What You always wanted to know about Dell Support around the Korean Peninsula :

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this Page was made for inquiries mostly on repair on Dell laptops (the term is replace now with notebook in South Korea) brought from the States . there was a time when Dell laptops was popular in South Korea just after the dawn of the Third Millennium, and LCD monitors too after that . it was a prestigeous brand like Sony and Apple (iPhones and iPads have spread much but still not Macs nor MacBooks). although Dell laptops remains the only maker where you can select major components and many still seek Dell monitors for its hardened, still sleek looks its heydays are gone . meaning : it is a bad choice if you want one that is light, fast and will ReSell well .



Dell Korea is one of the few brands that you can count-on, with various routes to contact them (stark contrast to cheap Chinese makers who won’t even answer calls) as Linked at the bottom of this Page, but with only two caveats :

  1. although they honour most warranties rising States-side, they won’t touch some models sold specifically in selective countries,
  2. Dell Korea offers quite a neat selection of (extra-pay) warranties but once that runs-out : it is relatively expensive, on both call-in (and they come – expect to spend well over W200,000) and (You) visit .


[ CALL – iN ] Dell Korea out-sources its out-call support to repair shops and technicians in your area, so it is available throughout South Korea including the Southern island of Jeju . this person or team will consult, repair as well as sell you parts . but they will charge just for visiting, even if your consultation do not result in actual repair or purchase of parts .



[ VISIT ] Dell Korea may have a contracted store or repair shop in your city or region, for you to bring-in your laptop or monitor – which changes so not mentioned here, aside from the one and only Official Support Center in SEOUL :
*they have moved December 2014 to JamSil, on the opposite side of SEOUL – East noted at the bottom of this paragraph group .
the only [ Official Dell Support Center ] for repair in South Korea is at

KTX Train and SEOUL Subway Lines 1 and 2 : connected under-ground towards Exit 3
and in ShinDoRim TechnoMart 7th Floor in Happy Zone
Open 10:30am ~ 7pm except Tuesdays, Sundays and national holidays

this massive structure was built to contain electronics-specific vendors, after the success of the original TechnoMart at the opposite end of SEOUL’s far East, just before crossing Olympic Bridge on the Han River . but business has been bad for a while throughout the Peninsula, so lower floors are full of clothing and top floors restaurants .

the bullet-train and subway station is quite convenient for those in SEOUL as well as on near-by KTX Line to access, as the mammoth mall is connected directly with the station .

this is a rather poor area on the Western out-skirts of old downtown SEOUL, but with continuous efforts by the City and government to revitalize :

  • out-door market and adult playground abound East on YongDeungPo,
  • Chinese have invaded the whole SinRim area to its South-East,
  • and South-West : Guro was a factory district, now renovated as South Korea’s Silicon Valley dotted with smaller, independent electronics start-up companies .

*NEW LOCATION : while the old above will remain for the record, and as a guide to this large complex . they have moved last December 2014 to none-other than behind the Tower of Babel under construction . right at the main entrance to (1988 SEOUL) Olympic Park 😉

SEOUL Subway Line 8 Exit 3 turn at the first Left alley and it is on your Right .
open 10am to 6pm except Weekends and national holidays .



  • Pro‘s : price for both labor and parts are usually quite cheaper (if you search well : almost half) than Dell Korea without warranty,
  • Con‘s : chances abound they may NOT be able to fix it 100%, parts may be switched and/or price inflated //

so it is a matter of finding the right, reputable place where they have experience dealing with your maker and/or model . this is quite easy as the whole of South Korea has gone On-Line, and you can verify if they have a user forum where previous customers have left feedback . ofcourse you will need devoted aid of a Korean-speaking colleague or friend . if you try alone Yes, your foreign charm would work and they may have an aspiring technician eager to practice English, but it is vital to fully understand each other concerning your prestine machine .

Korea Tech BLog makes it a policy NOT to recommend exactly where to purchase what, nor specific repair shops because different places specialize in different products or parts, and reputation change over short periods of time especially on smaller shops because they have to do what-ever to survive . a simple search on Korean search engines – which show quite different results than American-bred Google or Yahoo – or related On-Line community will guide you to several users who have fixed similar problems on same line of products .

the good thing is that there may be a few actually in the same mammoth building as Dell Korea’s Official Support Center – for you to compare prices, for ‘ShinDoRim TechnoMart’ was originally built to contain electronics vendors (but did not turn-out fully, thus a tad lower quality than the preceding TechnoMart which is on the opposite side of downtown SEOUL to the East). other-wise THE Electronics District of YongSan is just two subway stations North-East, where you will have much more options 😉



[ LiNKS ] mostly in Korean

  • ShinDoRim TechnoMart Official website ≫LiNK
  • Korea Tech BLog guide into ShinDoRim TechnoMart ≫LiNK
  • Dell Korea download drivers ≫LiNK
  • Dell Korea Support WebSite ≫LiNK
  • Dell Korea Support Twitter account ≫LiNK
  • Dell Official On-Line Community in South Korea ≫LiNK
  • Dell Korea On-Line Support Forum ≫LiNK


– I too, once was an avid DELL-person : Korea Tech BLog –