a dark horse has-joined the existing THREE Land-mark motion-picture threatre-experience in the Tech-World of South-Korea: (in the order-of its historic-grande establishment um, by-now you-realize I-use my-own grammar-twist in spelling and punctuation)

  1. The World’s largest movie-screen at YongSan iPark-Mall CGV iMAX Laser boasting 31-meters length by 22.4-height with 624-seats (iPark-Mall from 8 Oct.2004, iMAX from 1 Dec.2005 then iMAX GT from 20 July 2017)
  2. CGV 4DX (Motion-Experience) Screen/Plus at YongSan iPark-Mall and WangSimni, begun 22 January 2009 at Sang-Am.
  3. Ultimate-Sound Experience at COEX MegaBox Dolby Cinema measuring 17.4-by-7.4 meters for 378 seats in 23 July 2020.
  4. JamSil Lotte World-Tower Super-Plex maxing 34-meters length-by 13.8 height, renewed from 628-to-295 seats on 10 December 2022

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