much care should be taken when considering a firmware update, for it changes the hardware instead of a simple software update . what it basically does is three-folds :

  1. tries to make the device more “perfect” by patching initial internal flaws, found after manufacture date
  2. make the device more compatible with newer computer systems
  3. and implement tighter security from latest threats, as more routers come with virus protection and more as firmware advances – trying to stop danger at virtual doorsteps before it even gets into your system . however router companies are no virus gurus, so it can seriously interfere with your connection speed and stability . thus better to disable it (as usually is default) and instead : install a dependable virus software (some popular ones even FREE for personal use) on your computer 😉

some companies stop upgrading firmware after a certain time from production, and seldom on unpopular models . however ipTime is one of those exemplary start-ups that constantly do, as well as keeping close contact with users through immediate support both on consultation AND repair . so while you want to upgrade firmware on fore-mentioned type of models or companies that announced a new one after several Months, it really is not necessary to upgrade to every new ipTime firmware because they upgrade almost twice a Month – and that is quite often aside from an unstable product released in a hurry .

thus recommended ONLY if you have problems with current firmware . I once again accentuate the TWO crucial aspects of computing : back-up ! and think three-times before you contemplate to tweak (which casual switching and/or altering) firmware !



photo below shows the menu on its default setting : to automatically find AND upgrade to the latest firmware from ipTime server, via internet connection ( ipTime offers English menu on firmware of one model only, which is shown to explain here as layout is the same with their Korean firmware )
131211 ipTime A2004NS 8.86 English menu05aYel
*above rare English capture is for reference only, as over-all firmware menu is in Korean and even location change once in a while .

however many things can go wrong in the process especially when downloading .. so the second option is more safe :

  1. first download your latest firmware version from their official site,
  2. then click on [Manual Upgrade] above in yellow, then a box will appear to search that downloaded file from your computer .
  3. the process will take a minute or two, after which the router will turn-off and reboot by itself . although current computers and our life atuned to it is multi-taskable : do NOT do anything else during this process, short of holding your breath .. um which I do every single time, phew ~


plus some points to mention :

  • although earlier routers required you to reset the device to factory setting after a firmware upgrade, and manufacturers still suggest you do : it really is not necessary as all your personal settings are intact .
  • again in the past say, half a decade ago it may have been necessary to revert to an older firmware after discovering some aspect of the device not working properly with your current system . but now an up-to-date company like ipTime constantly improves their firmware, so it is safe to proceed onto higher firmware versions .


– Korea Tech BLog on New Years 2014 –