gas Station is DaeWoo Electronics Service Center –

West-Central Busan, computer district :
TUVA Busan Tel.051-898-9090 10am~7pm Sat.~2pm
3F Youngjin BLDG., 300-15 Gaya-dong, BusanJin-gu, Busan
– DongEuiDae Subway Station Exit 1 then 2nd building on the next block –

South-Central Busan near Busan KTX Train Station :
UBASE Busan Tel.051-463-3512 10am~7pm Sat.~2pm
#501 SeoungJi BLDG., 1163-10  ChoRyang 3-dong, Dong-gu, Busan
– ChoRyang Subway Station Exit 12 and first building on the next block –



*all listing on this page holds true as of February 8th 2011 by Korea Tech BLog

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“Which Support Center to Choose ?” – the One Million Won Question, justly the price of a new higher model iPhone or iPad ..

and at times, for specific reasons you would want to go for the most lenient branch, instead of the closest one geographically . and because Apple-endorsed support centers has its own charateristics as well as contracts, they differ some-what on what method works and doesn’t . and while these may be obvious to some, try if you don’t have any other :

  • first, if your problem is complicated OR can wait : it is best to go to a real Apple Support Center abroad, including neighboring Japan and Hong Kong .
  • ’tis been only three years since full-fledged Apple-contracted support centers started operating on the Korean Peninsula (yes there were those for Macs but smaller AND few) local user forum statistics show that you have better chance at support centers contracted specifically for repair, such as those doubled by DaeWoo Electronics, than those piggy-backing with a Premium ReSeller or so-called Apple Shops or even telecommunication branches .(OK now mentioning extreme cases when nothing else works)
  • although elders who have no clue about technology implement this even at conglomerate-run support centers such as SamSung or LG, when they really DON’T need to : start raising your voice and end up shouting, short of smashing all including living being around you . but in a rational way, far from mentally challenged . should look obvious you will do everything to appeal this event today . yes, is un-civilized AND barbaric, but this Peninsula has developed too quickly technologically, while the native Korean impulse is quite a-Live . would you believe dinosaurs roamed this land and there’s even a commemorative museum down South !
  • there will be more younglings who speak English at the sales section than repair corners, so plead one over and communicate clearly that, if they refuse your insistance : you will file a claim to Apple directly when you return to the States . while you have been treated un-Apple gestures because this is NOT a direct Apple-run support center, IS exactly why this will work . because the last thing a local Apple-contractor wants is a claim directly from Apple USA in return .




from the post-Korean War days when the latest electronics would be smuggled-into the Southern Port City of Pusan or later Busan
from neighboring Japan AND through American bases,
unOfficial independent repair outlets have been mostly around electronic districts
meaning the now-defunct SaeWoon SangGa building – now the lower floors whole-sale distributors of musical instuments – smack in the middle of old downtown Seoul
and later in YongSan Electronics Market .

a booming business counting up to the Millennium bore more for hacked gaming machines including Sony PSP’s .

but now as the World’s fastest internet nation the locations are scattered geographically
found by local search engines as well as dedicated user communities .
and with the influx of iPhones and iPads some have revealing names like Apple Clinic, iPhone Doctor, iPlex, etc.,


I’d rather NOT recommend any here for they come in many flavours, but ask a local friend to search in Korean .
since none is fully supported for insurance like its manufacturing companies, two ways to go about this in reducing your risks :

  1. find one or two that is sponsored by larger user groups, usually giving discounts to members
  2. or through sheer local search engine, but one that has a post board where users have left their own experience,



IF you know what you are doing, know which parts to get AND know the prices for used as well as new peripherals : the best choice in one geographical spot would be none other than YongSan Electronics Market . directly ask several workers and add-up the recommendations (and if you have time : to go check their reputation On-Line by sheer search, ofcourse in Korean). here representative repair outlets on each of the larger buildings that comprise YongSan Electronics Market – well illustrated on top map of my dedicated Page on top menu, in order from the largest fixing several brands aside from Apple, thus the last would be most specialized for MacBook : (appended April 2013)

  1. Electronic Land – New (West) Wing : DaeHwa Computer,
    ground floor Shop #110 Tel.02-3272-3911
  2. Electronic Land – Main (East) Building : Metis,
    ground floor Shop #C-20 Tel.02-701-9925~6
  3. Seon-in Market 21-Dong : GongRyong (Dinosaur) Computer
    ground floor on Southern entrance Shop #1075
    (careful : for the building’s main entrance is on the second floor)


for your reference, one case study in users’ fault
Cracked LCD Panel on iPhones :

  • if you bring it to any of Apple-out-sourced repair centers, simply because there is NO Official Apple Support Center in South Korea,
    a common repair bill will be W270,000 in the year 2012,
  • but if you go to a /reputable/ independent repair shop, which are located in larger metropolis :
    you can have it fixed for W100,000 !
    *BUT beware for most use unofficial, and thus cheaper panels, so you have to search for one that use Apple’s official panels to get it repaired, so that even Apple’s own support center abroad won’t recognize the difference, next time around //



( March 21st 2012 Update ) Apple Support Center Locations in South Korea

much has changed a year after this initial post, and more expected as Apple and its Premium ReSellers along with Korean Telecommunication goliaths thrive to meet popularity of mobile devices (meaning : still few support locations for MacBooks and Macs)

so it would be more practical to search your own directly at Apple Korea’s Official Support Site, even though it is in Korean and maps a joke -_-
mean-while I will keep the original address above intact just for the record ≫LiNK


also it is a general consensus among mobile Apple users that support centers that act as support center only are more lenient on identical problems, than those inside larger Apple Premium ReSeller/Shop/Approved Stores (December 3rd 2012 update : people change and support centers manned by people, change so it seems those aside from Metropolitan Seoul are the other-way around . meaning, telecommunication support centers tend to be more lenient)



( September 27th Update ) Google Map for MacBook repairs in South Korea except the Capital of Seoul .
2013.8.1 Suwon edited and ULSan added :

View Apple MacBook Support Centers Korea in a larger map


KT customer’s lounge on the second floor of Olleh Square (yep, another glitzy name thought-up that no-one understands)
in KT Main Building next to the American Embassy (and Kyobo Book-Store stacking the largest selection of English AND Japanese books and magazines) in the heart of old downtown Seoul :