alike elsewhere, Olympus is the under-dog of compact camera brands in South Korea where periodical hits now-and-then like the recent under-water TG-3 introduced last June 2014 is still doing quite well after a Semester . ofcourse even their single-reflex category DSLR are considered for their affordability .

As of NEW YEARS 2015 Olympus Korea has a single show-room at prime real-estate property in KangNam : right across the street from Kyobo Tower containing the second-largest foreign albeit English and Japanese BookStore under-ground .

SEOUL Subway Line 9 ShinNonHyeon Station Exit 1 and is on your Right on the next block . open 10:30am ~ 8pm except Sundays . Address is SeoChoGu BanPoDong 746-15 Tel.02-6002-3500


their cameras are relatively cheap so price wars ensue among competitors especially On-Line, while they have only a hand-ful of Official sales contractors mostly in downtown SEOUL and then one in the port city of Busan or Pusan (right in front of Subway hub SeoMyon Station Exit 7 – open 10am ~ 8pm Weekdays and until 9pm Saturdays).

Support Centers fare better with about a dozen throughout the Peninsula, locations pin-pointed at their official site in Korean . common support Tel.1544-3200

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