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This Page is a general comparison for new users considering smart-phones for use in South Korea . contents hold true as of mid-Summer 2015 when I am using several devices for varied purpose with different numbers – NO NOT drug trafficking nor arms smuggling but working low-key in Global trade and service, as well as hiring temporary hand requires this, namely : Apple iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus, SamSung Electronics Galaxy S3 LTE-A, S4 LTE-A S6, LG Electronics G Pro and G3 . which also means I regularly have phones to sell, but no time to adhere to local expatriate market, for they sell quickly like lollipops around acquaintances as well as used-forums – for mine are quite clean as-new and usually have warrantly left even on quite-old phones .

if you are new to this high-tech Korea unrecognizable to returning G.i.s from the Korean War, but even to local habitants – just they, quite often are sticking to brand names they are used to, with each own pro’s and con’s (noteably this is swifting the past year though): it really is a daunting task to select one among the myriad of smart-phones available on the market . last Season there was a media promotion on a call back to flip-open phones but not, for one rarely can go back after supping-up the sweet juices of lucrative smart-phones, yummy . here I should mention the World can be quite a simple place if you know what you want – which people have a hard time grasping even well beyond mid-age though . after the developing years where citizens were considered common-ONE during authoritative dictatorial militant years, seemingly-democratic Korea would seem like a nations of differing individuals, but actually not yet and may never be for old culture can be a sticking scary thing .

This BLog follows extensively the availability of American laptops and Japanese cameras, then Apple products namely iPhones for they are saught-after by travelers and expatriates alike – though I wouldn’t consider short-time English teachers one, for they are quite different species with again differing need and character than earlier foreign company officials and yondering retirees with exeeding funds which the word was made for . still I rarely follow developments of Android phones NOT to mention local electronics giants SamSung and LG . fact is I may NOT like them due to several under-lying reasons but do and enjoy using those others mainly from pure need – although still quite enjoyable . namely : some aspects or specifications and capabilities iPhones do not have, as they have differing targets in-mind from start .


[ SamSung vs LG vs DaeWoo ]

people have a hard time grasping the differece between SamSung and LG Electronics . put in here the old Korean grand-fathers’ rule : that SamSung make better-designed products – like telephones and TV, while LG manufacture stronger machines that move inside – like air-conditioners and washing machines . the ideally-defunct DaeWoo Electronics stuck to the latter category too, as their stronger air conditioners, washing machines, fax machines and computer printers were made for other conglomerates OEM made-to-order .

but since the LCD screen age : LG has been making wave after wave of super realistic cell phone, camera and television screens . once you get used to it : one cannot go back to other brands after enjoying the visual ecstacy LG iSP panels provide to-date 2015, although impressive contenders are appearing from last year . so this would your main reason on selecting an LG monitor for your computer . plus they have been ahead one technology on smart-phones up to the current G4 especially on their camera – noteably pixel count as well as movement-shake prevention . thus for a part-time photographer who always has to be ready to take shots even while traveling : this is the choice as least for your main phone .



then comes one welcome capability built into Korean-made cell phones in collaboration with Korean telecommunication carriers : two number service . Yes a single phone can have a second number ! its official name is migrating to lure customers as well as slightly differing operation procedure but in essence they are alike, continued from the good ol’sliding phones to the current smart-phones .



– Korea Tech BLog a Month to iPhone 6S release woo~hah !