Hanil COOL HIC-3080 e Hanil COOL HIC-3080 b Hanil COOL HIC-3080 a Hanil COOL HIC-3080 c Hanil COOL HIC-3080 d
Hanil HIC-3080 Foot Massage Machine introduced January 2007 for just over W200,000
comes in a choice of either gold or satin pink .



since this is NOT China, a foot massage 30 minutes to an hour costs W20,000 to W30,000 . still most bargain foot masseuse are Chinese to keep the price down, so it is no surprise quite a number of massage parlours operate around Chinese neighborhood like BuCheon on the way to Korea’s Western port inCheon from the Capital, while some clean (largely massage parlours are still sort-of dirty gain to keep costs down) chains are opening around Metropolitan SEOUL .

I work in a job requiring constant legwork  periodically, and seek haven while in Beijing or ShangHai to spurge in the many cheap massages, also neighboring Japan where the pressure is softer, but here : due to price more visit electronics districts where Panasonic massage chairs await free for the testing, or so 😉

enter a company dedicated to small electronic appliances such as instant water boilers, fan and humidifiers who manufacture this . and with so many junk products made in China in every which taste you can choose, I was skeptical about this, but to my surprise, it is well worth the rather hefty price .


[ DESIGN ] as even Korean conglomerates like SamSung and LG electronics device are inferior in sleek looks to Japanese and European competitors, we cannot expect much from a comparatively small company who specialize in a handful of products . so it is quite ugly, with colors reminiscent of the last Chinese Emperor : pearly gold or silky pink plastic exterior, with moving parts in black plastic and rubber . even the black cloth covering the interior rollers are like pajamas worn over the Korean War -_- not to mention the small remote control, faible as if its colors will peel off soon .. (it did NOT after a couple of years of use though)


  • ON / OFF button,
  • choice of putting on or off infrared red light (suppose to relax muscles)
  • THREE operating speeds where the fastest is quite a challenge not getting hurt ..
  • option of turning the wheels forward, and then back-wards .

plus the whole moving part is covered in black textile – detachable for cleaning .


[ MECHANICS ] the rollers largely work on you from two directions : from bottom AND from the sides of EACH foot, even covering just less than an inch above the sides due to long throngs extruding . and you get the most rub by gradually moving your feet out-wards, then in-wards for the joy machine to cover the whole length of your soles 😉