listing importers of American and European health and sports devices and machines, where some have their own outlet branches and/or On-Line shopping sites .

A decade past the Millennium : Korean consumers have begun ordering directly from abroad a good range from exported Korean wide-screen LED television sets to even BMW automobiles . local dealership do not like this setup so may do all they can to refrain from honouring warranty on products purchased abroad .


[ Polar FLOW ]
  • Polar KOREA website .
  • MymeKorea On-Line Store with half a dozen outlets mostly in department stores around Metropolitan SEOUL, also selling Bremshey and Tunturi running machines .

dealership address : #511 SongNam BLDG., 1358-6 SeoChoDong (NEW address system : 273 GangNamDaeRo), SeoChoGu, SEOUL, South Korea 137-070

Tel.02-3473-5270 FAX 02-581-5242 open 9am~6pm WeekDays
– I recommend you have a Korean-speaking friend or colleague call them before you eMail, purchase On-Line or travel-to .

*if you are traveling from outside SEOUL, above address is closer to either NamBu or BanPo (out-of-city) Express Bus Terminals (both South of the Han River), than SEOUL KTX Train Station (which is further up North of the Han River).

it is about 5-minutes walk from YangJae Subway Station Exit 2 of either SEOUL Subway Line 3 or ShinBunDang Line – OutBack SteakHouse YangJae Branch is on the second block, and Myme Korea office building is 3 more blocks North .



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