Korea Tech BLog presents :

The Most Extensive Guide in the Milky Way
to home-grown CGV Theatre Experience
adding Universal Studio Simulation
to Hollywood BlockBusters


I am linking certain CGV screen size and/or seat options to specific movies viewed at the time . and for good reason, for while local Korean movie versions can largely be separated into either normal 2D, Digital, Surround-Sound,  iMAX, 4DX AND special seat types of couples and leather arm-chairs, new gimicks keep coming up as catch-phrases BUT some limited to certain branches as its ability to re-decorate is limited in some theatres . initial portion of this guide began between 2011~2012 with updates there-after noted on each section title .


[ iNDEX ]

  1. iMAX screen size comparison in South Korea : Mi4, 
  2. larger CGV iMAX Theatre locations : WatchMen, Star Trek, Avatar, Mi4,
  3. types of special effects versions : Mi4, Titanic 4DX, Dark Knight Rises,
  4. special seatings : Star Trek Couples Seat, Avatar Review,
  5. Where to buy tickets : Star Trek, Mi4, Avengers,
  6. admission ticket prices : Star Trek, Avatar, Mi4,
  7. ticket purchase limits and endorsements



Surround Sound option offered at many branches
while SoundX at Yeido AND YeongDeungPo Branches .

iMAX at SangAm, YongSan and WangShibRi in Seoul
and inCheon, iLSan, SuWon, DaeJeon, GwangJu Bus Terminal, DaeGu, SeoMyon(Busan)

4DX at SangAm, YeongDeungPo, YongSan, ChungDam Cine City, WangSimNi, KangByeon in Seoul
and inCheon, iLSan, JukJeon(Yong-in), DaeJeon, GwangJu Bus Terminal, DaeGu, Centum City(Busan)



most Sweet Box couple’s seats are at the rear-end of normal viewing halls,
while ApGuJeong Branch a.k.a. ChungDam Cine City is dubbed ‘SweetBox Main Branch’
whose under-ground floor hall is dedicated with ALL seats for couples <3

and NOT over yet, as the same Branch 10th floor goes SweetBox PREMIUM
with posh leather arm-chair sofas 0o0

Gold Class first-class leather seats with wide stairs in-between
and provided with dedicated waiting lounge and bar
only at CGV SangAm Branch Tel.1544-1122
located in World Cup Mall on the 1st ground floor
Seoul Subway Line 6 World Cup Stadium Station Exit 2 and into Stadium North Entrance

Euro Class is mere executive-class leather seats with wide arm-rests
and provided with dedicated waiting lounge
only at CGV inCheon Bus Terminal Branch Tel.1544-1122
located at ShinSeGae Department Store BF underground level
inCheon Subway Line 1 inCheon Bus Terminal Station Exit 2



[ CGV Movie Theatre Admission Ticket Prices 2011~2012 ]
‘WeekEnd’ is Friday, Saturday, Sundays and Holidays – all Adult Prices
‘same’ means the corresponding WeekDays or WeekEnds

Hall Type . . . Matinee-WeekDay Matinee-WeekEnd
2D+4D. . . . . . W 8000 . W14000 . . same . . same
3D+4D. . . . . . W11000 . W18000 . . same . . same
iMAX 2D. . . . W10000 . W12000 . . same . . same
iMAX 3D. . . . W13000 . W16000 . . same . W17000
Veat Box. . . . W 6000 . W 9000 . . same . W10000
Veat 3D. . . . . W 6000 . W14000 . . same . . same
Sweet Box 2D W10000 . W12000 . W12000 . W15000
Sweet Box 3D W10000 . W15000 . W12000 . W18000
Gold Class . . W30000 . W30000 . . same . . same
Euro Class . . W10000 . W12000 . W12000 . W15000

*prices also differ between early, prime and late hour viewings :

  • before 10am : Matinee
  • 10am ~ 4pm : Day-Time
  • 4 ~ 11pm is Prime Time
  • after 11pm is Mid-Night


[ Movie Theatre Ticket Reservation and Refund Procedures in South Korea ]

as a nation with massive concentrated populace in metropolitan areas
all-connected virtually boasting the fastest domestic internection on Earth circa 2011
most reserve on-Line but do cancel frequently thanks to relaxed rules .

for example CGV requires on-Line or telephone cancellations until 25 minutes prior to commencement
then only at the Movie Theatre ticket counter up until the movie starts .


most popular movie seat reservation sites in order of efficiency all in Korean :

  • http://m.cgv.co.kr the mobile version for the web version requires, what was it oh SilverLight duh
  • Max Movie was the ultimate ticketing site until CGV rode over with purely efficient ticketing and seat reservation experience
  • http://www.lottecinema.co.kr the second runner-up on Korean movie theatres but the mobile version under scrutiny because it just doesn’t work, and you’re supposed to put your money into it ?!
  • http://www.megabox.co.kr formerly cinus.co.kr – the evolutionary link between old Korean movie house and the glitzy post-Millennium “intelligent” buildings
  • http://www.ticketlink.co.kr mostly for concerts and musicals

well-then, who da heck would still buy at the ticket counter ?
old-timers or old-minded then there are certain credit cards which slash 50% off the second ticket if you purchase at the counter . plus, only after ever-increasing coffee shop franchises, movie theatres are a popular place you can redeem various membership points such as SK or KT telecommunication as well as point-earning cards such as OK Cash Bag .


+iPhone Apps : so why always CGV ?
ofcourse it wasn’t always so, but

the mobile app.version is simply a joy and easy at that, to pick a movie, the location, the theatre and seating options
more-over cancelling process is two simple clicks away 😉
– surprisingly : iPhone app is better than iPad, and both better than its full-fledged web version –
come viewing day, you just carry the iPhone with you and that’s it
to back-up in the form of screen capture just in case it hangs
the brick-and-motor theatres were built for movie viewing pleasure
while Lotte as a side-kick to shopping experience
and others re-constructed from old movie houses from the military regime, gulp


  • Maximum number of movie tickets one can buy is either 6 TIMES or 24 TICKETS – which comes first,
  • You can give your ticket to a friend or family to view, as long as they have your ticket number AND your Birth Date and Cell Phone Number .



[ iMAX COMPLEX LiNKS ] a few mammoth multi-shopping complexes, where the THREE largest iMAX screen theatres are located in the Korean Peninsula ! again from West going clock-wise

  • 10.11.23 YongSan KTX Train Station and iPark Mall ≫LiNK
  • 12.5.13 WangSimNi Train Station and BitPlex Mall ≫LiNK


  • 09.12.13 James Cameron Avatar iMAX 3D ShowTimes Seoul ILSan GwangJu DaeGu Busan
    (iMAX Theatres seat layout) ≫LiNK
  • 09.12.18 James Cameron Avatar Digital 2D 3D Wide CGV Special Seats iMAX Couples Sweet Box Euro Gold Class
    (CGV Theatres seat types) ≫LiNK
  • 11.12.18 Which Best Movie Theatre Watch Mission impossible 4 Ghost Protocol iMAX 2D Seoul WangSimNi Busan
    (iMAX film types and screen sizes) ≫LiNK
  • 12.4.5 OMG Which Titanic 3D 4D 4DX Surround Sound iMAX Where Seoul Busan
    iMAX vs.4DX 3D ≫LiNK
  • 12.7.19 SPOILER The Dark Knight Rises iMAX 2D Movie Review YongSan CGV Theatre iPark Mall KTX Bullet Train Station
    CGV iMAX Theatre at YongSan iPark Mall Complex ≫LiNK
  • 13.1.4 Les Miserables 2012 Lotte Cinema 7.1 Sound CGV Theatre SoundX Yoido Starium YeongDeungPo inCheon Centum City
    SoundX sound system at CGV YoiDo and Starium wide-screen at CGV YeongDeungPo ≫LiNK
  • 14.3.23 Noah 4DX Movie Review CGV YongSan
    CGV 4DX at YongSan iPark Mall ≫LiNK
  • 14.3.26 Captain America Winter Soldier CGV Yoido 4DX 3D SoundX Review
    4DX SoundX at CGV YoiDo island ≫LiNK
  • 15.12.12 CGV Lotte Cinema MegaBox Special Effects Theatre Hall Compare ≫LiNK


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CGV atop WangSimNi Train Station Shopping Complex, housing the largest iMAX screen in all of Korea
DSC05998curv640x480MonoPat WangSimNi Train Station BitPlex Shopping Theatre Complex