Logitech Products and Support Centers for Repairs in South Korea


Logitech has been on the Korean Peninsula from the earliest days of personal computing, and well-settled into local consumer market mostly with its sleek mouse and attractively powerful, yet affordable speakers . another area to note is casings for portable gaming devices .


[ The Mouse ]
almost 30 years into World-wide computing life, you should look no further than Microsoft or Logitech in choosing a computer mouse, as in pointing device .

  1. foremost, because of the coating on bargain makers will wear away,
  2. and more-so on wireless mouse : will keep you from going crazy from frantic random errors such as loose pointer or unstable click-hold .

but choosing between Microsoft and Logitech is more to do with your personal style in looks as well as how you work, or rather navigate on your computer monitor screen .


[ PC Speakers ]
Logitech makes design-conscious stylish 2 or 4-way speakers in the affordable range, which would be the border-line on acceptable surround-sound experience while watching a Hollywood movie on your personal computer . yes, there are many dirty-cheap speakers both from China as well as Korea, but the sound will be so basic you won’t want it for anything other than voice recording -_-

ofcourse there are times when it goes bazook, but first check if you are using any less-caliber programs with unstable drivers trying to work on your Windows OS operating system – which is a software-compatibility issue than a hardware problem .


[ Purchase and Repair ]
buying, like any other electronics in South Korea is the lowest on larger On-Line Shopping Malls, where those run by conglomerates would offer their own support first and then by the manufacturer .

on the mouse, as with competing Microsoft : they will exchange on-the-spot with a new one (with your original support date intact)

while they will take your speakers in for checking, for you to wait or pick-up at another date .

it is quite common for a mouse to suddenly go haywire, happening to both makers, while common problems with speakers on several-years’ usage may be worn connection plug .


if you can, it is always better to bring your device to their support center, but can send it in to their nation-wide support center :
TGS 4th Floor, 436-3  DeunCheonDong, KangDongKu, Seoul

situation changes as contracts do, but for now Fall 2012 : product support on Logitech is cared by TGS which originally repairs Korea’s own TG computer and laptop line, who have now added repair service for Logitech and also Epson printers and HTC cell phones of Android fame .


[ Korea-wide Map of Logitech Support Centers ]
remember : under-ground floor of its YongSan branch building has Korea’s one of two HOOTERS 😉 and SaDang branch behind OutBack steakhouse and across from TGiF 😉

DaeJeon branch in Central Korea is amidst the most famous Hot Springs area . and the South-Eastern tip branch in the Port city of Busan or Pusan is located close to Busan KTX bullet train station, on the docks .

View Logitech Korea Support Centers in a larger map



– Korea Tech BLog, End of October 2012 –


( September 10th 2013 Update ) a day to any combination of iPhone 5S, iPad Mini 2 and/or iPad 5 announcement : much surprising how situation changes short of a Year from this original Page, as Logitech support in South Korea looms of nightmare tales . used to be NOT to look further than either Logitech and/or Microsoft (in my order) for sleek design, lasting exterior finish, stable connection AND instant exchange in case of malfunction .

however as local competition rises with /almost/ good connection on wireless AND dedicated support, Logitech now seem to adhere to repair instead of exchange – even if it takes several Weeks due to THEIR unavailable parts – as their support centres are out-sourced to TG Sambo .

so there is NO point in buying expensive Logitech mouse for now, as there are ample alternatives at a fraction of its price, almost as dependable however still lacking the stylish design ..


( March 4th 2014 Update ) night-mare tales continue as it is now obvious Logitech has changed its stance on Product Support with the influx of much cheaper popular mouses : as with competing biggie Microsoft they used to offer no-questions asked 1-to-1 exchange on-the-spot instead of any repair . then their support address changed a couple of times and this fiasco started beginning of Fall last year 2013, where the out-sourced Support contractor TG Sambo took hard stance on Refunds and commonly told you to wait as they had no parts . thus some who put-in for repair last Fall are still waiting .. making it nearly half-a-year . Only in Korea, back to the developing days when Product, not-to-mention Customer Support was unheard of, when there was a saying comparable to the Lottery – if you got bad luck in picking a defective one : your mousing life is condemned for the rest of its remaining life -_- then ofcourse, nothing good lasts for-ever .

this is in stark contrast to emerging local makers and Chinese OEM, whose design will never be as sleek as Logitech : largely in two camps – the undoubtedly cheapest or game-dedicated mouse makers – who offer close and dedicated support in the way of immediate reply with exchange and/or repair .