proudly introducing an extensive page listing all major players in South Korea engaging in Electronics and Computer fields . I cannot sufficiently accentuate the importance of product support when buying an electronic product, for many things can go wrong especially if it has moving parts (like DVD-players, Vacuum Cleaner and Washing Machines) or has an LCD panel (like digital cameras, camcorders and monitor & TV).

however if you bought your machine in one of the places listed below chances are : you are on your own

  1. manufacturer NOT listed here
  2. bought from outside South Korea not in a Duty-Free Shop

although Global companies would ideally seem to have the same reputable service around-the-World : no, it all is relative (as Einstein might have pointed-out) for like many continents around, Korean vendors thrive in a very different consumer service practice than the States and Japan – where consumer and customer, respectively is King – mostly because they can still get away with an attitude taking advantage of national pride as tribal clans .

however in general the consensus are :

  • Korean conglomerates such as SamSung and LG offer a no-questions-asked on-the-spot exchange for those bought within a Month, or repair policy and is much lenient of effective deadlines of FREE Warranty support service,
  • foreign brands that have merged into Korean business societywith long-time distribution and maintenance of office printers and copy machines like HP and Canon, are down-to-earth (as in reasonable AND speaking the same language with the consumer) on repairs,
  • although widely distributed through major local department stores : Japanese, American and European Imports such as Panasonic, Pentax, Olympus, Sanyo, GE, Philips, Electrolux and AEG have set rules but much is in rapport with the visiting stores, because most are contracted local merchants,
  • popular Japanese electronics such as Fujitsu and Sony are famous for their notorious by-the-book policy plus charge-for-anything-more attitude set by their greedy Korean import agents, in spite of a much kinder attitude towards their own consumer while in Japan (add American Apple to this from latter 2009)


alphabetical order of manufacturers listed here :
Canon – Dell – Epson – HP – Fujitsu – LG – Panasonic – Phillips – SamSung – SanDisk – Sony

*although major links on this BLog are regularly updated, companies and their support centers do change their location so links and/or address at the time of your viewing, may not be current – last updated May 2015 . plus most local websites linked would be in Korean, even on Global brands .


Canon with its history of early influx into South Korea with film cameras as well as copy machines, has the most extensive network of Support, only next to domestic conglomerates SamSung and LG Electronics, so largely divided into cameras and printers with joyful website maps :

  • consumer products such as digital cameras including photo printers, Tel.1588-8133 ≫Official WebSite
  • and business products as copiers, printers and scanners ≫LiNK
    consumer : Tel.1588-2500
    business : Tel.1577-3937


Dell Korea loosely controls on-Line Support where you contact them and they will redirect you to a contracted repair center,

  • private or home-office products 080-200-3800
  • smartphone or tablets 080-200-9901

*they have moved December 2014 to the other side of the Capital at Olympic Park from
or a single drop-by center at ShinDoRim TechoMart 3rd Floor, at Western outskirts of Seoul :
Seoul Subway Line 1 or 2 ShinDoRim Station Exit 2 linked underground
weekdays 10:30am~7pm Saturday until 2pm Tel.1600-4357

Epson ≫Official WebSite

HP Hewlett-Packard ≫Official WebSite


Fujitsu Korea head-quarters is located at KyoBo Building right next to the American Embassy in GwangHwaMoon/JongRo, with a handful support centers in major cities including DaeJeon, GwangJu, PoHang and Busan .

they had a single laptop or notebook Support Center at YongSan Electronics Market, but moved due to its nostalgic block being planned for deluxe hotel complex
second Floor store 17, GwanGwang Terminal Building (old bus terminal)

( NEW LOCATION ) is at the other side of the Capital-East in GeonGuk University intersection :
SEOUL Subway Lines 2 and 7 GeonGuk University Station Exit 1 and is the building in front, on 19 Floor Tel.1588-0179
open WeekDays 9am~6pm with noon lunch break ≫LiNK


LG Electronics Support ≫Official WebSite

LG Electronics A/S Service Center at YongSan Electronics Market :
Electronics (JeonJa)  Land NEW Wing (ShinGwan-West) 3rd Floor
– open 9am ~ 6pm and Saturdays until 1pm
– open with internet reservation ONLY : Saturday 1~6pm and Sunday 9am ~ 6pm
IMG_1552c480 IMG_1550c480

Panasonic operates an extensive network of Support Centers ≫LiNK

with major locations at
WonHyo Electronics Building across from JeonJaLand (Electronics Land)
at 4Dong Store 211 Tel.02-790-8452

and TechnoMart 4th Floor D-001 & 002 Tel.02-466-8452



Philips Suppot Center locations in South Korea ≫Official WebSite

SamSung Electronics Support Centers open 9am~6pm Weekdays ≫Official WebSite


SanDisk Memory Card headquartered in GwaCheon at (Government Administration) JeongBuChungSa Station, while support is offered by their Official importers, whose major one is Soi Electronics

with Support Center in YongSan Electronics Market ≫LiNK
GwangJang Level, JeonJaLand (Electronics Land) Tel.02-3272-3737 open 10am~5pm



Sony Korea operates several Support Centers throughout South Korea
(where you know a brand is past its time and is not worth buying, when they include pages of legal statement before revealing their support center location/s)
divided into products of Laptop/NoteBook, DSLR Digital Camera and PlayStation Game Players ≫LiNK

where major central ones at
YongSan Electronics Market :
Store 1, GwangJang Floor, JeonJaLand (Electronics Land)
daily business days 10am~7pm Saturday until 2pm

COEX Exhibition Center at SamSung Subway Station : Ground Floor
is at the largest of the two Sony ShowRooms in all of South Korea
(with the other at ApGuJeong Rodeo Road)
daily business days 11am~8pm Saturday until 3pm


all coordinates above hold true as of early June 2012
– Korea Tech BLog,