Why Korea Tech BLog has been voted the most Romantic tech blog, ever

Love makes the World go round – literally some iPhone apps do – so introducing the most romantic city, or rather town on the Korean Peninsula, for NOT as extravagant as the Summer resort of HaeUnDae in the South-Eastern Port City of Busan or Pusan, this place sits by a grand Lake, thus with many scenic spots for a romantic serenade, plus a scenic drive from the Capital of SEOUL – half of which is along the water eventually meeting up into Han River (HanGang) slicing through SEOUL .

but while you have the chance to stay in this city-by-the-Lake, there are three places/things you have to try before it is time to leave .

  1. HamJi Western Restaurant – marked on the map below in the middle of “Central Road” JoongAngRo – is the only one of the three “West-land-type restaurant” kyung-yang-shik-jib left over from the 1980’s when Korea was wakening to international civilization, from harsh local memories of the Korean War . it is where the former generation of couples “dated” after which now they have bored the next generation who have realize Korea’s technological revolution 😉 ofcourse it far from any All-American diner, but only the connotation it is different from the Orient, eaten with fork and knife than chop-sticks, borne from a palette imported from early western-wanna-be restaurants in neighboring Japan of 1960’s when they in-turn were awakening to the strange culture with the beginning of Tokyo Olympics . 
  2. Chicken rib barbecue has long been ChoonCheon’s recipe, so-much-so that countless restaurants in the Capital of SEOUL mark the same name ChoonCheon dalk-gal-bi, dark-red spicy-hot and sweet .
  3. Rough noodles is another local trade-mark food, which is a simple mix of oriental noodles and vegetables, again spicey-hot and slightly sweet .


[ Apple-contracted Support Centres ]

there are TWO Apple-contracted Support Centres, each run by South Korea’s second cellular carrier SK Telecom and ill-fated third conglomerate DaeWoo Electronics . so if you happen to drop your iPhone in the Lake, making your warranty void and at the mercy of its repair-person, might be better to visit the latter which tend to lax on formalities .


SK Telecom ChunCheon AS (After Service) Centre Tel.1544-0110
ground floor of Korea Education Building, 513 OnWuiDong, ChunCheon City
Access : National Railroad (South) Nam ChunCheon Station Exit 1
and is on corner of the second block to your Left

here you have landed on the electronics block, for across the road North awaits two of the largest (NOT in size compared to the biggies in Japan nor the States, but number of branches) general consumer electronics store chain : first JeonJa Land (Electronics Land) and a block behind is HiMart yeppee ~

in detail :

  1. there is Electronics Land,
  2. behind which is Korea’s TGIF-wanna be restaurant chain VIPS
  3. behind which is LG Electronics Support Centre,
  4. behind which is a Sauna (surrounded by motels so hmm)
  5. and further across the road is HiMart .


Dong (East) DaeWoo Electronics Service ChunCheon
383-6 TwaeGaeDong, ChunCheon City Tel.1577-5448
same train station Exit 2 and two large block ahead South-East to your Right :
IN the alley after Lotte SuperMarket and the next building to your Left .


[ ChunCheon eateries and Apple Support Centres MAP ]
큰 지도에서 ChunCheon 보기

as the rainy Monsoon comes to an end over the Peninsula
– Korea Tech BLog –