While I am proceeding with a hand-full of part-time projects including a Lego-blocked super-computer to monitor radiation levels here, effected from Fukushima across the Korea-Japan Strait AND a camera-eyed robot on caterpillar tank, to detect which of my cats is peeing on our cushion sheets .. here will list :

  1. Vendors abroad who ship to Korea,
  2. local vendors including only a couple of Raspberry Pi-specific vendors, as there are more general DIY shops and volume distributors for educational institutions .
  3. selective links to valuable guides in Korean than English .
  4. compatible hardware and software sold in South Korea .


Thus NO discussion will be allowed on this Raspberry Pi-dedicated Page, to keep this concise and will rarely be updated, to concentrate on stability than the latest tweak .

[ INTERNATIONAL SHOPS ] aside from the already-established and popular websites in England and the States, who ship via the most expensive method like Priority there are number of individual sellers on eBay who ship at affordable cost . ofcourse you should depend on their previous FeedBack for future consideration :

  • http://www.raspberrypi.org UK
  • http://www.element14.com in illinois, with Korean site managed from Singapore
  • http://www.adafruit.com NYC
  • http://thepihut.com UK


[ STORES IN SOUTH KOREA ] largely there are three kind of Raspberry Pi sellers, and I will try to include their geographic location as it would only be wise to visit them before you do the first purchase, or even pick-up :

  1. individual sellers on Korean On-Line Shop platform such as Auction.co.kr and GMarket.co.kr . relatively safe to purchase, as they will be paid when the Buyer acknowledges receipt . but the arguments can linger if the Seller contest, so try to look for previous feedback at the bottom of each sales page . some stores listed below may also have existence here, but hardly worth mentioning each as it is quite easy to open and close shop here .
  2. electronics parts and DIY (do-it-yourself hobbyist) web stores : some of which are quite large and import-on-order to take several days for delivery .
  3. Raspberry Pi-specific vendors are few in South Korea, mostly small private business so try to look for a post-board or forum within, where they communicate with customers (to-be) instead of a hidden 1:1 one-to-one eMail contact .


  • http://www.leocom.kr parts & DIY import company in YongSan with Post-Board
  • http://makeitfun.co.kr Raspberry Pi private shop in YeongDeungPo with Post-Board
  • http://linkway.co.kr Raspberry Pi private shop in BunDang without forum Post-Board
  • http://www.icbanq.com/shop DIY Shop in Guro with Post-Board
  • http://www.devicemart.co.kr DIY Shop in inCheon and Guro without Post-Board
  • http://www.eleparts.co.kr miniature electronics who sell in volume to schools, without actual Help Board





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Comments will be disabled on this single, dedicated Page as a separate website would be needed for full-fledged discussion on this subject – except for newer information on distribution channels into South Korea . ofcourse advertisements will be banned .