Here I sadly lay Apple ReSellers that once adhered to sales efforts throughout South Korea and defunct since . NOT to simply delete, for my list also included regional guide into their geographical neighborhoods of its branch locations .


[ Alife ] 9:30am ~ 9pm and Weekends ~8pm (DEFUNCT BY MAY 2012)

SEOUL Subway Line 1 City Hall Station (downtown) Exit 7 past OutBack Steak House before Hollys Coffee Shop 02-754-2015
if you keep going and across the road is Korea’s Camera wholesale district in NamDaeMoon (South Gate) Market with several black markets selling American goods .

SEOUL Subway Line 2 SeonReung Station (GangNam) Exit 4 and on your Left 02-2051-2015

20111028 Concierge MyeongDong Branch
[ CONCIERGE ] 11am ~ 10pm and Sundays noon ~ 9pm
DEFUNCT March 2014

owned by SK Networks and operated by LCNC, this is the case of the sneak-attack, as they humbly started last December 2010 up at Seoul’s Northern satellite city of NoYon, to swiftly disperse into crowded campus intersections of DaeHakRo, ShinCheon, KonDae and Korea’s Rodeo Drive at ApGuJeong . in addition they will take over digital camera store-space run by LG’s PixDix throughout the nation, which is closing down through December 2011 .

[Apple] is Apple Premium ReSeller while
[Mobile] is their own store which may still carry Apple products :

[Mobile] Seoul Subway Line 2 HongDae (Hong-ik University) Station Exit 8 and soon on your Right Y’z Park Shopping Mall underground level 2
or Airport Express Train Exit 4 turn Left and on the next block in Lotte Cinema Movie Theatre Complex 070-4218-3499

[Mobile] Seoul Subway Line 2 ShinCheon (BEWARE this is toward Hongik University West of downtown Seoul and NOT ShinCheun in KangNam towards JamSil) Station Exit 3 turn Right and is among the next block onto your Right, jeez across Frisbee – another Apple wanna-be Store 02-363-3599

[Mobile] Seoul Subway Line 2 EulJiRo Station (downtown) Exit 6 and on the third block to your Left in iBis Ambassador Hotel complex 02-6361-8399

[Mobile] Seoul Subway Line 1 JeongGak Station Exit 4 turn Right after second block across YMCA and is on the next block to your Left 02-737-3599
this whole area is called JongRo cramped with college entrance institutes for High School graduates who failed their initial exam . it is not uncommon for a student to try a second or even third year to enter the college they or their parents yearn for .

[Mobile] Seoul Subway Line 4 HweHwa Station Exit 4 turn Left and past Starbucks Coffee Shop and further CGV Movie Theatre almost at the end of the alley to your Left 02-747-3599


[Apple] Seoul Subway Line 4 Nowon Station (Northern Satellite City) Exit 2 turn Left and on your third alley to your Left
or Line 7 Exit 4 turn Left and behind the second block on your Left 02-938-2773

[Apple] Seoul Subway Line 2 or 7 GwonDae (GwonKuk University) Station Exit 2 and look Left 02-497-3599

[Apple] Seoul Subway Line 6 iTaewon Station Exit 1 and end of the next block 02-796-3599

[Apple] Seoul Subway Line 2 GangNam or KangNam Station Exit 12 and on the second Left alley across Dunkin Donuts 02-3453-3599

[Mobile] Seoul Subway Line 2 SeonReung Station (GangNam) Exit 5 turn Right and on your Right 02-562-3599

[Apple] ApGuJeong Branch (GangNam) is in your Korean Beverly Hills so no subway station nearby for you’re suppose to drive your Ferrari : taxi to DoSan Park area and into the alley beside CGV Movie Theatre then past Kraze Burger and just after Coffee Bean onto your Left 02-543-3599

[Mobile] Seoul Subway Line 2 ShinCheun (BEWARE this is South of the Han River in KangNam towards JamSil and NOT ShinCheon towards HongiK University) Station Exit 4 and on your next Left alley before MacDonalds 02-422-3599


[Mobile] Central Railroad GuRi Station (Western outskirts of SEOUL) Exit 3 and turn Left then Right on the next block and before Lotte Cinema Movie Theatre 031-554-3599

[Apple] AnYang Subway Line 4 BeomGae Station Exit 2 and on the next Right alley
or Exit 3 and turn Left then is on your Left on the next block 031-383-3799

[Apple] AnSan Subway Line 4 Central Station (Seoul Art College) Exit 1 and across the street 031-405-3599

[Mobile] Suwon Railroad & Subway Station Building underground floor connected to AK Plaza 031-240-1002

[Mobile] DaeJeon Subway Line 1 JoongAngRo Station Exit 1 turn Right on the next block after Milano 21 Shopping Mall then on your Left on the next block 042-223-3599


[Mobile] Busan Subway Line 2 HaeUnDae Station Exit 1 and turn Right into Market Alley before Sfunz Shopping Mall and on the third alley to the Left, midway onto the Beach 051-731-3350

[Mobile] Busan Subway Line 1 SeoMyon Station Exit 2 take the second alley Left then Right and is after Bennigan’s Restaurant, but before CGV DaeHan Movie Theatre 051-819-3599

[Mobile] Busan Subway Line 1 Busan University Station Exit 3 turn Left and is on your Left way-past CGV Movie Theatre, just before Starbucks Coffee Shop 051-515-8599



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