( Star Wars Opening crawl ) it is a Hope-ful yet confusing time in the Republic . as the aging master who created the now-classic Sci-Fi double-triology, has sold it off to an amusement-park Empire : should we view this next-generation sequel in the most reclusive, comfortable A380 First-Class surrounding, or would there be excitement left or even re-newed fresh adventure in store for state-of-the-art 4DX experience ? here Korea Tech BLog shares an ALL-IN-ONE Page of all types of movie theatre halls available around the Korean Peninsula .


( PreLude to Foundation )

  • visual and sound systems along with viewing halls will change, with the advance in technology amidst rising competition so this Page holds true while the first Disney trial on Star Wars is being released to Christmas 2015 .
  • You will notice half-way down the list : some of the names for projection systems, sound effects and special halls are more ploys to insight customers, than real
  • most first class programs allow you to wait in an exclusive lounge, before entering viewing hall .
  • as for individual branch names for location : here will list only those less than five of that specific service hall-type throughout South Korea .


[ CGV ] already mentioned many-times over on our very CGV-dedicated Page on top menu AND on Preview and Review Posts of selective Hollywood BlockBusters, thus will introduce newer projection systems and viewing halls .

  1. 4DX
  2. iMAX
  3. ScreenX +uses both side panels beside the center view screen as part of the whole motion picture experience ?!
  4. SphereX +is sort-of a distorted multi-viewing experience, as the front screen AND the ceiling is curved, making the whole theatre oval-shaped and the seats are laid-back, plus tuning sound to make this a total-dimensional thing //
  5. SoundX
  6. Starium
  7. VeatBox
  8. Tempur Cinema +The title is mis-leading so let me explain to you : this is the World’s first Jesus, watching the movie in-bed ! each semi-enclosed booth has twin beds which recline almost 45 degrees ~ ONLY offered along with the most expensive ticket below in Cine de Chef dining course, which is in turn only in the two most sauve  area : ApGuJeong in the Capital of SEOUL and Centum City in the Port City of Busan or Pusan //
  9. Gold Class – similar to Premium below in reclining arm-chair but with curved ceiling .
  10. Cine de Chef
  11. Private Cinema
  12. Cine Kids
  13. Premium – similar to Gold Class above but in different locations, while YoiDo iFC Mall has SoundX added !
  14. SweetBox


[ Lotte Cinema ] is the most strategically-located, atop their many branches of Department Stores run by the same Japanese-Korean conglomerate, but now perilously challenging master CGV with mammoth halls in their still-building Tower of Babel //

  1. Super Plex G – Guinness Book-recorded largest screen in the World at 34 x 18.8m., with Dolby ATMOS sound and 4K film-projection system currently in the Tower of Babel only .
  2. Super Plex – large screen at GwangMyeong Outlet, GwangBok, Sang-in and SuWon .
  3. Super 4D – actually more-than four-dimensions of water, wind, movement, thunder, fragrance, smoke and bubble special effects .
  4. Super Vibe – chairs vibrating to sound at GaSan Digital, GwonDae Entrance, GimHae Outlet, YangJuGoEup, Ulsan, JinHae and PyeongCheon .
  5. Super Sound – rich and deep 11.1 channel sound compared to the normal 5.1 .
  6. Charlotte – spacious and comfortable first class lounge arm-chair seats .
  7. CineFamily – chairs grouped into fours only at the Tower of Babel .
  8. CineCouple – dating set of a table and double seats .
  9. CineBiz – hall intended for seminars and press conference with a wide mini-table in front of each seat .
  10. Arte Classic – interior more for old movies than of theatric effects .
  11. Arte Ani – colorful hall interior for children .
  12. Wine8 Cinema Train – wine tasting on train route between the Capital of SEOUL and YongDong atop Eastern mountains .
  13. KTX Cinema – movies offered on first carriage of bullet trains in two major North-South train routes .


[ MegaBox ] rag-tag movie chain mostly consisting of refurbished older theatres, reveal their inferiority by weak brand-name on seating as well as viewing options . but in all fairness would be the most convenient traffic-wise .

  1. Boutique M – spacious Scandinavian recliner arm-chair seats to view4K film-projection system, some with mini side-bar at Central, COEX and BunDang .
  2. Drive M – out-door in-car viewing facility in Yong-in .
  3. Open M – out-door viewing facility in BaekSeok, amid tents .
  4. Balcony M – opera personal booth high-up at rear only in BunDang .
  5. M2 -supposedly promoting their special ‘3S’ in Dual 4K projection, Meyer Sound Dolby Atmos and double arm-rest seats at MokDong, COEX and YeongTong .
  6. M – re-newed 2015 halls with wide silver screen and double arm-rest seats .
  7. Table M – enhanced personal space with a row of front railing and double arm-rest seats .
  8. Premium – kinda- vague on what they’re offering hmmm, at COEX, CheonAn, DaeJeon and SoonCheon ShinDae .
  9. The First Club – WoW ultra-first class 150-degrees reclining ! bubble-cushion arm-chair by-the-couple with out-call button ! ofcourse only at the satellite city of Kintex
  10. Mega Kids Box – pre-school kinder-garden-like waiting and viewing area with colored wooden boxes as seats ?


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